Information Technology Services User Satisfaction Survey 2018

IUB Open Text Responses (Edited)

This text file includes responses to the final question of the UITS survey:

Are there additional comments or suggestions, including recommendations for additional services and support resources, you would like to share with UITS?

Identifying references have been removed from this document, and replaced with "[IRD]". Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate Students.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

The IMAP server for accessing the exchange email has severe problems with the authentication. It blocks access several times a day.
There should be a simple/expedited way for granting *local* administrative access to the machines that we use exclusively. Not having that kind of access many times seriously hampers our ability to perform our work.
The Knowledge Base is a great resource. Keep up the good work!

Administrative systems are irrationally designed, hard to access, and nonsensical to use. The imposition of technologies that are poorly thought out has made my administrative tasks significantly more time consuming in the past five years -- whenever I try to get something done, it does not work, and trying to find a "real person" who actually knows how to get something done -- like putting together a dissertation committee in a way that is acceptable to the "system" -- takes months, rather than the two minutes it would take with a paper form. Tech for tech's sake is stupid, inefficient, and a massive waste of time and resources.

All of my experiences with individuals have been good, they are very helpful and responsive. My main technology-related issue has to do with the policy that I don't have admin rights to my computer, so any time I need to download or update something, I have to bother someone else to help me.

As far as interactions go, all UITS staff I have interacted with at Wells or via online support has been great. My biggest concern is a lack of available teaching space (UITS Labs) around campus. More labs would be beneficial as would larger rooms that would be available for large scale computer based assessments.
Also, recent issues with outlook email have been especially problematic. Outlook is fine or email, but the connection to the exchange servers has been extremely poor for the last several months.

Bernadette De Leon (School of Public Health) was incredibly helpful and accommodating during my attempts to secure a digital certificate for my email account. She scheduled a time to meet with me and walked me through the steps. She turned two frustrating hours I had lost into a positive learning experience in our 20-30 minute meeting. She was fantastic.

Canvas is very counter-intuitive, especially if you create a new course and have not used Canvas previously. The introductory session was not helpful at all as its focus was on importing materials from existing courses and the instructions were delivered in a way too difficult for a beginner to follow.
The school wireless service never works, so I and most of my colleagues use AT&T instead of the school wireless network. The mobile connection inside many buildings is so poor, using Duo Mobile is a pain.

Dedicated server space for all academic appointees, better Wi-Fi.

Down with Ad Astra
Support Linux better

Duo is terrible.
Online staff should know walk-in hours.
KB is uninterpretable for mere mortals.

Duo login is less annoying than I expected, although it would be nice if the Pulse Secure VPN software would send a push rather than requiring a manual numeric login.
Having Exchange login issues linger for 6-8 months seems like kind of a long time.
I sometimes get extremely long login times when I login to a new terminal in a classroom or conference room. I probably don't need a full suite of customized features in those settings--but I do need time, since I'm in those rooms for a purpose at a certain time. Can we speed those up?
I've run into a lot of problems with Skype on conference room systems lately, which has been very frustrating when we're trying to interview multiple job candidates in a few hours. Not sure what's going on with that.

Duo login makes me crazy, particularly as it relates to teaching. I didn't used to bring my phone to class so as to model good phone classroom behavior, but now I have to. Also, I am forgetful and sometimes don't remember my phone. I do have a duo fob now, but that's just one more piece of junk I have to lug around.

Every time I call 855-6789, I get great help in solving my computer problems, and I am very thankful.

Everyone is very helpful and professional! My only issue has been with email. Missing emails, emails never getting to where the need to get, emails disappearing from my inbox, email forwarding not working completely, etc. I hate duo. There needs to be a biometric version for iPhone and Android.

Everything I know about UITS is positive. The same cannot be said for the tech support within my own unit (CITO). I strongly feel that all units on the Bloomington campus should have the same level of tech support and would like to see the funding model and organizational structure adjusted to make this a reality.

Experiences with staff are positive.
I rarely can find what I need in the IU Knowledge Base. What I need is often not directly addressed or after several searches I cannot find direct information.

First, I really enjoy the service like IU Box, Google, and high performance computation resource that UITS provide. However, there are few things I don't like:
1. The really bad signals of the IU wireless. The most recent installed wireless routers have really bad signal coverage or the weak signals. I can stand by the wireless router and see my signal get dropped.
2. The policy regarding controlling or administrating personal workstations at work. If the policy is trying to prevent our computers being hacked, the right way is to invent a method or protocol to stop the communication from the remote side.
3. The really old - slow network backbone on part of the campus housing, like: BBHN, Evermann, and Redbud will need an upgrade. I understand these campus housing are old and it is probably not worthy for your investment to upgrade the Ethernet cable. However, how can people live in the modern world still use "Cat.3" cable (with limited internet speed to even access the campus resource). If there is no future upgrade for this area, you may consider to let the residents to have the right to connect to off-campus high speed internet service.

For the most part, I am happy with the services. I appreciate the 24/7 availability. I use the Canvas consultation more than other services. I

Generally my support experiences have been positive, although it was and is less than clear to me exactly what UITS handles and what it doesn't.
Going through this survey strengthened this impression -- I was asked about several services that I didn't know existed.

Generally, my experience with UITS has been good--I've contacted them directly to set up some infrastructure for storage of research data. I would like to see the option of using Box Health with programs like SAS (it is my understanding that you still need to have a local file to use SAS, as there isn't a path name that we can use to map to Box Health). In addition, trying to navigate through all the different layers of support takes a lot of persistence--it would be nice to have a centralized entry point where someone would know about all the resources there are on campus for tech/data support.

Have been very impressed with overall IT services

Having a LSP at our office limits my interaction with the UITS staff. Although I have called several times mostly to get some type of clarification from a KB article. Most of the time, the interaction is quite positive. I can't really think of a negative experience.
I didn't realize we had an "IU Fax" service. Maybe a highlight of a service each month or week in the Monitor. Maybe you already do that?

I always get good assistance when I call for help. The pleasant and understanding staff seem to be committed to figuring out what is happening and finding a resolution.
The only complaint I can offer is that the few times a year a situation can not be resolved, it has a ticket assigned for another team to take a look at. Consistently I have not heard back from that team, so I am left with an unresolved issue. When I call back to learn what the other team figures out, I can't ever talk to anyone. This is frustrating.
What I have learned is only ask questions that likely have a simple solution. If something seems difficult, there will be so feedback about it.

I always have good experiences with UITS staff. They are always friendly and even if something has actually broken they always check multiple things to make sure.

I am always happy with them. All processes seem rigorous, which is a good thing.

I am very concerned with the availability of infrastructure to teach technical courses at IU. I had to change my courses because data services like Foodmart were discontinued. Now there is a threat that SQL databases will not be available anymore. As a minor issue, I have also had experiences in the help desk chat where I knew much more than the support provider.

I appreciate the Knowledge Base sites that walk people through various IT issues.
However, I have been misled several times when I thought I was signing up for a live chat through "Use ITHelpLive to chat with a Support Center consultant, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week." but, after typing in a detailed message, I received a notification that someone would get back to me within 24 (48) hours. That's not what I thought I was signing in for.
Discontinuation of support for programs like SigmaPlot or the BlackBerry phone system is disruptive.

I constantly rely on UITS to keep me afloat with classroom technology, and have for many years. I have always been impressed with and grateful for the prompt and generous support I have received. It has literally made my courses possible. Problems with the classroom equipment do occur with some regularity, but I realize that is unavailable.

I don't know if they're affiliated with UITS, but everybody in the Kelley Learning Media is absolutely awesome. Vince, Garrett, Zach, and Max made a really tough assignment (record a semester's worth of material for a new prep in about 4 weeks) so much easier.
Sorry to complain, but this was my first year here and getting the software I needed to do research was not efficient. It took weeks to get approved and I had to send multiple emails to even get a response of acknowledgement.
Lastly, Exchange on IU mobile absolutely stinks. It's slow and cumbersome and the red banner at the bottom of the screen often covers up the blue banner of Exchange so if you want to go back to your inbox after reading an email, you need to exit out of Exchange and then go back in.

I don't think I've had any UITS interactions. I just wish we had free access to GraphPad Prism software.

I feel that service is becoming less and less user oriented. I am aware part of this is due to security, but other parts are just failures to concentrate on how to make faculty more productive.
IU has impeded my research by not considering actual day to day needs rather than very high end needs. It also changes the network policies (what can be used for what kind of data), mapping, etc. enough that I have stopped using central resources since I cannot invest the time in restructuring my labs ties to systems or moving things.
IU Ware has degraded, I used to be able to count on it even for freeware since I was confident that it had been scanned and vetted for viruses, etc.
I will not depend on cloud services (IU AnyWare) since they always seem to fail when I need them most (bad connections, etc.).

I find it very difficult to reach anyone who can provide IT assistance and usually have to jump through several hoops just to get a simple question answered, and it's so difficult to get physical assistance or in person assistance that I usually just give up and use my home office for work tasks.

I had excellent service from Tassie Gniady and commend her.

I had positive experiences with UITS services at the IU Optometry School for many years.

I have generally positive interactions with UITS. My main concern is that, as a non-specialist with computers, I often feel left in the dark about things like server systems migrating and so forth. The dire warnings that come to me are darn near indecipherable.

I have had quick responses through chat with UITS that resolved a Canvas issue for me.
For the classrooms that have the smart screens in them (Global Studies) there has got to be an easier way than an app for students to access--and the app changed during the semester, so we didn't get full use of features. Can someone make this easier?

I have not been able to sign into my email outlook account from the computer in my classroom. I can only do this with my phone, but I sometimes need to upload a file from email onto my classroom computer.

I have recently had trouble with my account being locked out on a frequent basis after I changed my pass phrase. One of my devices has been submitting the old pass phrase. The staff has always been very responsive.

I imagine you are already aware of this, but my undergraduate students are just frustratingly unaware of the fact that they can get free tech help with Canvas from UITS.

I like iuanyware quite a bit, and use it for my research. One improvement I recommend is that the file system (for writing output) in iuanyware could be made more user friendly. For example, I use Mathematica. It is easy to access an existing Mathematica file from my computer (an Apple) through the user interface. And then the system stores these preferences, so that it is even easier to access a file next time I use Mathematica.
But then, suppose I want to export a high-resolution chart. It does not export to my directory in my local computer - it exports to someplace I still haven't figured out where. Is there a way to have it so that, once you configure the working directory, all input and output happens in that directory (similarly to setting a working directory in R)?

I like to use the knowledge base to solve IT problems, but it is written in way that assumes the audience is other IT professionals. Sometimes I read a support article and have no idea about the terms and acronyms referenced. As soon as that happens I call IT support. But it were written for the novice, I could have fixed it myself.
I really like using Box, it has been very helpful in collaborating on research projects. I am not a big fan of the Google products, but use them often.

I LOVE having UITS members in our building. Jeff and Calen make my life so much easier, and it is so reassuring to know that if I am having an issue, I can walk upstairs and get help right now.
I love the ticketing system you have implemented. I think it helps them keep track of the millions of things going on. BUT, I think that the person who initiated the ticket, should also get a chance to 'sign off' on the ticket as closed. Sometimes UITS will help me with an issue, and they will think they've solved the problem, but as a result of their 'fix' I'm having a related issue, or the new something they've installed isn't working properly, etc.
It has been SO helpful to have the UITS personnel 'log into' my system and fix things remotely and to have them using that option more often is great!
Wi-Fi in the optometry building is spotty. I struggle to trust the Wi-Fi enough to use Wi-Fi for data capture, as I'm nervous it will dropout and we will loose survey or other data.
Box at IU is one of my favorite things and I love that we have a secure folder I can use for health data transfer.
DUO isn't as bad as I thought it would be - it seems to time-out a lot when it sends push notifications to my phone, so that is my biggest annoyance.

I love UITS. I am a frequent caller (although less and less, as I understand computers and Canvas better). Staff give me information and respect, which I appreciate.
I REALLY wish Box was searchable. And I wish I could manage the Canvas files in my courses better. I have a lot of files and it's hard to find things sometimes.

I mainly use JSoM Music IT. It is excellent service. If you mean things one.iu, well, that's a bit more problematic.

I moved to IU in 2015 and started a very successful new research direction now funded by two NSF grants. This direction started because of the great interactions with UITS and the learning and collaborative work I started with UITS personnel.
Without the UITS support, I would not have started this new and exciting research program but only continue with the original research programs I arrived at IU with.
I truly believe UITS is an unreplaceable asset that gives a key, competitive edge to IU.

I recently made a switch from a Mac to a PC laptop. In doing so, I had not anticipated the time I would be giving up just trying to log into my computer. With the Mac I would be up and running nearly instantaneously upon entering my password, but with my new Dell Precision 5520 I often have to wait 30-40 seconds before I can get anything done. As I move around campus between different studios and classrooms frequently, I do a lot of closing, relocating, and then logging back in, and hitting this brick wall every time I open my computer is very frustrating.
Secondly, the Wi-Fi in my office (Simon 255) has been wonderfully reliable in the past, but this year it has been frustratingly intermittent.
Otherwise, the variety of services and access to software at IU has been fantastic, and I appreciate the university's dedication to maintaining our infrastructure, IT safety, and support!

I recognize that security is a highest priority, but cutting off users of IU computers entirely from administrative privileges causes real problems. Surely there is some way to allow the installation of common software whose security can be verified.
For me, iTunes is the most important (I teach in the School of Music and prepare playlists of in-class examples). The program is apparently safe enough to be on certain STC computers; could it not also be available to install?

I think UITS services are great and have no complaints

I use the knowledge base frequently, I do miss

I use UITS staff support weekly and even daily

I was quite frustrated with the lack of knowledge of the help chat people regarding the Adobe Connect discontinuation. I contacted help twice asking if Adobe Presenter would still work in CANVAS and was told it would not and not given any good options. But, it turns out Adobe connect still works regardless CANVAS. There was a huge disconnect somewhere.

I wish more familiarity with the Mac systems, as at times this has been problematic for me.

I work with large datasets and need high computing power for my research. I am glad IU offers a lot of these resources. However, I find these resources and the queueing policies are very unfriendly to large jobs and datasets.
It takes so long for the large job to wait in the queue before they begin execution. Many times after I submit a job, I have to wait for days (if not weeks) for my job to start running. The waiting time in queue is especially long for larger jobs that could take days to complete. While I understand that the larger jobs consume more resources and therefore are given lower priorities in the queue, I think that one of the key reasons for using high computing resources is because some jobs are too big to run on local computers/workstations. If I have a small job that I can finish on my laptop in a few hours, why would I bother to use Big Red?? Isn't the high computing clusters like Big Red designed to do the big tasks? Why should the large jobs be penalized because of their sizes? The extremely long waiting time for large jobs only makes it more difficult to run these jobs and make them take even longer!
Also, there is a 320-hour walltime limit for the large jobs, but some of my jobs take more than that amount of time to finish!

I'm dissatisfied with Skype for business. The handsets are cheesy, the ringing is not recognizable as coming from anything resembling a phone, I have to unplug my phone when I use Skype because of a weird echo-regeneration that eventually overtakes the audio.

I'm not sure whether the questions about UITS refer also to ETS; since I'm in the School of Ed, that's my primary point of contact for tech stuff.
It would be useful (in future surveys) to give a list of the services that UITS supports or administers, because a lot of the things listed throughout the survey were things that I did not realize were supported by UITS.

I'm so glad UITS decided to adopt Zoom! My videoconferencing experience has improved dramatically. Kudos to the staff who maintain the Knowledge Base!

In general I am very satisfied with UITS.

In general, my interactions with UITS are very positive. Most people have expertise in specific areas and are willing to share it. If I have concerns or negative experiences, they stem from the fact that UITS is so large and seems to regularly re-organize. This makes it hard to know who to contact and for what. The IT Community partners group has been very helpful in assisting with this, but it can be frustrating that just as you learn the landscape, we are informed that a particular unit now reports to a new AVP and the scope of their services have changed. Similarly, and I know that some of this is unavoidable, but specific technologies or products are touted, we spend time learning how to integrate them and create workflows, only to have that technology or system replaced just as we get comfortable. Think of SharePoint. It was on and then off and then on again, but limited as to how we should use it. Last year there seemed to be a push for Slate as compared to Hobsons, now we are being pushed to Salesforce. We want to take advantage of centrally available services, but edge units frequently have to create workarounds or customizations to make them work best for their unit. That's hard to do when the target moves frequently.
Classroom technology support is outstanding. However, there appears to be a lack of budget for renewal and replacement, or at least funds to upgrade more quickly. We have a mixed environment of newly upgraded and old classroom technology. The new projectors and touch panels make the old ones look ancient. It would be great to know of a planned replacement cycle.
Collaboration technologies staff members have always been extremely helpful and willing to work with our faculty and strategize about future plans.

In most cases, I have been happy with the help I received from UITS. However, several times when I needed urgent assistance (setting up the router in my on-campus apartment, or figuring out the reason Wi-Fi was not working in my place), the appointments were scheduled way too late, like after two weeks. That said, my suggestion would be providing a better help with some urgent tasks.

In my 25 years at IU, I was lucky to never suffer a loss of data due to malware or system malfunction. I guess that I was really lucky, but part of that must be IU's firewalls and preventive policies.

In recent years, I have had only positive interactions with UITS staff. I do not have any recommendations for new services or improving existing ones.

In talking with peers around the country, it is clear that UITS provides excellent technology resources that support the academic and research mission of IU. Many universities simply do have the comprehensive technology services we have at IU.

In the last year I endured two episodes (a small minority of my contacts with UITS) in which the consultant who answered the phone did not know the answer to my question and insisted on making me wait while he consulted the Knowledge Base and struggled to provide a correct answer. He then made me wait while he consulted a manager or someone else on duty. In one of those case I had to beg the consultant to transfer me to someone else on duty who might actually know the answer to my question. He finally did so, but only after forcing me to work with him for a half hour. This problem rarely arises, but when it does, it is extremely frustrating. How about a rule that if a consultant can't answer a question or solve a problem in ten minutes, he automatically transfers the caller to someone else or at least offers to do so?

It would be useful in research projects to be able to charge large format printer (e.g., posters) and 3D print to research accounts.

It's been quite a while since I've worked with UITS so I have no comment to offer at this time. My desktop is due to be upgraded so I'll likely have more to offer later this year.

IU is probably the only school that requires Duo access. This creates a huge inconvenience, even in the classroom--some of the classrooms have no cellular signal so unless I have Wi-Fi or install 3-party app, I cannot even check the code. It is a big pain in the back when I travel, many of these trips are overseas.
Keep in mind that phishing emails also occurred in other universities, but these schools do not as a result transform their problems into the inconvenience of everyone in the campus.

I've had terrific experiences with UITS staff and services. No complaints.

Keep having such great staff- they are patient and knowledgeable. Please don’t just send us to the kb as sometimes it is just easier to have someone walk you through something. I often don’t under the kb or just keep making a simple mistake when following the directions so talking to someone is always my preference. They are Wonderful employees!!

Love David Rainbolt. Always so patient and helpful.

Love to have tutorials in each classroom, how to access cameras for zoom, access to IT for adjuncts "after hours"

Mike Bennett at department of EAS is great!

Mostly positive; service, support, software all are very high quality.
I do think the issue of cost-effectiveness of IT services and ROI are important. The assessment cost seems to rise and we have a ridiculously wide variety and depth of IT services. Perhaps units that have more computing need should have a higher assessment; some form of weighting?

My computer in my office is so slow. I've asked several times for it to be replaced, but to no avail.

My experiences with IUTS staff has been great, for large matters and small. I know that the staff can be busy, but any wait is worth it.

My office computer is prohibitively slow. A UITS staff member came to address the issue, and he was extremely nice and professional, but the computer is still slow.

My perception of ITS is that individual user needs seen as less important than ITS staff ease of doing their job. I wish the model was much more of a customer model. Perhaps the way ITS services are priced and shared is a problem, but I do not think ITS is very helpful when I have problems.

Office communicator is not functional. I shouldn't have to be logged into my computer to use the telephone.

Once I had a technical issue with my computer and called UITS, the staff spent more than 30 minutes to explore so many different things only to find that he could not help. I felt like I was a lab mouse under experiment. It would be great if the staff would honestly acknowledge he might not be able to help with his limited knowledge upfront if he does not know how to resolve the issue. That way, it will save time at both ends and reduce complaints.

Overall, I would say my experiences with UITS have been positive.

Overall, life with UITS is good.
All my basic needs are met. My only suggestion is to do more for faculty with Apple devices. Everything traces back, I know, to an earlier agreement with Microsoft. All that was great. But I suspect, over the last decade, more faculty (and certainly more students) have gone to Apple devices (as judged by all the Macbooks see staring back at me in the classroom). It's not a matter of changing anything with Microsoft, but -- perhaps -- working a bit more at the margins with Apple products.

Phishing training questions are poorly written and often focused on recalling terms rather than practical skills--should consult with teachers/instructional designers to write training materials. The training process is frustrating and often not appropriate for individuals in a variety of positions.

Phone staff 855-6789 are always GREAT.
Knowledge Base is getting harder and harder to navigate.

Positive experiences with all staff and issues, however lots of issues with Canvas. Not sure if you have a simple way to solve myriad of issues with faculty learning Canvas.

Positive: In the past I had very positive experiences with the UITS telephone helpline.
Negative: this past semester I encountered wait times and ignorance for the first time.
I mean ignorance. I despair when I know more than the helpline.

Primary workstations still have performance problems compared to comparable non-UITS machines.
Often slow file I/O due to mapped network drives (like "desktop", "documents" etc. having strange paths). Incompatibility with some software due to weird paths to home directories. For example, very difficult to install / maintain VirtualBox and its tools. POV-ray simply won't work with its standard installation. Etc. For my work as faculty (not an office worker), I have almost zero need for shared folders, so I'm failing to see the point in the roving profiles, laggy mapped folders, and network logins for inherently local work.
Irritating need to escalate privileges just to use task manager when profiling code CPU use.
Solstice wireless projection (Luddy) is very neat, but it's extremely laggy. Sometimes, I'll plot something in matlab for a class, and the plot won't update on the class monitor for 10 or more seconds. Makes it very difficult to lead lectures, because I can't be certain that what I see matches what they see. Providing an HDMI "backup" option in classrooms would be very helpful.
Outlook's address book is irritating: When composing a new email, typing the first name of a contact starts suggesting useful names with the first character, but then immediately switches to last names if you type more than one character! There is no apparent way to auto-complete by first name. I'd rather forward all my email through Gmail--which actually works--than keep working with outlook.
For that matter, why can't I share my outlook calendar with Gmail, so that I can manage and view my calendar entries from my google calendar? Evidently, Gmail on the smartphone can see the outlook calendar, but Gmail in a web browser can't. I don't want to run two calendar systems, and I don't want to toss over 10 years of google calendar data just to work with Outlook.
Box is terrible. It has a sync client that pretends to work like dropbox, but it doesn't actually work. If I select a folder to sync on machine A (e.g., a desktop), if I add new files or subdirectories to that folder on machine A, they do not appear on, nor do they successfully replicate from machine A to machine B (e.g., a laptop) to machine C (e.g., a home desktop), even when all three machines have the sync client installed and enabled. After having to physically come to the office at 4 in the morning for unsuccessfully "synced" folders, I've stopped trusting and using box. Maybe this has all improved and actually works now, but I haven't had the time to retest, and it's too much of a performance drain to have to second-guess whether folders that say they are synced are actually synced. Frankly, out of google drive, amazon drive, box, and dropbox, dropbox is the only service I've found that actually works reliably.
However, I will say that UITS staff are VERY friendly and helpful, and greatly appreciated!!

quick response from UITS regarding questions about problems downloading IUWare.
It would be helpful at the outset to remind us of which IT services UITS does and does not handle; I began the survey thinking it might be the place to point out how clumsy Canvas and OneIU are, but I'm not sure now that these issues are relevant.

Recently, I have had very positive results with the responses from people in Classroom Technology Support. So although the technology is problematic at times, the responses from the support people has been great.
Also, the more some of these technologies (ex. Kaltura) are integrated with Canvas, the better. However, some of these same technologies (Kaltura) cause the classroom computers to slow down.
Finally, the Wi-Fi may need to be upgraded in the large classrooms (ex. BH 013, CH 122) to handle the large student enrollments. In each class, there are ALWAYS a few students who have issues accessing IUSecure.

Requirements for multiple logins at the same terminal, one after another, for different IT functions, still persist.

Research equipment I built at IU cannot be operated anymore because of a computer Catch 22 that is still unresolved after 3 years of trying. It has to do with connecting a legacy XP system to the internet but I have worked hard to forget all of the excuses I have been offered. So, better you don't get me started......

Retired/older faculty are having a lot of trouble with the Duo log-in system. Vision/hearing issues are causing them to no longer have access to the email they would like to continue using. The token is much to small to see and use. Many of these people do not have, and cannot use smartphones. YOU NEED TO ADDRESS THIS. I hear this over and over and over and over... You are letting a growing constituent group fall through the cracks.
If I were retired/older, my answers to this survey would be completely different.

Some of the security measures are over the top. For instance, I recently obtained a Surface Book. I have to enter a pin for the BIOS. Then, I cannot use Windows Hello. If in the tablet mode, I have to first unlock the screen using the power and a volume button, then get to the touch keyboard and try to enter a 15 character passphrase. I have decreased the complexity of my passphrase for this very reason because switching among character sets is a pain on the screen keyboard. Assuming the screen keyboard even loads, which sometimes it does not, so I have to find the base and attach it so I can type it in. Then, if I make a mistake, it can take 30 seconds before it allows me to try again.
The installation of email certificates also has not gone well, primarily on my Android phone. This is a known issue, but I cannot install a certificate without it warning me constantly that a third party is monitoring my device, and I cannot access emails without verifying every single signed email. Replying also results in errors because it tries to sign emails. I have stopped using my phone for email because it is more trouble than it's worth, which affects my productivity. In addition, emails sent to Gmail from signed IU accounts typically show up as not trusted or that the email has been tampered with.
I have also been prohibited from installing software on my computer because of various reasons, some seemingly legitimate (e.g., the software has not been updated for years, so may be a security risk) and some that amounted to IT just hasn't vetted it yet. This has impaired, and sometimes completely prohibited, my work flow.
Note that I appreciate the efforts, and am generally pleased or at least functional on a day to day basis, and would prefer (albeit begrudgingly) to have too much than too little security. But most of what I keep on my computer needs a latch, not a vault.

Some of the software is extremely time consuming to use, in particular Canvas, SIS and Kuali. There must be the option to design it to work more simply and quickly. Some tasks, such as Human Subjects reporting, are incredibly onerous largely due to the way the software is set up. There must by over 100 different tabs! I am not crazy about the new annual reporting system or the promotion system -- also too many tabs! Creating a Canvas quiz could surely be done more easily.
Classroom Technologies works hard but it sometimes seems like there would be simple improvements such as not using mikes that require us to constantly replace a 9v battery...And again, why do we need to fill out a completely separate form for each class we want to record? I have things to do besides fill out forms... Could I not fill out one for all three of my classes?
For classroom environments, we need more whiteboard space, more ability to walk close to students, and larger work stations for faculty.

Overall, UITS is doing a great job! The IT systems are very reliable and staff are highly responsive. These are just areas where I would like to see attention given: software that is quick and easy to use, elimination of repetitive tasks, and better design of classroom space.

Some UITS support center staff are excellent: detailed and attentive, follow up with knowledgeable answers and solutions (or motivated lack of solutions). For example, Amy at Mission Critical / UITS Support Center has been very helpful and thorough in her responses.
Other times (alas, the majority of times) people at the UITS Support Center are not knowledgeable about the issues I call about. Most of the times, the person answering won't know about the issue, will try and point to non-helpful and general resources, or suggest that I look for help elsewhere. If, eventually, they escalate to Tier 2 support, it's an indirect process that - alas, oftentimes also does not bring to resolutions, nor to exhaustive answers.
Questions that I ask the UITS Support Center are mostly not answered on the KB. For those few issues that are answered on the KB (and I called the UITS Support Center because I could not find those answers at first) the UITS Support Center personnel won't find the answers either. Oftentimes I look again on the KB, eventually finding a relevant answer, asking again for more details to the UITS Support Center personnel (relating to the pages I eventually find on the KB), and there's still no further help from the UITS Support Center.
Issues that weren't documented on the KB (e.g. about known and unsolvable IU Exchange issues, such as "user settings for return receipts is not working on IU Exchange"; or about the lack of KB documentation for using some specific popular networked devices) took a long time months to be acknowledged, a promise to update KB about it, and (in some cases even a year later), there's still no change to the KB, nor any page about those issues.
Finally, it's really sad that both UITS support and UITS customers end up having to deal with poor judgement at "IT executive decision" level: poor judgement decisions that have been made with a very long-term impact. For example, the mandatory use of proprietary-only email servers for faculty and staff (IU Exchange) for any IU-related emails that require a certain level of data security. IU Exchange continues to have limited functionality, badly working advertised functionality, and minimal support (at an afterthought-level) on several non-Microsoft platforms such as Linux and iOS. There is a large number of faculty that don't use IU Exchange even for communications where they should use it, because it's so badly supported.
The IT-28 policy forced most departmental IT services to be moved to a centralized service which is worse in quality, slower, has worse support, and less knowledgeable support, than what our department has been provided for years. It continues to be a hindrance to work.

Staff is always well informed and helpful.

The fact that I cannot download apps or software that is useful to me without getting some system administrator involved really limits me. It means that I have to be so interested in whatever the app or software is that I'm willing to devote time over several days to getting this done. For example, today I was going to install the report phishing app on Outlook--something that seems really rather useful, and to be encouraged. But no, I can't do that without involving someone else. So I won't follow through, because I can't prioritize that above the million other more pressing things.

The help desk is usually very responsive and quick. The knowledge base is pretty comprehensive and helpful.

The IT services have been great. I still have an unresolved problem with excessive "junk" mail, but that seems, to be impossible to fix. They tried!

The new secure server is too expensive. It seems that we are paying for the fancy new building.

The number one problem with UITS is that chronically UITS chooses to make major changes to any part of the system in the middle of the semester. For example, the soon to happen change in email addresses - no faculty have been notified AND it will happen, once again, mid-semester. What are you all thinking? The absolutely WORST time to make any significant change is mid-semester through finals.
You needed a box after every question to allow for specific clarifications. Points like - wireless is impossible during early finals week but mostly is working ok for most of the campus...

The primary response of all UITS staff seems to be a link to KB articles despite those articles often not having the relevant information. This leads to wasted time in many cases.

The question below: "How would you rate your computer expertise?"...I have no idea what a 2 or 3 or 4 is. So from novice to...what is the other endpoint?

The UITS staff always helped me in IT problems.

The Wi-Fi in Sycamore Hall remains terrible. In the classrooms in which I use Top Hat, it seems to mostly work. Providing free consulting and support to departments and faculty for website design and maintenance would be a great idea.

There are still spots on campus with Wi-Fi that does not always work properly. Some of the guides on the knowledge base are not user friendly. I work on a Mac and have issues setting up Outlook to work properly. The bursar page is not very friendly in terms of viewing charges for tuition and fees (I wish there was more detail included for accounting purposes).

This was my first use of Canvas in teaching an all-virtual course, which caused me to heavily use UITS initially. I was treated with respect and patience, and felt valued, as I received competent, clear answers that aided me significantly
Thank you!

To be candid, I am not sure what services are provided to me by CITL, UITS, etc.
Before the survey, I thought I only interacted with UITS as classroom support for technology. In that regard, they have been amazingly helpful when I have had a problem.
But, after reading all the items, I would like to see my primary analysis software - NVivo become part of IUAnyWare or have better licensing agreement with IU (currently about $100 per computer per year - so I spend about $400 per year for my licenses and graduate student collaborators). Also, do you offer training on path names and getting started using IUAnyWare? I have found it so frustrating in the past that I just buy licenses for SPSS and SAS instead of using them via IUAnyWhere. Those are the only two complaints I have. I LOVE Zoom, SGIS smart classrooms, being able to log in to any computer on campus and have my files there (using cloud storage). I love being able to try out Stat programs and other software via IUAnyWare. I love how helpful support has been in classrooms when I'm teaching and call in. One.iu and all the other systems I use (Kuali, Travel, Canvas) are all great to fine. The online help manuals and emails usually get me what I need quickly. Thank you for all your services.

UITS is very often an invaluable service for me.

UITS phone assistance is invaluable to me. I do look at the Knowledge Base and other online resources (e.g., Canvas Instructors Guide) - to try and solve problems on my own. Still, when I am stuck I pick up the phone and am very satisfied with the support 9/10 times. // Can you train the UITS team to provide support for WCMS/Cascade? I know who to contact if I have setting up a website - UITS Support Center Tier 2, but I am not aware of support available for WCMS/Cascade other than

UITS Support over chat has been very good for both me and my students, especially in the online course that I teach for IUPUI.
I do keep encountering problems with printers in Ballantine Hall and at the Wells Library, and I also think that the printing allotment system for the university could be made more straightforward and could allow more printing for everyone across campus (from undergraduates to faculty). Right now, the allotment system projects an image of the university as a corporation, and that's not really the image that an institution of higher learning should cultivate.
I'm glad that we're incorporating technology more fully into the classrooms, but there are problems with wireless internet access--both spotty connections in places and confusion about which credentials to use--which could be addressed in a way that aligns with the technological initiatives in place on campus. I do think that we're moving in the right direction on this front, though, and I appreciate the work that UITS puts into this.

Very positive interactions.

We have had problems setting up and maintaining connections to servers needed to access big data for a federally funded project. UITS has often been slow to respond to help requests.

Weak Wi-Fi signal all over the campus. No Wi-Fi in some resident halls like Evermann and Red bud.

When I am connected directly to the network, things usually work very well. I work in Jordan Hall, and I have to say that the wireless network here is not good even with the installation of the newer equipment.

When my computer crashed the first time, a UITS tech as the Wells Library helped me save the information on my laptop into accessible folders, where I could retrieve the information as needed. The second time my computer crashed, about seven months later, the UITS tech at the Wells Library, saved my data as a backup and not in files where I could retrieve the data, only restore the information as a lump sum. That was not helpful. On a particularly busy day, the UITS supervisor was helping at the walk-in area in the Wells Library, he stated that he had trained the techs to save information as the first tech did. He apologized for the inconvenience that I could not retrieve my individual files.
When I replaced my laptop, the UITS techs were very helpful in setting up my new computer.
Please make sure the UITS techs backup a computer's files individually and not just as a lump sum backup. Thanks for all that UITS does.

When providing a survey like this, please start with a quick overview of UITS services. Since I see computing as a tool, I do not have a distinction in my mind as to what is a UITS service vs. anything else I do with computing.
Our School of Public Health has excellent IT support services, so that is where I turn when I have computing difficulties.
I have a complaint, though I don't know if it is a SPH issue or a UITS issue: The amount of time my office desktop computer displays before it goes into security mode, forcing me to log in again, is ridiculously short. I have a private office; there is no reason I should have to give my username and password time after time after time when I'm sitting here in my office and just turning away for a phone call or to read something or find some paperwork, whatever. Let ME decide the time before the computer forces a new login.

Wireless connectivity remains an issue across campus. Connectivity to IU Secure is an issue. Given that we have to use our personal smartphones to check and respond to email, wireless connectivity is essential. Searching for the wireless churns up battery life and uses data. Neither which are optimal.

Your services are great. What needs to be done is to get the cites we use (Canvas, etc.) MUCH more user friendly

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

1. Need a better "one-stop" place for accessibility assistance (web and docs), better documentation and a courses for accessibility (web and docs).
2. Very grateful to have our in house IT Dept. led by Doug Ryner.
3. IU Knowledge base needs to be written by IT w/input from users. Sometimes things get a
bit too techy or in a circle.
4. Better documentation on adding duo to a group email account and how to add other users.
5. The tech support that we receive and is available is superb! Thank you!

A lot of IU systems are functional to the point I don't notice them (a good thing imo), but all man-made systems could use some kind of improvement. Here are some thoughts:
Kuali Time:
It would be really nice to have a report or view that would enable supervisors to see all the hours logged by employees in the pay period in a single calendar/week screen. It would be easier to see gaps or overlaps more easily and other discrepancies.
There are a bunch of smaller qol improvements that could be made as well, such as being able to see slightly more detail about the hours logged from the table view of all the employees under the supervisor's supervision.
It would also be nice to have a shift scheduling system in Kuali, or even Kuali Time. This way, the system could automatically notify employees and supervisors if an employee stayed clocked in after their documented shift intended to be over, or any other issue like that. Shift trading could go through that system and would serve as a central location for everyone to know official schedules, eliminating ambiguity. In absence of a whole shift scheduling system, it would still be nice to be able to have little features such as enabling optional notifications to the supervisor and relevant employees when two employees of the same assignment id are clocked in simultaneously by a variable amount of time (15 minutes, 30 minutes, etc.).
This system feels pretty old and clunky, not quite adhering to modern UX practices. Most modern calendar systems enable the user to be able to perform more actions straight from clicking on the days in the calendar table, instead of having to use a separate side form.
The time off detail could do a much better job of explaining what each of the numbers mean in their given places. PTO can get complicated as it is, but this system could still do a better job of simplifying "accrued" versus "available" and so on.
The system could also stand to be a bit more robust to errors. I once lost hundreds of PTO hours to the ePTO/Kuali systems when transitioning between IU departments. It wasn't through many emails, and two years later that I was able to get the PTO back, but by that time I had so much PTO that I couldn't even by policy use enough that year to avoid forfeiting some of it after filling the sick leave cap. This all could have been prevented if these systems were more tightly integrated.
The travel, requisition, vendor, purchasing, etc. documents and modules have seen some good reorganization in the last couple years, but the document and search systems themselves could use an overhaul. Looking up documents requires a bit of finesse to get the results you need, and not too many results. Creating the documents can be pretty counter-intuitive with exactly what needs to be filled out, and in which order, so that it won't complain when trying to submit them. Building selection, account numbers, and so on can be cumbersome to look up. Having the same basic systems, but with a makeover and more intuitive controls could go a long way in getting new employees up to speed.
Rapid communication platforms
I believe that IU is behind the curve when it comes to communication and team management platforms. Email is old and clunky for rapid communication in modern workplaces. And worse yet is that I feel the email integrations at IU aren't even fully reliable. All too often do I hear from students and even employees that the didn't get an email I sent because I sent it to their, instead of their and vice versa--something about the forwarding is broken and they don't see it. Either way, it makes me feel unconfident to send urgent information using IU's primary and official communication platform.
It would be relieving for me to see IU choose and vet a communications platform, whether it be Slack (personal choice), Microsoft Teams, Facebook Workplace, or heck even What'sApp, with its end-to-end encryption.
Team and task management software
The closest thing, to my knowledge, that UITS provides for managing who owns what task, tracking how far along the task, describing issues along the way is Footprints. However, Footprints not only is not intended or appropriate for this purpose, but is also one of the hairiest systems I've used at IU. Setting up and using the Footprints workspace should be a whole separate topic, but it would take too long to break it down, so I will just say that its backend UX could use a big overhaul.
Rather, it would be nice if IU supported and recommended a task/team management platform, so that it would be relatively uniform across different IU departments, carrying all the training, etc. benefits of that consistency. Examples include Asana, Workplace, Trello, Wrike, and many others. I understand IU has SharePoint, but in my experience, SharePoint is too big and does too many things to effectively use it for the specific purpose of task management.
I'm UITS has gotten a lot of complaints about DUO, but it's mostly grounded in people not liking change. Sure, it's less convenient to sign in, but it's not that big of a deal. It has mostly affected me as a supervisor as now I often hear from an employee that their phone was lost or battery depleted, or it wasn't working, or what have you. It means more missed punches and corrections, but otherwise it's again, not a big deal to me. I'm glad IU is covering themselves better against liabilities and breaches that I understand precipitated the whole IT-28 thing.
There many other systems IU uses that I believe could use improvements, but many are 3rd party (Canvas, Zoom, Box) or might be through non-UITS entities (e.g. OCERS, maybe SIS, etc.).
I hope none of this comes off as being too complainy. There are also many great things about these UITS systems!

A recent change in Kuali Time took away the ability for a Time Approver to change the assignment on a timeblock if the Earn Codes are different for the two work areas (i.e. RGH and RGW). The supervisor (Approver) is the one who knows it needs to be changed and has to communicate this to the Payroll Processor. Not sure why the auditors thought this was a necessary change.

All of the computers in our office were replaced last week. The UITS team was experienced, quick, very helpful and friendly. They were happy to personalize our computers and answer any questions we had about the new Windows 10 and MS 2016 programs.

All of the interactions I've had with UITS staff have been pleasant and resulted in my issues being addressed.

All the staff are super helpful.

All the UITS staff that I've interacted with have been very helpful. The Knowledge Base and IUWare programs are difficult to navigate unless you know exactly what you are looking for. Especially with IUWare, if you don't know the name of the program you need, but are just looking to see if IU has software available that fits what you need it to do, the browsing isn't super straight-forward and the search function results weren't really relevant the times I've used it in the past year.

All is good. Not sure if this has anything to do with anything, but my office suite is a dead zone for cell service. (In a "basement)

Anytime I contact UITS, they start the conversation with "can I have your IUID number?" But as a staff AND student, I'm not always calling for my own needs, but sometimes to just have a general question answered. You're wasting productive time by starting every interaction this way.

Anytime I have an issue, I know my problem will be resolved asap. I have full confidence in our departmental IT staff.

As a frequent host of guest artists on campus, I often have issues with wireless accessibility, speed and reliability for guests to campus. Coverage on the AT&T wireless is unreliable and/or slow depending on physical location on campus. Add a lot of steel and limestone when the user is indoors and multiply the issues. These issues often slow down and add to my work load as I am contractually obligated to provide them with wireless access within my facility.

As an academic advisor, I sometimes hear negative comments from advisees that staff personnel are not helpful. The students that work there have varying degrees of expertise and customer service skills.

As an IT Pro, I deeply appreciate the communication directly with and from IT Community Partners. In the past year, Noma and now James Russel have met with us as well as recorded a large number of Infoshares to keep IT Pros apprised of changes and updates to IU systems and contracts. Every person on that team (Matt Zink, Noma and Nitocris Perez in particular) have been extremely helpful in keeping us informed, which aids all those whom we support.

As a "techno-dinosaur", I am very dependent on our Executive IT Services staff. They are wonderful--responsive, effective, pleasant.

At my past employer there was an initiative to replace all desktops with laptops that could be just plugged wherever we went. The least with the company was very competitive, actually it was much cheaper that desktops and allowed for keeping up with current technology. These desktops do not seem to be keeping up with current trends of mobile offices where employees can move from their desk to a meeting in another office, another building, another city. We are a world on the go. I worked for a non profit before and it was smaller than IU. This technology is really behind. The Wi-Fi is not good and it is slow.

Broadly a positive experience, particularly in the range of products and services offered to staff. Love the Digital arts and humanities initiatives.
The enterprise services that UITS offers to internal IU clients frequently move at a glacial pace and are tied down with bureaucracy (thinking specifically about managing an internal website). When an issue arises, it is difficult to escalate the issue to a subject matter expert than can help to resolve. It seems like UITS has a DIY philosophy that requires users to do the actual construction, while it advises in a distant, hands-off manner. This kind of client approach makes resolving complicated tasks difficult for units without dedicated technical staff.

Can't wait for replacement of the travel system!!!!

Canvas support was not good at IUB campus...was able to make appointment at IUPUI campus for support and they were very good.

Cascade / WCMS is a monster (insecure, difficult to use, irrelevant to the internet beyond IU) and shouldn't be the chosen CMS for IU.

Conference calling and Skype for business conference calls have been having audio and video issues.

Copy machines are still valuable, yet old, broken, can't scan or magnify properly. If this is in your area - please update/upgrade all copy machines to high standards.

Currently satisfied with current services and response time.

Doing a great job overall, keep up the good work. I've never lacked assistance from UITS to help the departments I've worked for.

Each time I have either contacted or approached a UITS Staff member they have always been very polite and helpful.

Enterprise software is garbage. Each department has different needs. There is not a one-size fits all solution.

Every interaction I had with UITS staff last year had positive outcomes.
For new services it would be great if UITS offered a SMS service for departments to use in their web applications for users to opt-in for.

Every time I have reported a problem the response was speedy and effective.

Everyone has always been very helpful, tasks are quickly and efficiently done.

Everyone has been pretty friendly. I’m new here so not much to say.

Everyone I have worked with has been great! I would like to see responsive design added to Exchange. It is very difficult to use on a mobile phone.
This survey originally said it was closed when I clicked on the link. When I hit continue at the bottom of this page, it also went to the closed page. I was able to get back in to the survey by going back to the email link.
I would like Canvas to keep track of my progress through modules in classes. For example, I'm going through the Excel Basics class as a refresher when I have time. It could be weeks before I continue and it's hard to remember where I left off. It would be nice to see some type of progress bar or at least check off which modules I've been through. This function is available on Lynda. It should be easy to implement.

Everyone I've worked with has been very nice and responsive. I don't have any negative connotations with the organization. It can be unclear what exactly they do, and how to find the specific help you need, for example telephone assistance vs technical assistance - I am simply not as concerned with technology, so it is not on my radar as much as someone who is.

Everything has been great except receiving faxes.

Exec IT is amazing. They are always helpful and they know what to do to fix my problem every time.

Generally, almost everyone I deal with has been knowledgeable and professional. And, that covers people at most every level. When I've asked for help, it was given.

Great experiences with UITS. I have only been here 5 months and have only had one issue with our printer. The response from UITS was timely and professional. Problem was fixed within a couple of hours. SIS and AdRx have generally been reliable, with a few minor snafus here and then, but those always seem to be fixed within minutes. Would love more updates on new features on programs like AdRx (for example, with the new "Upcoming Appointments" scheduler.)

Helpful and fast resolving issues.

Honestly, getting a new crimson card was the only contact I have had with UITS. So, it's makes it hard to judge their services.
It would have been better if the survey asked if you have used UITS in the beginning. If not, then there would be no need to continue the survey. I felt that it was a waste of time to keep checking "not applicable". I continued because I know how hard it is to get employees to respond to surveys. This probably doesn't help!

HRMS edocs and Kuali Time have some serious issues. In HRMS edocs, it is very difficult to find individuals with hyphenated or dual last names, as well as distinguish between individuals where there are several options under the same name. We don't always have a DOB available when trying to find people. Another serious issue with HRMS edocs is the inability to view anything other than the routing for edocs entered by other staff members in your office. This really slows us down and creates a need to print every single edoc to place in personnel files in the event the initiator is out of the office and someone else has to make adjustments in their absence. We often need to change work areas for student appointments that change every semester, and HRMS edocs does not provide enough information on the maintain time assignments function to determine which record number is the one we should be adjusting - it just shows the UID, name, and effective date. Knowing the description of the work area would save us time and reduce mistakes caused by updating the wrong record. This is also an issue with termination edocs, as well as others that I don't regularly use.
Kuali time seems to be set up to be entirely reactive, rather than proactive. The search and filter functions in the payroll processor tab do not work well, making it very frustrating and time consuming to wade through 500+ timesheets. There is no way to be proactive about auto-approvals without going through each individual timesheet every other Tuesday in an effort to reach out to those supervisors who have not seen to their approvals. This wastes a lot of time. Using the work area filters is a huge hassle. My department has more than 200 active work areas, so not being able to search timesheets by supervisor name makes it very difficult to locate all employees assigned to that supervisor. It is also very time consuming to determine which work areas have no employees assigned, so that we can deactivate those areas that are no longer being used.

I am a new employee and have not had much interaction with UITS.

I am always very happy with UITS staff. I have two direct groups I work with the most: Exec IT and the Enterprise Webtech group formally part of the HelpNet group. The entire staff at Exec IT is wonderful. Very responsive, solutions oriented and just fun to know. With the Webtech group I work with Jim Hoffman the most and he is just fantastic! Very helpful, delightful personality and very resourceful.

I am appreciative that UITS provides the resources for me to work at IU. All of my day to day computing needs are met, and it is rare for me to need or ask for help from UITS staff, including our department IT personnel, although we certainly depend on them heavily to ensure our personal machines and servers are operational.
For the most part, as I complete this survey, I consider UITS is largely responsible for all my computing needs, although we do have department IT who helps administer that.

I am happy for the most part for the services provided. I like the seamlessness of it and the fact that I can accomplish my job without be too techy.

I am interested in the certificates to learn more, thank you for providing this.
If anything can be done to make Canvas more useful and pleasing to look at, that would be great. It's just ugly to look at, and clunky.

I am not sure I understand where UITS staff start. Are the folks who work on my computer in the Service Bldg. UITS employees? If so, they do a wonderful job of responding to my needs. If not, I am not sure I have any opinion.

I am quite pleased with the UITS team that services the STC labs. They are always prompt, helpful & courteous when fixing troubles that I have. Everyone that I deal with at UITS is helpful, responds quickly and never makes me feel dumb for asking a question. The people working at the support center were quite helpful to me when I had to set up the duo authentication on a new phone.
My concern would be the staffing for some of the public printers that are around campus. I work near one of the busiest ones and it always seems like it is out of paper early in the morning, which is a prime time for printing. So, it might be a good to look into staffing times and when printers like that can be checked and/or refilled. And, maybe make adjustments for those busy times.
The UITS staff for UniCom have been very helpful in my interaction with them. Always taking the time to answer my questions and responding quickly.

I don't have a lot of direct contact with UITS but I do use a number of programs that are serviced by UITS. Most systems work very well. Whenever I've had direct contact, I've heard back in a timely manner and the team has been courteous and helpful. My biggest problem lately has been significant problems with Outlook. Outlook crashes often, doesn't allow me to do regular functions at times and it's frustrating to have to keep re-starting. This has been true for about 2 months. I have reported the problem to our IT staff who have advised that there are functions being migrated and difficulties continue.

I don't have a lot of month-to-month contact with UITS, because I work at a research center that has a IT team available to help with issues. I do use the KB about once every few months to find information on IU- or campus-wide systems.

I don't have much contact with UITS; however, I do use the technology. My Outlook is currently down with no estimated time to when it will be fixed. The web email is not user friendly with taking time for me to do work-arounds or come up with them in order to complete my work.

I don't have much interaction with UITS, but the few times I have had interactions it has always been pleasant and the issue has always been fixed. I do notice I have a lot of Outlook issues staying connected when I am not on campus (working remotely). Some of the instructions on KB aren't always easy to follow. I know I recently looked some thing up on KB (I don't remember what it was) but it seemed to missing a step or assumed the person had a bit more knowledge than expected.

I feel very supported at IU and think UITS and our tech team at the Kelley School do a great job helping us.

I find it hard to find what I want on
My Polycom phone doesn't always ring, and doesn't always connect when I pick up. No one has solved it.

I guess I don't really know all of the services that UITS encompasses, so I don't really know what I'm supposed to be evaluating in this survey. Is it just technical support? Is it enterprise systems? What else? What about my in-house technical staff (at Maurer School of Law)? (They're incredible, for the record!) [Edit after completing survey: Throughout the survey, the main services/components of UITS were laid out. Having not seen the list of services at the start of the survey, I don't think I was able to accurately answer the first couple questions about UITS in general. Maybe that was intentional?]
You ask, "When you experience technology problems that you are unable to resolve on your own, which of the following do you predominantly use as your first form of support?" but then you list the UITS Knowledge Base as an option. I don't think this question is worded very well. If I use the KB, I consider that resolving a problem "on my own." Typically I do consult the KB (or google) first, and if that fails I move on to one of my departmental IT pros.

I had only positive experiences with UITS.

I had some difficulty converting a group exchange account over to being Duo accessible. It resulted in a necessary trip to the Wells Library and the need to use my smartphone to access the group account. I had initially reached out about that via a chat function, and I don't think that I must have asked the correct question or was asked clarifying questions about my inquiry, which resulted in confusion and a lack of access to the account for several days. That was a bit of a bummer.

I had to add duo sign in to an email account I am in charge of monitoring. It was a pain to go to the library and do this in person, rather than over the phone. I also cannot download automatic updates to my computer, but must have an administrator sign in. This is also a pain.
However, I am very thankful my school has its own technology services unit; that makes our lives much easier.

I had to contact UITS staff to find out information about ZOOM. Staff is very helpful.

I have always had a positive experience with UITS employees and with UITS customer service, both over the phone, in person, and via email.

I have been really proud of the innovative applications and tools IU has continued to share for student and stakeholder success. As a user of these products, the centralization of processes has created significant bottlenecks in the Bloomington campus as I feel that the pace of innovation has been set at a regional campus pace. I know that it is a time of transition and I believe this issue is worth looking into as it can stifle innovation of services.

I have found that the personnel at the UITS desk in the East tower of the Wells Library to give excellent service.

I have found the staff helpful- especially when calling in from work station on campus or at home.
Have to reboot computer a lot. Wireless connection is in reliable at times.

I have had excellent IT support especially from staff in the building (Bryan Hall). Although I respect the need for rules related to security, some of them are so constraining that an approach of one-size-fits-all (i.e. the presumption that all users are sloppy) is counterproductive. Individual judgment of users has value.
As a staff member who faces retirement in the next few years, I would appreciate someone looking over and explaining the software implications in gory detail for retiring staff. (Do I get to keep access to IU Box? for instance) Recommendations for transitioning from access to IUware to whatever retiring staff will have would be most welcome.

I have had many positive experiences with all levels of UITS staff. This includes various personnel under Research Technologies, Learning Technologies, Client Services and Support, Enterprise Systems and Networks at all levels.
I would say the biggest over-arching 'problem' or potentially 'negative interaction' is a tendency for some groups to not respond in a timely manner to elevated IT Professional requests (Often have 7 to 10 business days without a response to inquiries that often require a follow-up contact to initiate a response); Not fully read or assimilate what is written in the original ticket/chat/mail or other medium; Passing back general IU KB links which often have already been mentioned in the original ticket as not resolving the issue; Some tier-2 and tier-3 units are a bit rude about helping facilitate to the proper groups as needed once escalated by SC2.

I have had ongoing issues with the IU Secure Wi-Fi dropping sporadically on both my phone and laptop throughout the day. For the most part this hasn't presented a problem, though I don't understand how it happens while sitting still. Aside from that, our office did encounter one issue when we had problems with a Canvas course that wasn't allowing our students access to certain sections. In speaking with UITS, the staff made it seem that it was a large problem that couldn't be resolved quickly and stated that they were "elevating our issue." It turned out to be a small checkbox that we needed to uncheck to make the page visible, something that would have been an easy fix that didn't take all weekend to resolve. I believe more transparency would have been helpful in this instance - maybe even stating that they just weren't sure what the problem was and weren't qualified to address it. We could have then continued to troubleshoot the issue ourselves rather than thinking we had to wait for a bigger Canvas programming error to be resolved.

I have had positive interactions with James (Jamey) Brooks. Also, there is an outstanding ticket I submitted in June 2017 that has still not been resolved; aside from that, I usually get great service and rather timely resolution to issues submitted via the SIS Help problem report.

I have had really good experiences with UITS. I appreciate the prompt email responses and follow-up messages. I have also utilized the Live Chat with great success.

I have had very positive experiences working with UITS staff through the online chat help and the phone help.

I have never had a negative experience with UTIS. Staff have always been helpful to staff and student issues.

I have not had any interactions with the UITS staff or services recently.

I have only had positive experiences with UITS staff and services. I particularly love the IT Trainings. I recommend these to students and staff all the time. Thank you for all you do!

I have to say anything I need my department IT office takes care of the problem. I use the training more than anything. But don't call if I have a problem.

I have worked very closely with Aashil Patel regarding several different issues and wanted to applaud him for his patience and impeccable problem solving skills! He was always extremely helpful.

I need a new computer. I am constantly having crash dumps or having to restart because I can't access my Outlook. I work in Poplars and it seems it is difficult to get computer assistance. We put in a request and don't hear anything. I know [IRD] is busy. If we don't have enough staff to meet our needs, IU should hire additional staff.

I rarely deal with UITS staff because at Kelley School of Business we have our own IT staff, but when I do they have always been courteous and helpful.
I will say re: Phishing that we all received a recent 'test' email allegedly from the Kelley Dean that was an educational email about phishing. We did not appreciate this at all, since we often get emails sent on behalf of our Dean about Kelley issues. A couple weeks later the Dean's assistant sent out an email and had to send a follow-up assuring everyone that the previous email was NOT spam. There are better ways to educate employees on spotting phishing attempts.

I recently had my computer replaced by UITS- I was very please with the experience- the staff member was on time and very thorough.

I report problems to CAITS through specific email address and am not satisfied with the service. One of the technicians is very unprofessional. He curses in public areas, is sarcastic, leaves with out completing job, does not communicate progress or completion of job, and does not follow up after request has been made.

I think that for the most part the network systems I deal with are as expected. I work 3rd shift though and I think the security settings for us at building services late at night is a little over kill students and most staff can not get in are offices. Also it is very hard for us to get are problems addressed as there is no UITS guy at night to help us.

I think there needs to be a website of known issues and resolutions, to publish known problems and their resolutions. All IU employees and students should have access to this information, not just UITS. Example: Outlook not sending attachments when forwarding an email.

I understand not being an administrator on our machines. That said, it is an annoyance to have to submit a tech ticket each time software we use frequently (such as Tableau desktop) updates and we have to request this update be installed. Given this occurs monthly or more frequently, its a regular burden. Similarly, we seem to regularly encounter IU-UITS sites (such as the BIM) which will no longer work on some of the browsers we typically use and have to find other means of interacting.

I use Firefox for administrative work in KFS-- it drops frequently and I have to restart Firefox and log in again, sometimes several times a day.

I was satisfied with the services UITS provided. THE UITS staff were able to help with almost every problem I had. Overall UITS has a great service.

I wish IT would require all facets of IU programs to work with one platform. Some things only work with Chrome, some with Firefox, some with Explorer, some with Edge. I also feel like IU should have it's own email service since Outlook crashes and stays out in lengthy periods. The phone system is horrible. Not being to forward calls is VERY frustrating for faculty and staff trying to connect people to the right resource.

I wish there was an easier way to compare prices of items sold through KFS, without having to log in the supplier's website

I work frequently and directly with Geoff McGregor's team (Research Admin Systems) on the maintenance and enhancement of our online Kuali system. They provide excellent, i.e., efficient, quality, helpful, friendly, service.

I work in the Library's IT department so have much support for issues that I may have; my main tasks are to support the Libraries' staff and resolve their issues and issues with printing for both Students (on our clusters of STC workstations) and staff on our own staff printers. I think the biggest issue that I have come across is with the Mobile Print application that students are encouraged to use to print to the public printers; I find it to be often unreliable and find that leads to unhappy customers/end-users. However, by-and-large, the general IT environment is good and the support available and provided is very good. The staff I work with on various issues are generally very helpful and seldom have to make me wait for resolution to the issues I have to take to them.

I work with high school students taking college courses for dual credit. Our students seem to have the most trouble setting up their first IU computing account. Currently, our students have to wait 12-24 hours after creating their username/passphrase to be able to login to an IU system (in our case, to register). It would be fantastic if they would be able to move directly from creating their account to being able to access the registration module for ACP. With this population, in particular, our registration success rate would increase significantly if we could make this process more fluid with less/no interruptions.

I would like to see UITS focus on supporting the existing technical infrastructure rather than allocating resources toward entrepreneurial projects.

I would say that since I don't have many issues arise, I can't effectively contribute to this question. However, on a positive note and for the last 20 years technology has continued to both thrive and improve on campus.

I would say that UITS is outstanding overall.

I’m not satisfied with UITS services at all. I have a contract with them for a plotter but when I have issues I talk to a guy in India, I can’t get anyone on campus to come and look at it. After 6 months under contract, it still doesn’t work. Also, It would be awesome if there were more explanation given instead of using language I don’t know when working with admin setting up systems to be used now that all servers are going to UITS. And why does my department have to pay thousands of dollars for support for our new project? We will have 19 VM servers and a rough estimate puts the support at $117,000 a YEAR! Seriously? That’s 35% of my annual budget! And I don’t have a choice since you are forcing us to move to the Data Center.
I think the staff enjoy making the rest of us feel stupid and ignorant. We are all supposed to be working towards the same outcome but it sure doesn’t feel that way. Lots of FRUSTRATION! Probably the less I have to deal with them the better. I won’t participate in a focus group because I already know how technology dumb I am, I don’t need to have it pointed out in a group of my peers by UITS staff. I don’t understand why your people can’t just help us instead of making everything so difficult. Progress, I suppose. Too big for your britches, I think. Aren’t we all IU?
I would love to share my thoughts with admin but we aren’t “allowed “ and we definitely can’t say anything negative about UITS.

I'd like to see less of [IRD]'s face at UITS events and promotional photos. [IRD] is a egomaniac that does little beyond self-promotion.
IT decisions are made from a top-down manner that does not consider the complete impact on users or communities, and then use expensive marketing plans to get people on board.

I'm an occasional customer at 855 6789 and have always been treated with respect and given prompt and useful help

I'm glad to see that my account is no longer hacker once a month after DUO was implemented for all systems. I work with data at the Kelley School and I was a peoplesoft developer years ago. We use much of the IUIE data both from SIS and HRMS. However, it would be a milestone if we didn't have to download so much data in order to make our systems run effectively. It would be helpful to have a development environment that we could use in Oracle. I asked about this a few years ago and the security was antiquated such that the developers had all or nothing in terms of developer data. Anyway, if we could develop in Oracle rather than downloading everything, that would be helpful. (Our servers are secure, though, btw.) And, changing the subject, I've been using Google products more and more such as "sheets" and "docs". It would be helpful to integrate the Microsoft development more with Google.

Implementation of PeopleSoft/Oracle was a long, difficult, and expensive process for Indiana University. How will CRM interact with PeopleSoft/Oracle? What additional unwelcome disruption and expense will this bring to offices and schools on campus? When will UITS agree to stop helping external vendors make vast fortunes selling short-lived software packages and instead help IU employees do the jobs they try to do every day?

In general, I am satisfied with UITS staff and services. Over the last year, I would say anecdotally that I have experienced more "glitches" than in previous years. For example Duo doesn't always respond to first push; Wi-Fi on campus locations is spottier than I feel it used to be; Canvas is clunky; Box has become unmanageable in its organization and features; I have regular sync issues between work devices. But, these problems are sporadic compared to the generally normal operational effectiveness.

In general, I think it would be helpful for IT services to be more streamlined and consistent across the entire institution. Where separate systems are required for separate processes, it would be ideal if systems could "talk" to each other so that information could more easily be compiled across systems.

In many ways I have always thought of UITS as an exemplum for a well-organized, welcoming and supportive model for service delivery. When I began at IU computing was not far from normal, but it was still somewhat exotic. What I noticed right away was that the attitude of those in charge of the commoners' experience of the system was both supportive and welcoming. This was a far cry from my previous institution's. This was a good start for me. I have never been disappointed by your services nor your approaches. The front line knows that many of us are duffers on a good day. Your tolerance is part of your charm.

In our building, Cedar Hall, in the back offices we have no Wi-Fi and times have no service.

In the last few years, Exchange server and Box related issues were the major blockers of technology. Also, IU's network has daily interruptions that prevent our servers to provide 24/7 services to our end users

In the past several years, assistance from UITS has been mixed, but mostly very helpful. Technical support providers who have been courteous and non-condescending, earnestly seek to help and look up answers when they don't have it, and who don't seem in a hurry to get rid of you, are the stand outs.
I have had just the opposite experience with a number of tech support staff, though.
With the phone, and COMREQ, a person who has gone above and beyond, every time, and who is incredibly patient, is Ken Elliott. He should get a medal.
The switch to Exchange server 2013 several years ago was done so poorly, [IRD] ought to have given a public apology. Though the server had to be updated/upgraded, the OWA that came with that change is was several steps backwards.
The current change with mailboxes should be seamless, and it has not been. I know it's a big job, but, intermittent access to desktop Outlook folders for a full day (or more), is not acceptable.
There are so many aspects to the systems here, though, and, for the most part, UITS does a great job.

information over load way too many departments needing a survey, not enough IT people doing real boot on the ground work, do not like Adobe product licensing on IUWARE too complicated, SCCM tool fair though needed - support on SCCM POOR
way to busy to stop and listen to everyone with a new mouse trap for IT and then try as evaluation

It causes a lot of problems that I can't do minor computer maintenance on my own. A lot of programs that I use regularly, require frequent updates and it slows down things and causes problems when I can't preform the simple update.

It seems like the Knowledge Base interface has gotten more and more complicated and that the way links and instructions are rendered is badly designed. It used to be much better and more intuitive in terms of layout and visual cues. In addition, search terms don't always seem logical and there are not parallel articles across devices or such. Also, the crap with expired passphrases and a lack of clear and cohesive account management is ridiculous. I should NEVER have to go to the support center to prove who I am. Wireless continues to be a problem with iOS devices. And finally, proactive communication seems to be non-existent on most service area topics. All I ever see is how great IT leadership is.

It seems that KFS is down a lot, like several times a week. Its very annoying and a waste of time. I work in a basement and it would be nice to have cell service.

It seems that systems for processing seem to change frequently at IU. For example the IU Travel services system which was just changed about 1 1/2 years ago will be undergoing another change in the future. Implementation of new systems appears not to be very well researched if it changes too often.

IT support is always there when I need it and efficient at solving problems. I work remotely and I have experienced the occasional problem that requires me to drive to campus to solve, which ends up swallowing a whole day for me because I'm an hour from the nearest campus. This situation has gotten continually better over time, so I'm hopeful that this will happen less and less frequently as technology evolves.

It would be helpful if IT staff had a checklist to use for new employees, to make sure they get everything they need to get up and running. I recently started with IU, I had to go back to UITS a few times for issues that should have been addressed early on. UITS staff have always been very helpful and friendly when I contact them. They follow up on most issues to ensure that they were resolved, which I appreciate.

IUSB conference rooms have a SINGLE set up that is user friendly via setup that mirrors everyone's desk top and Skype use for meetings/cc. This needs to be the CONSISTENT approach in EVERY IU conference room so that people do not need to understand individual room variations and people are forced to use the SYSTEM WIDE TOOL = SKYPE for Business
Div 27 and infrastructure schematics for classroom, conference and office needs to be combined for A/E understanding of standards
More classes should be offered for upper level experience for tools that we all have: Excel, OneNote, Adobe Acrobat, Power Point, etc.

I've always had good courteous interactions with UITS folks. I go through the process of getting data jacks installed and activated frequently and have even had some specialized support getting small data reporting devices to connect securely to the network. I would like to see this process more streamlined. Datajack install and activation seem to always need 2 separate requests. Then after activation, sometimes an additional step is needed from the UISO for registration on the VLAN.

I've been very pleased with my experiences with UITS over the past 6 years I've been involved with IU. They can almost always resolve my issues.
The only issues I've had that didn't get resolved involved devices in my on-campus apartment that have Wi-Fi that weren't able to connect. At one point we were trying to get our printer to work through Wi-Fi and it was never able to work. We were also told that Amazon Echo should not work at home, and while it actually does, the Google Home did not. In my office, I think everything has been resolved.

I've had good interaction with classroom technology folks. Our SPEA IT technology group is top notch, despite differences with former director. The group is doing even better since his departure and I hope that continues.

I've had great experiences with UITS. However, it seems that my printing access is tied only to the floor where I work. It would be great if I could print and release from any workstation and printer available to students.

I've had nothing but pleasant interactions with UITS this last year. They've been very helpful in resolving any of my concerns quickly and without complications.

I've had very little interaction with UITS the last 2 years, but had been pleased with the Tier II customer service on the IU campus. One question, however, was submitted two years ago, and I never received a response, nor was a ticket generated to acknowledge my question - this was IUPUI. I'm not a huge fan of Tier I for phone help regarding subject matter knowledge; it's just reading scripts. Our dept. IT support "on-site" works for VCPFO, and is worn too thin to be of great help, so we usually suffer in silence.
I'm confused as to what browsers are considered most vulnerable - many links generated from FMS and the system techs within Procurement default to IE, but I had heard that "UITS warned people to stop using IE". Very little communication there.

I've never had a bad experience with UITS. The few times I've had to contact them, everyone I spoke to was very friendly and helpful.

I've worked for IU for 15 years. It seem like it was easier to get help and find resources a decade ago. There may be many more resources now, but everything feels more disconnected and much harder to find what you need.

Knowing when to contact UITS and when to contact my local tech support is sometimes unclear. It would help me to have a better idea of who to contact/when to contact.

More information about the WMCS in the Knowledgebase would be nice. Having to contact the UITS Support Center Tier 2 to resolve publishing problems to webtest and webserve from the WCMS was very frustrating. On more than one occasion, the changes made by the SCT2 were incorrect and the .htaccess needed to be edited to fix changes that SCT2 made. I suppose it may be intentional so that people will give up and have to settle with "paid support."
The framework code is a bit buggy and doesn't always perform as advertised. It requires a lot of tweaking.

Most of the time, any questions or problems I have with computers or smart phones, the Help Desk has been very helpful. IU needs to improve on it's wireless abilities, inside and outside its buildings.

My compliments to Lesa W. and Z (OVPUE IT support) for their helpful, timely & friendly support. No question is too silly or insignificant for their careful attention.
It would be great if:1) IU would provide classes and tutorials on smartphone (iPhone) use and how to maximize its capabilities. 2) iTunes use. This is extremely frustrating for my & my husband. We don't understand how to use iTunes in a PC environment.

My experience has been positive overall. The staff IT staff I encounter in all contexts have been helpful and resourceful until an issue is solved.

My experience working with AVL staff and with event support from ITCO have both been very positive and very much appreciated. Thank you!

My experiences have been very positive, although limited.

My experiences with EITS have been quite positive. They are always prompt and polite.
The survey was way too long.

My experiences with UITS are generally positive. No complaints.

My interactions have all been positive.

My interactions with UITS range from extremely positive to somewhat negative. Responsiveness and helpfulness seems to vary substantially across teams and divisions, and the best mechanisms to contact and engage different parts of UITS also vary. More consistency would be much appreciated.

My office has their own technology team so I don't interact with UITS concerning technology issues.

Need more storage services for sensitive/critical data. Also, need a service for small development of forms and workflows. There is no team in UITS to help small units needing workflow processes automated.

No concerns

No concerns -- find UITS extremely helpful and courteous. It is frustrating that some campus services -- i.e., document services, telephone, etc. use different browsers to access web pages. It would be advantageous if all browsers would work.

No real concerns. I generally find UITS staff to be pleasant to work with and responsive to my needs.

Our UITS services have been good over all. The only thing I would change is to be able to have better cell phone service in our building, Jordan Hall, Bloomington.

overall I feel technology services at IU are great. I have no complaint or issues.
outlook web app is pretty terrible but I assume that is Microsoft fault. I don't like how it organizes my emails. I don't like how my emails are displayed on my phone
I like outlook program, I wish the web app and my phone displayed emails more like outlook again I assume that isn't an IU problem.

Overall I've had very good experiences with UITS. I had one negative experience in trying to get a log in issue resolved but that might have been with helpnet and not uits. unfortunately I'm one of those that is completely clueless about computers. but every time I have an issue they come over and take good care of me. The last issue I had Justin was fantastic - patient and he hung in there for 2 days to figure things out. That was just awesome and so very much appreciated!!

please have everyone for google suite.

Please just choose one or two options for video, etc. and stick with it. It seems like every few months there is a new process (22 bridge, 24 bridge, 23 bridge, zoom) and our officers hear 5 different directives on if we must be using it or not - our IT folks say one thing and higher ups in UITS are telling people another. Too confusing!!

Positive improvements to help customers identify points of contact for responsible areas include the UITS departments and Staff Directories An ongoing concern for a large technology organization is that it must constantly change organizational structure to keep the pace. With constant change come staff changes/turnover. Processes are developed and sometimes abandoned seemingly with designed anonymity, lacking direct ownership/accountability or knowledge transfer from individuals/teams. Not a fault, but the nature of technology. How can we work closer in our specialty areas to keep in touch with units we serve and technology options available while eliminating data silos and redundancy? Should we have a team dedicated to GIS /mapping needs?

• Interactions with UITS where we can learn more about tools and services
• Services they offer such as Canvas - advantage to having an Enterprise solution that allows sun-setting homegrown applications that duplicate efforts
• Nice to take advantage of services and infrastructure that is available
• DNS Admin/Network team has been very helpful and fast with their responses - you always know where they are at with the process - they are very agile
• HelpNET - group running Splunk very helpful and proactive in introducing services they offer

• HelpNET CDI - not well staffed and information that is provided for assistance is not fully addressed. Generally takes multiple emails to address all of the concerns brought up in the initial request.
• Some units within UITS are not able to keep up with technology - understaffed and under skilled
• We are routinely directed to UISO for guidance. However, it is very difficult to get a response to non-incident related security questions which hinders our ability to move forward. Tickets go months (not weeks) without responses if one is ever provided at all.
• There is documentation available for the BI initiatives but they are scattered, some information is incorrect and outdated or too difficult to understand and follow. Another example is WCMS.
• BI - IMS if they could share the standards outwardly to describe how security roles are to be used within all of the systems that
• Idea bring new tools and question the self-life - we get connected to them and they go away and we significant amount of artifacts to remove and clean-up - great deal of overhead
• It seems that some of the new UITs applications (also can include vended apps) being built are dropped on clients as needing to be used. Instead it would be great to have a published, readily available roadmap of coming project and adoption in the next quarters and years ahead. The goal would be to allow other university resources to be more strategic in their planning and eliminate lots more of the duplicate effort happing across the university.

• Bring ACM up soon, very, very soon
• Respect the skill-sets of other IT professionals in units outside of UITS
• Organize and maintain documentation for systems that units utilize and centralize that information somewhere. We’ve had multiple instances where information has been pulled from what appears to be a permanent location and we’ve had to search or email UITS staff members to help us locate where the information is currently. If you’re unable to centralize the information and need to move it, provide a redirect or note for a period of time.
• As a customer service entity, working with your customers, there is a need to listen more closely to the needs
* Additional training for UITS supported systems
* Clearly outline standards and goals any projects

Processes within UITS have become more automated, which has let to quicker return times and responses to requests, but also to less personal and sometimes less helpful interactions. Overall, some recent changes seem more efficient but less effective.

Provide full, enterprise-wide support for Salesforce.

Real time (or near real time) access is needed for production system data (Kauli Coeus, KFS, etc.) as opposed to day old data. Access to more timely data would further enhance the usefulness of reporting tools like Tableau / PowerBI.

Resetting my password last time was a breeze. Staff has been thoughtful and helpful every time I've connected.

Setting up DUO was easy. What you didn't ask was satisfaction with DUO. It's a pain when you are trying to quickly get to a page and have to search around for your phone, make sure not to ask for the push until you've gotten through the password screen, etc.

SIS and SAS are sorely in need of a newer, modern information technology infrastructure. In it's present state, the only accurate way to describe it is "antiquated". For a university which receives such high praise for it's innovations in all manner of IT work, from award-winning websites to super computers, the computer tech and applications currently in place at SIS is way behind the curve, which is surprising given the importance of this unit.

Some areas I do NOT like include having to switch to Outlook for my email (from Thunderbird) as I do NOT find it user-friendly. SIS and IUIE seem outdated and not easy to navigate. I especially do NOT like what COAS did to our departmental website when it came to forms (nothing to do with IUTS that I'm aware of) but the new system really screwed up the systems we had in place. Fortunately, I'll be retiring by the fall and won't have to deal with it much longer. Overall, UITS has done a good job keeping us connected and the knowledge base is especially helpful.

Sometime last year, several people, including me, have had some issues with docking and un-docking laptops when going from meeting to meeting. The problem is that the network doesn't always re-connect which forces you to shut down the computer and re-start which is a bit of a hassle. This seems like it started in the middle or later part of 2017.

Sometimes I find KB answers that aren't really addressing my issue

SPEABITS does a great job supporting our office.

Speaking as a registered IT Pro, we need a unified location for accurate UITS/IT/IT Pro related information, tools, and services. If such a place already exists then I don't know about it. Currently it's difficult to find information, and information is inaccurate or questionable in many places.
The new Adobe licensing is a complete disaster, and the presentation at the December 7th watercooler was completely unacceptable. I felt that it was very condescending and hostile, and didn't provide many answers to questions that should have been expected. Not all use cases were considered? Seriously? Even after two months we can't get answers to our questions. I completely understand that Adobe isn't doing us any favors, but the handling of the situation has been poor so far.
The new IT-28 tool is a good start but it needs a lot of improvements and clarification. The IT-28 audit process also needs to be streamlined.
While I can't point to specific examples, my colleagues and I have had trouble getting basic questions answered by tier 1 and tier 2 staff. I don't know what is happening at UITS but it seems like a lot more training in communication would be helpful.

Super courteous and helpful staff when assistance needed.

Superb assistance with our projects from Aaron Neal, Dan Young, Kyle Quass, Julie Parmenter... the list goes on. Fine folks doing fine work.

Technical Assistance has been excellent and timely.

Thank you HelpNet!

The biggest challenge for us is the resources available for development. Unless it's a huge project or issue they have no resources to fulfill most requests. It also seems like projects get a lot of resource to start up a project but not to maintain them afterwards. For the Wi-Fi we have a lot of issues where if we use the groups VPN to connect to our department servers and are on IU Secure, the connection drops frequently. Also the new secure updates that get pushed out are very inconvenient. For just me working at my desk it's ok, but when working with a prospective family or if in a presentation to families it is not good customer service when our computers restart in the middle.

The Duo Log-In creates more obstacles when trying to quickly log in and access information. It would be great if there was a way to use a USB drive or some sort of preauthorized method of automatically acknowledging a user on their campus computer to allow for quicker and easier access, but would still need to log in with Duo for security purposes on mobile/tablet devices.

The few times I've had to call for assistance have been great. Your staff is helpful, personable and even patient!

The fundamental issue with is to be able to find the service you need is you have to know the exact name it is called. For services I rarely use, I struggle finding the tiles for those services. I didn't have that issue with OneStart despite how the terrible layout OneStart had.

The general ignorance about macOS and MacBook Pros across all levels of support continues to amaze. It’s mostly Unix via bash, so the cluelessness of most UITS support folks suggests that many of them can’t handle the command line either.
Most of the infrastructure, from Webserve to HPSS/SDS to Exchange, has serious functional problems. It slows productivity and doesn’t attract researchers. More resources and competence, please.

The information provided by UITS staff is not always consistent. I am also frequently frustrated by the continued issues with Outlook and Exchange, that IU seems unable to manage.

The IT pros, staff, and management of our departments are very unhappy with the service we receive from UITS. And things seem to be getting worse, not better. For the first time in my 11 years at IU, last year I had to submit a formal complaint when a co-worker and I were treated disrespectfully when seeking assistance from UITS. Despite the buzzwords about "One IU IT", when UITS breaks our software or ignores our concerns and communications, it is very disappointing, not much "Oneness" about it. UITS Community Outreach does a good job with their presentations, but we often hear "we're just the messengers", and little assistance is offered when we need it. My department is small, but operating close to 1 million dollars worth of digital equipment. Because we are a small auxiliary, we do not receive the attention or service from UITS that we need. Departments like Endpoint Management have ceased two-way communications, just send email announcements with no concern about how their actions affect our operations, a constant source of problems for our department IT pros. There is a real lack of service-oriented culture at UITS, and too often we hear, "We are not responsible for [fill-in-the-blank]." UITS managers and department supervisors seem to have little concern about the IT needs of our department, and that really should change. After the merger between Auxiliary IT and UITS HelpNet, we've heard nothing, no formal communications about future direction, support request procedures, billing rate changes to come, zero information. It's pretty clear, from our experience, that we have to judge UITS by what it does, not by what is said, and it is not doing a good job.

The many levels of indirection in helping us solve a problem are sometimes a serious issue. I think that when one UITS team has to use help from another UITS team, they need to make a much stronger effort to convey to the next team the whole context of the request/issue.
I have had situations when a request from me was passed on to another team but the urgency or the context were not, and the next team just sat on the issue for several weeks for lack of contextual information.

The phone system is awful! I have learned to use it somewhat but calls take 10x longer to transfer and it is very inefficient!

The Polycom phones and Skype for Business are not the most intuitive or user-friendly.

The staff are always polite and as helpful as they can be but I can't tell you how many times I've written up a long, complicated email only to have Outlook crash or I come in in the morning only to have some sort of alert about how I can't access my drives that day.

The staff have always been pleasant and service oriented

The UITS staff at the Learning Commons are wonderful! The have saved me several times in person, thru on-line chat, and via the phone. If they can't answer my questions they always find someone who can.
More IT related training would be appreciated. It seems like things change on a daily basis and the programs you think you know how to use add features that could make things much more efficient and effective with a training update.
My desktop computer is old and very slow making it difficult to do my work, especially when I am working on spreadsheets.

There are good, smart people working at UITS. However, it seems that they are often very inwardly focused. Services seem to be created where no need exists. UITS doesn't often acknowledge that there is an IT expertise that exists outside of UITS. But everyone I have interacted with at UITS is very service oriented and professional.

They are friendly people!

This is a process issue - I understand the want for enterprise solutions for offices. However, by forcing all offices to use the same systems, UITS is ignoring individual needs and generating more work for all - including UITS. Most new vendors provide their own support so this would not increase UITS' workload.
The opposite is true - the review process is long and tedious, especially when it comes to resigning contracts for something that has been vetted and simply needs to be renewed. It takes an unnecessary amount of time on our end and I'm sure on yours.

Training is needed for the phone staff. I had difficulty connecting via Remote Desktop from home and I later discovered all I needed to do was reboot the laptop.

Travel System/Process could use an update or complete reorganization.

UITS always seems to be on top of their responses to issues. Always appreciated!

UITS has always be very helpful when I've needed help and always willing to explain whatever I didn't understand. Thank you for all your help.

UITS has been efficient and effective on the occasions that I have used their services. Chatting with UITS saves time!

UITS has been very helpful. I like having UITS support at the IMU, it is a lot closer than the IU Library.
I needed a new phone at my desk (the dialpad wouldn't work properly) and it was replaced the same day I reported it.
AdRx is very useful but it gets slow and loads new information extremely slowly in the middle of the day. would like to have a view by 'Week' as well as view by 'Day'.

UITS has done a fantastic job providing all the usable apps, support, and tech. Although I understand that security is crucially important using both the duo and signing in at least 10 times in a night can get very disappointing. Especially when my own staff forgets their user name Id and/or password.

UITS help desk, top notch, over many years of IU employment they have never let me down and they are courteous, knowledgeable and helpful. This speaks to how well trained and skilled they are. Great job!
The issue of faxing and keeping documents secure is convoluted. Folks look for old fax machines, assuming analog lines. A training that is specific to all the upload tools, how to use slash temp, what faxes are really on analog lines might shore up what might be some exchanges of information that aren't secure, but thought to be. Additionally, where to store items securely needs re-iteration, I discovered someone storing visa information within IU box and stating it was secure because it was within IU box. We need a handy dandy, quick link or display that shows us the secure rules with where to store and how to send that is less convoluted than going across several domains to find the information. This isn't a complaint in regard to services, this is a suggestion for how to improve security.
There are a few items on this survey where my contact and use of the product is engineered by individuals outside of UITS and that affects my perception of the product which I realize maybe related to the abilities of the faculty to use the systems. Canvas is an example. I would love a robust place with simple instructions on how to create audio's, narrated power points, wiki pages etc. within canvas, sometimes professors share detailed instructions and other times they don't. This is within an educational masters degree even. Younger faculty do a much better job explaining the details. Janet Decker in education was especially good at this and I still go back and reference details she shared. Kylie Hartley had us setup individual wiki pages and although it was convoluted to understand, it was also easy after the fact. The point here is that students don't have the same resources as faculty, i.e. training, and course design/IT folks to help us figure out the setup and when faculty don't connect us, especially for older students, i.e. those returning that have been out of school for over 6 years or so, this is a hurdle in our learning. IU wants to grow older students in their on-line programming and so finding ways to help them succeed with the technology would be great!

UITS is always so helpful with any questions or issues I have.

UITS is easily accessible. I call with a question, someone tries to help me.
UITS might want to have a "fair" at the IMU. Let people drop by and ask questions. Find out more about your services. I didn't know that UITS helps with course creation.

UITS' IT training has been a very useful resource for me during my time at IU. I was disappointed to discover that they no longer provide WCMS training. As a communications person, that is the one program where I need the most help and training.

UITS people work hard and they are there on weekends. It would be nice to have longer Computer Lab / Information Commons hours on IU Breaks & holidays if there could be people to staff them. IU has outstanding facilities, support, hardware, & software. Thanks for making it such a privilege to work at IU, both at the workplace and with the perks of 24-hour access outside of work for personal activities and research and creative projects.

UITS seems to be interested in promoting what's new and cool instead of maintaining functional programs. IQ walls and 3D printing are cool but they are just toys and are rarely used. Meanwhile enterprise programs like SharePoint, Box, and Outlook lose functionality and become slower as they are put in the cloud. I also think its ridiculous that teams that actually do work are getting smaller and therefore wait times for services are getting longer, while at the same time UITS has a communications and marketing staff of 40 people.

UITS staff are courteous and helpful. I am pleased with their service.

UITS staff are friendly and very helpful.

UITS staff is friendly and knowledgeable when I send help requests in for services. Everyone carries themselves professionally. I would suggest a more usable way to update Duo or create devices easier. Also more of an education platform for web and accessibility standards for web.

UITS staff members on the IU Southeast campus have been very helpful and professional. Billy White, in particular, does an outstanding job with a great customer service attitude.

UITS Staff with whom I have worked have been excellent and responsive.

VPCPF IT service is not cutting the mustard. Understaffed and they will stop supporting Apple. Why isn't there a central UITS service team for all units?

Was very helpful at Main Library last month getting my email connected on my new phone. Tried doing on the phone but not able to connect so went to Library.

We have had a lot of difficulties with our VoiP phone system. When I connect, it sounds like I am on a cell phone and the connection cuts in and out. In my voicemail greeting, you cannot hear some of the prompt. My understanding is that IT is not 100% sure what the issue is, but I hope that this can be resolved in 2018.

We should be able to have remote access to the share drive. Also, those of us who travel for work should have laptops.

We use the Nelson site for our job. So when we ask for our site to be set up like the other area's 8 months ago you would think it would be done by now. It is not and we need the stuff we asked for to do our job.

We use three different phone systems in our facility. It's frustrating that our main phone system has had glitches in it for years that have never been addressed well enough to take care of those issues. We can't put callers on hold w/out often cutting them off, and transferring between departments is usually a disaster: we just end up taking the caller's contact info and having someone call them back.

When I call for support, I never seem to be able to get a hold of anyone so I haven't used UITS in the past year.

when I place a request their is always quick response, I have no issues with the help from UITS TEAM.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

1) Some of the phone-based UITS support staff seem totally tied to the KB. When I called about broken links in an email re: the Umail transfer, they couldn't answer the questions because if the links were broken, they didn't know what to do either. That seems like they aren't adding much value?
2) WHY IN THE WORLD DID UITS/WHOMEVER DECIDE TO TRANSITION EMAILS MID-SEMESTER?!!? What a cluster. I have so many students who couldn't get their emails and documents and lost significant credit and caused headaches for me as a result. Man, UITS lost a lot of goodwill for that.

1. I hate duo. Duo is stupid. Why is everyone supposed to hold a cell phone or any electronic device every time to have a basic access to the university service? College students should study; the cell phone deters people from serious-minded studying. How can one stay alive in this college if your cell phone gets broken, which I experienced two months ago? I had to go back to my home sometimes because of duo many times. Why don't you install fingerprint recognition sensor instead.
2. One.iu app is mediocre compared to other commercial apps. It is not convenient at all. GUI is bad and the speed is slow. Well I don't mind that much, just saying.
3. Sometimes Wi-Fi doesn't work even in the classroom (Jacobs School of Music).
4. When I search for IU catalog, sometimes the access authority is unclear. (Whether you can only see the music score in the music library or you can also see it in your home with iu vpn) I once called to UITS because of this for about 2 hours one day before the deadline.
5. The computers have a good specification, but seriously they should allow me to install .exe application to let me do something there to make a use of the good specification. I wish I can use max 7 or november2 (font which only gets fully installed by the application) in the university computer because they are essential software for my major. I bought those software and I think there will be no problem if I am using those software with my own account and pc gets reset after I use the software.
In general, I like the technology services around IU very much, and I appreciate your effort. I hope my comments can contribute to the university services.

1. Send a newsletter stating how bitcoin attacks take place and please list out what all antivirus software which are not accepted at IU.
2. Make a monthly video of how to use all the UITS services and threats online.

A great experience I must share that happened before I joined IU starting Spring 2018. Some months ago when I was in Nepal, I didn't have a US telephone number. I had to sort out some issue about the DUO authorization and logging into my IU account. The support staff on the UITS live chat-line was very patient and supportive. When I finally arrived in Bloomington this January, UITS walk-in support was one of the first places I visited, this time to link my device to the DUO. As expected, they were kind and supportive! If not for the timely help, I wouldn't have been able to have a smooth transition into my graduate school life. Thank You!
An idea that I've been having for quite some time: I was wondering if there were free workshops for Linux usage: understanding Linux file systems, installation of a Linux distro, extraction/installation of applications using commands etc. (I did use a Linux distribution called Linux Mint MATE from 2013 until my arrival here in the US, but would like to have an in depth knowledge, since I plan to learn Python sometime in the near future.)
Two suggestions:
(1) The iOS IU Mobile App frequently hangs on my device. I wish the sections like Canvas and Exchange mail (which directly impact our studies) worked smoother. The Exchange app for instance freezes every time I wish to reply to an email, and exiting/re-logging in doesn't help. I'm forced to wait until I can find a place to use my laptop, which isn't feasible all the time.
(2) Is there a possibility to add fingerprint login on supported devices for IU Mobile App instead of having to run back and forth with sign into the CAS, wait for the DUO to receive a push, and then log in?

All my experiences with UITS staff were positive.

All of my experiences with UITS have been positive and productive. I rarely encounter technological problems, but in the couple of instances when I have, the Knowledge Base has been very helpful and has enabled me to troubleshoot problems on my own. I appreciate the work that is done to keep our devices and accounts secure.

Always there when I need help!

Always very helpful.
I would like to see tech workshops for grad students who may not be up to date on the latest technology.

An explanation for the shift from Umail to Google at IU would have been nice. It really just seems like a hassle that serves no purpose.

Any time I have an issue, UITS fixes it right away with ease.

Any time I have needed to use UITS staff, they have been prompt and helpful. I am pleased with the Cook Music Library remodel and the updated computers there. I wish there were more printers available for use in the music library.
The IU Secure Wireless network is not consistent throughout campus and I frequently lose Wi-Fi both inside and outside of main buildings, in the library, etc. I wish it was more uniform and less "spotty."

Apply some filters to the student data base. I'm in a 100% online program and live and work 400 miles from campus, yet I receive notifications and get enrolled in Canvas pages that pertain ONLY to on campus students. It's extremely annoying!
Develop a tutorial for online student to learn what is available to support their needs and where they can get additional support on how to set up and navigate those systems.

As a course grader, every time I have had a problem with technology, whether through Canvas, or with classroom technologies, UITS has always been extremely helpful and has always resolved the problems.

As a graduate student who takes all distance courses, I find Canvas to be essential and mostly adequate - but also lacking in tools (especially in discussion forums which provide the structure for much coursework in most classes but are difficult to navigate). I love using the Adobe Creative Cloud applications and Google Drive applications. And, the Umail address extension creates frustration.

As an idiot in technology, I am so glad to have you guys and I cannot imagine the life if we don't you. I still remember last time when I fail to connect IUsecure Wi-Fi I went to technology support center. Two kind staff members helped me to figure out my problem within 3 minutes. They are so kind, just like the sunshine in winter.

As for the individual staff, I do not have any complaints. They are great.
Rather, I have concerns regarding the constant system changes.
There have been so many changes in your system (e.g., emails, Duo, secure system in Exchange email, etc.) that I am worried that I'll miss out on something.
It is super confusing and your emails are not that helpful.
Especially the Umail upgrade that is scheduled in a month is so frustrating because it seems like too much work at the users' end when we need to use email accounts on a daily basis.

As someone that's graduating in May, I wish that the email upgrade could have waited until the end of the semester. It was just added stress that I didn't need. Additionally, more than half the time IU Secure Wi-Fi doesn't work on my laptop so I have to rely on AT&T.

CG printers are almost always out of ink, paper, or they can't connect to IU's servers.

Citrix is a disaster. It should not be required to access resources in IUanywhere. It makes using those resources difficult. I have actually purchased expensive software for a class ($150) rather than bother with the Citrix issue.

Disappointed by how quickly I'm having to change over to Google@IU. I hope it's some major security concern that is causing such a fast transition. I've had that account for 10 years, and updating all of my Google Drive access permissions is a real hassle. Also, the 24-hour multi-factor authentication is way shorter of a window than I'm used to. It means I check my email much less frequently and am less productive.

DUO Authentication should permit device registration so I don't have to pull my cell phone out during class lectures just to be able to access documents on canvas.

Duo is not convenient especially when I forget to bring my phone.
Google@IU is accessible. It is a pity because I am a fan of Google’ s product.
One.iu and web app of exchange don’t have a good looking. They don’t look like cool.

Duo is the most annoying thing.

Duo login is garbage and needs to go away.

Every issue that I have had, I have received a very timely response. Each issue is solved and the UITS staff makes sure that every question has been answered.

Every time I've called UITS, they've always been really helpful with my problems!

Every time I've communicated with UITS staff, it's always been great, friendly, and professional!

Everyone is nice, but no one knows the answers to any of my questions. They don't have information about computer labs (which ones have CD-drives? which ones have Adobe Flash so my students can record submissions through Canvas? etc.), and I HATE that when I call, I can only get in touch with a call center that handles ALL of IU's campuses. This is especially problematic when it takes me 10 minutes to get someone in Bloomington on the phone to come fix a projector that I need to teach a lesson. My students and I cannot afford to lose so much valuable class time.

Everything looks fine to me.

Free software such Captivate, Adobe products, Zoom, consulting, immediate service, and many more. Trainings, webinars, and research tools.

From our tour: I really liked the tour of the data center. I would recommend potentially giving more insight into what each room does. We were all in shock of the magnitude that it was hard to comprehend what our tour guide was saying. Additionally, the tour of the main building wasn't all that helpful. It looked very similar to a lot of the Big 4 offices we are working at, and therefore have seen.

Generally IU it services are very poor. After years the transition of if mail to google app happened yet it's still has lags and I literally cannot login to my account (probably I have another account with another US school which is significantly better than IU).
The two step login is extremely inefficient. I have a prepaid plan simply because I can't afford to get a postpaid plan. Therefore sometimes when I'm out of balance my carrier T-Mobile blocks SMS in my phone and that means I can't login whatsoever until I pay my phone which is very frustrating. Also, I travel and T-Mobile doesn't necessarily have coverage in every point of the globe. That means my academics get thwarted thanks to inefficiency of IU IT system. For reference U Chicago also has two step login but it's way more efficient and doesn't force people to receive a text message for every login.

Getting a Duo Token at the library/tech support. Staff was positive and friendly.

Good advice from an online chat

Good, always responds quickly.

Great service and response time with solving issues.
Better FAQs on how to setup Outlook with an exchange account. I feel that I am pretty savvy with technology and your FAQ left out a few steps. Screenshots would be great.
Allow backup and sync by Google for IU google accounts. I'd love to be able to sync my IU google drive to my computer.

Great service!

Great support -- whether via chat or in person.

Ham phone. I don’t know how that would work. But figure it out! Ham phone

Hits has always been very helpful for me. I really like the live chat option.

I am highly satisfied with the services that UITS offers and for that we thank you. Staff at UITS helped me a lot in overcoming my technological issues.
However, I have one suggestion. The keyboards in Herman B. Wells Library Scholars' common (8th floor) are really noisy. It is hard to concentrate when people are typing. It definitely would help a lot if you could please come up with a solution for this issue.
Also, some of the SPH computers do not have the Box app. It really would be helpful if they did.

I am not sure what UITS does and how it differs from ETS. For most services mentioned throughout the survey, I either did not know of their existence or did not know UITS is responsible for them. The wireless internet on campus is extremely slow and does not work when moving between buildings. Around 5 PM, there is a regular Wi-Fi block out in the building I work at. The Adobe suite is outdated and does not support retina displays. All fonts look pixelated making design work impossible.

I am on exchange as part of the MBA program.
I have found the staff of Tech Services to be polite, sincere, and helpful. Nothing seems to be a problem for them and I have visited their office in CG numerous times and at the Wells Library once. We are fortunate to have genuine helpful people on our Tech Services team.
Please express my appreciation for their work and how they go about it.

I am satisfied with everything

I am satisfied with overall service but at times the waiting times were too long.

I am very dispirited with the computers on campus. Apparently some software has been installed on all desktops (kaltura, for example), and not only it creates problems in terms of performance, but it also led to crashes on apps which worked perfectly before that, such as dropbox.
Please, if you are going to install new software, update the computers, especially old ones such as the one on Ballantine hall.

I am very satisfied with what I experienced. And I appreciate the services UITS staff supplied for us.

I appreciate IU IT group. We have a very nice single website where we could find all of our school information. Website reliability was awesome. I never had problem accessing one.iu or canvas.

I appreciate the availability but it would be great to have 24 hour online support at peak times like beginning of year...I had a good experience getting help getting my computer cleaned very helpful mostly. Appreciate classes offered for my students when I was teaching in the fall on HTML (I do believe that is this office) the instructor was knowledgeable and helpful. Only had one issue where I needed help and I could tell the individual was over my questions. Customer service was low that day the printer was not working it wasn't connected to my machine but he made it seem like it was my problem when it wasn't...with his limited support I printed off 40 5 page documents about 6 times. I felt like it was a waste but I was trying to trouble shoot on my own...this same person was not very nice too when my keyboard wasn't working and I needed a new one.
One nice variable would be to have a PhD package...which sets them up with endnote, iu box, mendeley or research resources workshop...

I asked for someone to fix the computer that was not working in my area and the computer was never fixed and I did not hear anything else about it.

I believe Indiana University should have some

I can only log into my IU services (oneIU) through my home computer. My work and cell phone cannot log in though I can get into IU anywhere. It’s really odd and frustrating.

I did not know there was cloud storage available until taking this survey. You might want to publicize that.

I dislike the fact that such a useful tool for students as Kurzweil either requires you to use a local machine or go through the disability services office. It is extremely useful for reading efficiently and focusing my thoughts on what I am reading, but I can't say that my attention difficulties are significant enough to warrant a label. This software should be on IUware and advertised. (Streaming the service is not good enough since it gets choppy, especially at higher rates.)
One.IU has too many singular apps. If it's going to have so many, it needs a better search engine/ search tags. Otherwise it should be organized. The KB should have the same thing done, though I would prefer having both. Currently KB pages and One.IU apps cannot be viewed in a hierarchy. admin side is the worst website I can think of and it needs simplifying and restructuring. Looks like three systems got added onto one another over time.
After that the worst would be the SIS and course catalog situation. I am an online grad student so there are literally nine different (mostly redundant) sites that I have to go back and forth between to decide on my next course: the online ed site, the grad school's site, the IU course browser, the IU course description/bulletin site, the new igps, the course questionnaire data manager, the ocq dashboard (which is terrible to try to find on One), the bookstore/booklist, and SIS. ...These two sites even link back and forth to one another in a loop! and ...There should be ONE site that tells me what courses are available, who is teaching them, what books I would need, how the course was for other students in the past, details on what will be covered in the course, how it fits into my student plan (every program should be required to have their plans entered in), and whether it will fit into my schedule.
Printer upgrades have been great.
Last thing, although I know this is out of the UITS range, it effects UITS too: please make a push for the university to fix the 10th street crossing problem. I've seriously been tempted to lead a petition about it, but it shouldn't have to come to that kind of a thing. The university is putting students in more danger than less by creating crossings without signals. Either put signals in or do what everyone in Bloomington would prefer and shut the road down for a few weeks while you build a few tunnels.

I do not have a lot of interaction with IUTS staff/services, but I have read through the online IT help pages for a number of issues and have found them very helpful.
The IU registration website seems clunky and outdated, and is hard to navigate.
Duo is frustrating at times because it requires the use of a phone; I have been locked out on days when my phone has died and I am unable to access anything on I believe there should be an option to send a request to an alternative email; many other secure websites I know of use this tactic and it would be a nice backup, especially since I don't have time to talk to the service center to establish an alternative duo entry.
I have noticed recently that on many of the campus computers, Stata, a statistical analysis software, is not available because the license has expired. This has been frustrating at times when I am trying to work at the library or in Ballantine Hall.

I do not have a specific experience with UITS staff.

I don't have any comments at this time.

I don't have any issues with computer support. I don't typically need it, as I'm very experienced with computers. However, when I have needed admin permissions for things or network issues have come up, the CEEM IT staff has been extremely helpful.
While I understand Canvas is a third party service, it has some issues. When assigning grades, I sometimes find that it will delete grades or fail to save them properly and it may take several passes to completely upload grades.

I don't know if UITS has anything to do with this new Umail thing but it's ridiculous. Umail no longer works on my mobile phone. The email explaining the new system was confusing and inadequate. Also the timing of this change is terrible. Why would you do this in the middle of the semester?

I don't know if UITS is involved with maintaining printers at Kelley, but if you are, please work on maintaining the printers at Kelley more. Kelley has three to four printers just on the first floor but only one or two of them work on a consistent basis.

I don't like how in outlook, individual's icons, initials show up in reverse order. It is very confusing. I've asked about this issue and was told it's a Microsoft exchange server issue, but I'm doubtful that every other institution I've been at has had it correctly.
The registration system is a joke. I'm not sure if that falls within UITS, but that is probably the worst system imaginable. If the system has to be stage gated like that, there should at least be a limit to the amount of courses you can sign up for, otherwise individuals who get an early randomly assigned time can sign up for as many classes as they want while people later in the day have nothing left. A limited credit budget system would also work, allowing individuals to sign up for their top two classes first, then the next day two more...etc.

I enjoy reading the MONITOR and other articles about big data workshops from UITS.

I feel that the chat is beneficial, though sometimes the chat representatives are less than helpful.
The DUO system is the worst, especially for group accounts. We have a research email account and it's impossible to add everyone since we're not working at the same location all the time.

I feel UITS should have more understanding about IUanyware, I have called to troubleshoot non-program related issues and I have had no assistance.
Often times, when I access multiple apps on One, even not quickly, it will alert me that I have done it too quickly and tried to look at too many apps at once.

Kuali Time is always off on the clock out times. It will round up by a minute to several minutes. This requires me to guess when I should clock out so I do not go over my hours for the week.

I got the help of UITS staff several times last semester, all brought positive experience.

I had a chat with somebody about downloading a driver on my laptop to enable printing with university printers. It went perfectly. The rep sent me a link that led me directly to the driver, I downloaded it, and it worked well.
Thank you all for you hard work. I couldn't do what I do without you doing what you do.

I had a positive experience where a very patient person in the library helped me for over two hours to set up Creative Cloud on my computer, despite my PC not wanting to cooperate.

I had a very satisfied experience with the IT support. She helped me for couple hours patiently fixed my laptop's tons of problems and taught me such things. Plus I always get a reminder for fixing the rest of the problems.
What need to be excelled is the it support in east tower (commoncholar) since many students using computer and printer facilities and enc

I had someone come to my apartment to look at my router. It was certainly a positive experience, in that I learned a great deal, and got a reasonable temporary solution when it became clear that we were not going to find a permanent one.

I had to troubleshoot some issues with IU Collaboration Technologies (, and the tech support on the other end of that was amazing. I also work with Daniel McDeavitt through CRRES, and he is extremely helpful, efficient, and professional.
The printers often mess up. For instance, I recently tried to print in the IMU, and the pages that were printed took up about 3/4 of the page and had a strange box around them.

I have always had positive experiences with the UITS Staff. When someone does not know how to help me, they have found someone who does.

I have been satisfied with help from UITS and their expertise, but one inconvenience I experienced was that when I made an appointment first and then waited for their answers to meet, I had to leave campus but did not know how to notify them that I needed to leave so wanted to cancel the request to meet them. And then got an answer that I can meet them, but I could not. It is not a convenient system.

I have been using Karst and Carbonate for my research. I enjoyed the capability of being able to use "supercomputer" at IU. It is convenient for users either on or off campus to keep doing research. But I hope when using public computers login with our account, it can store our setting and files for a longer period of time. Thanks.

I have been very impressed with my interactions with UITS staff! They've been extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and kind. I've interacted with them via phone and in person in the Cook Music Library regarding printing, Exchange email set up and issues, transferring documents between Google accounts, and other things. Thank you for all you do!

I have called and often had problems resolved quickly.

I have done two previous Masters degrees using online programs. This by far is the most frustrating due to DUO. I can't always have my cell phone with me. I put another phone number as the alternate number but DUO doesn't give me the option to choose which phone number.

I have found UITS very helpful when I have called them during tech issues while teaching.

I have gotten answers (even if delayed) every time I have reached out to UITS with questions.
It will be great to authorize machines for a period of time and not have to use Duo every single time. My phone stopped working last week and I was incapacitated and could not log into anything.

I have had a few experiences with UITS this year. The first was quite positive: someone came to my on-campus apartment to install a router. He was very prompt and I haven't had any issues with the wireless internet in my apartment. My second experience was contacting IT about never being able to access Umail. This was months ago and I never heard anything back and still can't access umail. Lately I used the live-chat because Exchange wasn't opening-it was sending me to some Microsoft homepage. The problem never really got resolved- I sometimes have to open Exchange in another browser which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. When I asked the person on live-chat why this was happening or if it could be fixed I was told that browsers are man-made so they don't always work. This doesn't really help me when I need access the only form of iu email that works for me. Finally, the iu library card catalogue is not very user-friendly. I never know which search database I need to use in order to access certain journals and it's inconvenient to have to switch back and forth between iucat and the general iu library page when conducting research.

I have had a good experience with UITS staff and services. The Wi-Fi usually works well. The computers in the computer labs used to take forever to login, but now it's pretty quick.

I have had a great experience with the IT staff, every time that I 've need them.

I have had a very negative interaction with [IRD]. He was quite aggressive and rude when interacting with me about an issue that I'm having. I also emailed UITS twice last fall and never heard back, which is also a negative experience.

I have had a wonderful experience with UITS overall. I have reported two systems that were having trouble displaying properly, and each time UITS professionals arrived promptly to solve the problem. I can't thank them enough for this help!
However, I also had a negative experience when I asked for assistance filming a conference that took place at IU for a live stream. I was told that the classroom would be prepared with the Kaltura software to use the webcam. The problem was that the webcam had never been properly installed. So there was a webcam, and there was Kaltura, but there was no way to stream the lecture because the webcam had not been installed. Unfortunately, that conference talk was in the evening on the weekend, so no one was able to assist me, and we had to end up not live streaming the talk. This issue was a major disappointment, and it was the result of a UITS employee telling me that the camera was ready to go when it was not ready.
As far as security, I think the passphrases should not be allowed to use spaces as characters. This is an unsafe practice, but there are no warnings when people create their passphrases.
Also, the library search engine is very problematic, and someone should try to solve some of those bugs. Often when I try to use iucat or the general library search engine, it has trouble recognizing some characters like "g" and reinterprets them as a foreign character. These issues are serious, and despite the fact that I have reported them, they are still here 5 years later.

I have had an issue with my outlook since December. I received an update and I have no ability to use outlook if I receive or send an attachment. If it happens that my last email had an attachment I am not able to even look at my email in outlook. This is a Microsoft problem but my IT people for my building do not know how to fix it. If the IT person uninstalls the last outlook update it works fine until the next update and I am back to the same problem. So for well over 6 weeks have had problems with attachments.

I have had great experiences contacting UITS for help related to connecting to the university wireless and even more impressively in contacting them for software solutions (such as helping fixing something that I messed up with my Adobe Creative Suite installation) and with accessing HPC resources. It was a lot more than I would have expected both in terms of expertise provided and the scope of help.
Regarding some of the student services, SIS is clunky. I can get done what needs to get done in terms of registering for classes, accessing grades, transcripts, and other student information, but it is awkward. Canvas generally works but has its odd quirks -I am not sure if that is derived from my instructors or Canvas though. =)

I have had many positive experiences with UITS. Everyone has always been friendly and helpful in solving the problems that I have come across.

I have had positive experiences with UTIS. Every time I am in need of their services, they respond back quickly and are responsive to your needs.

I have had some problems with Visual Studios in IUanyware of either getting error messages when trying to open current projects or getting a blue screen in Web programming class the last time I tried to start a new project. I am just hoping this doesn't affect my assignments or labs in web programming class.

I have had very good experiences every time I've called UITS to get assistance with a variety of issues, such as setting up the Duo Mobile service on my laptop, or difficulties to reset my password to access the Central Authentication Service. The staff is always very friendly and patient with me. Thank you so much!!

I have had very positive experiences at SPEA IT and at the Wells Library.
I would benefit from having more print quotas- it is quite difficult as a graduate student to stay in that limit.
Also, until very recently I was unaware of the difference between a and an email address. I still don't fully understand which one has the exchange account and which one has the Gmail.

I have no idea what is happening with Umail update and nothing is very clear online, especially about steps I need to take.

I have no recommendations.

I have not had that much experience, but that probably means that everything is going well.

I have only had to contact UITS 2 or 3 times in the past year, however, they were prompt with their services and getting me back up and running smoothly. During my last experience with them last week, the representative was friendly and patient, walking me through each step and remaining on the telephone until my issue was completely resolved.

I have positive experiences with UITS; like loaning a laptop which took some paper-work but was smooth. I would recommend moving this to an online form or similar, so that we can do the process before hand.

I have sent two emails and been pleased with the response.

I have very experience in UITS staff. No complaints.

I have very good experience with UITS staff. However, the satisfaction with print services has been below average. There were several instances in which I printed over 60 pages. However, the printer didn't work, but the amount was deducted from my IU print balance. In some cases, the document will reappear in IU print center with $0 cost against it (and in most cases, it wouldn't). But by the time it appears, I would not need the print anymore. This happened today as well!

I have very good experiences at the UITS help desk as well as through their online chat. I have also done some of the web certificate courses in the library, that I believe were lead by UITS staff, and really enjoyed them as well. This survey has helped me to realize additional UITS managed platforms that I love.

I haven’t used the service enough but some one IU apps take too much time to load or sometimes do not load.

I haven't had much experience beyond the e-mails that are sent out and the student technology assistants in the library, but it is helpful to know that there is technological support. I have also been impressed with the level of security IU provides to its students.

I haven't had much interaction with the staff, but from what I've seen of their work with other students, it seems very positive! I like Canvas a lot, but the Student Center on One.IU is a little strange. It works fine, but I don't find it very attractive to the user.

I haven't needed to use UITS that much, but I have been able to get my few questions answered by them. As a graduate student, I have to use the plotter frequently to print research posters. I think the $15 cost should be included in our paper allotment.

I liked fast responses to questions I asked.

I liked the way in which UITS is available through different mediums. I remember the first time I was installing outlook and was stuck, the responsiveness from the UITS team was amazing. I would say just keep up the good work.

I love that UITS is available for walk-in help in Wells. I also love that you can call for help even late at night. I really value UITS and am grateful to have access to them while I am a student at IU. I live in Campus View apartments, and the internet connection (wireless) there is pretty unreliable, especially for devices other than my computer. (i.e. the web-based television they have their now through Xfinity is very unreliable because the internet connection is often unable to connect or too weak for us to use it.)

I love the access to computer labs and printers all over campus.

I particularly like the live webinar format on Zoom

I personally find the enrollment process for classes to be very difficult and confusing. It took me some time to figure out what exactly to put into the search boxes to get the classes to come up, and sometimes you cannot get from one screen to another in an effective way. I and several other students have also felt overwhelmed by the amount of emails we receive daily, to the point that it makes it difficult for us to check our email and search out those of top priority.

I prefer the old printing allotment system where the left quota is shown by page, rather than by money. I also don't like how in "My Printing System" the money value in my CrimsonCard is added automatically to the given quota.

I really like the chatting system. This one time, I was disconnected and the person I was talking to- they emailed me about what we were talking about. I appreciate that a lot! It saved me a lot of time!
I have been having issues with exchange email syncing on my tablet and smartphone... the only way to correct it is to delete the account and add it again.... I would rather not do that. It takes some time. I would like the emails that we use for school to be compatible with the software I use.

I really wish the printers were more reliable.

I think all of the email send in exchange should be seen by all devices including phones. Some messages we cannot open on phone.

I think the IU payment process needs to be changed. If a focus group is ever conducted in that regard, I would like to participate.

I think the staff is helpful and they had setup tables in the school of ed at one point but that ended after the first week. Other than that UITS is horrible! The Wi-Fi always goes in and out in classes or around campus. It never remains on IU secure but makes my systems go to eduroam or attwifi. I recommend having designated UITS services in the schools once or twice a week to help students with issues.
I would also add that polycom especially in the school of education is an awful process to navigate. The folks in the office are extremely helpful, but it's too difficult to navigate and too difficult to get folks/guest from other schools to hear and see properly which doesn't help the learning experience here.
Kaltura is also great and useful except the people that transcribe the files misinterpret some of the most basic terms. not sure if that is an issue on your part but maybe you can add a box that says suggested terms so that they can improve the transcriptions.

I think UITS is really convenient for us to communicate with others, compared with the available services in my country. It helps us to better arrange all of the materials from our course and it provide us with a great access to other sources. However, I don’t think many of us could take full advantage of it because we don’t really know how to use certain features. I think it's important to make people aware of the need to learn how to use UITS.

I was having difficulties with the new email transition, and the woman at the desk was extremely helpful. She fixed the problem in less than 5 minutes.

I wish my VPN would stay connected for longer periods of time, at least until I am away from my home network. I don't see how phishing can access my VPN after I've established that it's me using it from home. I have to re-establish the connection every few hours using Duo. It's ending up being more trouble than the VPN is worth and I give up on using it. If we only needed to use Duo something like once a week to establish our VPN connection, I think it would be equally effective against scammers.

I wish that the internet on phones would not disconnect so often.

I wish there were more printers in the optometry building. Just having one = us fighting over it all the time. Also, I hate the DUO method. I would rather risk having my info stolen because someone somehow managed to get ahold of my super long passphrase than I would use DUO. It's very flustering, especially when trying to clock into work on campus or even just trying to access canvas.

I’ve had trouble before with the length of time I need to wait for someone to arrive in my classroom to fix a problem. Everyone who has helped me has been knowledgeable. My recommendation would be to send staff members on routine examinations of all of the classroom equipment more regularly so that technological problems do not persist.

If this is survey is non-anonymous, then I have nothing to say.

I'm extremely happy that we now have two-step login. I was phished through my IU email and was contacted by a scammer posing as a parent looking for private music lessons. After realizing what happened, there was no real way to know if someone had hacked me or not. I feel safer knowing that the two step login is now in place. I haven't had any problems since!

I'm generally in favor of 2FA requirements and don't mind duo, but if it is going to be required for places like IUAnyware or services that are not directly exposed to personal data, then it would be nice those log-ins could be tied to the CAS, or else removed as requirements.

I'm honestly not a fan of the DUO system. It seems ridiculous that my IU e-mail should have more encryption than my bank account, and it is very inconvenient if I have left my phone somewhere but need to login to my IU accounts. Otherwise, I am very happy with IT at IU!

I'm not sure if this is the right place to comment on this, but it would be nice if the Internet speed in the on-campus apartments (BBHN) could be faster.

In my opinion, UITS has provided valuable services to IU communities (from simple computing issues to complicated instructional matters. UITS staff members were even available to come to my on-campus apartment to set up Wi-Fi network; they could be very helpful when contacted through phone. All in all, I would refer to UITS whenever I have computer and technology issues.

In order to print something at Godfrey I usually have to try 3-4 printers before I find one that has ink, paper, or is working properly. It's incredibly frustrating and a huge waste of time. Also, e-texts are dumb. Nobody uses them and you get roped into buying overpriced books that aren't needed.

Is it possible for me to get verification code through email for the DUO system. It became a headache for me when I forget to bring my phone with me.

It is frustrating to have to sign into duo mobile when you're already on your phone, using your phone as the validation device...

It is really helpful that they can remote access into your computer. I wish that the printer in the optometry school was taken better care of because it seems to lose ink when we need it. I also do not like the DUO system it is really annoying and sometimes if I need to sign in during class my professors think that I am on my phone when I am just trying to sign in to canvas. It often complicates things.

It takes a very long time to log into most computers at SPEA. This has caused me to be late.

It was good to have an introductory session from UITS staff member to understand overall policies and resources available. Especially, it is good to know "where to go" and "who should I talk to". For example, the UITS staff in the library helped me to solve printer issue in a minute. I couldn't have done it without the session.

It was helpful for me to access various materials from lots of fields.

It's great that the university puts out this survey. I am an online student though so many of these questions didn't apply as I am not on a campus and do not use any campus services. It seems like there should be a different survey for online students. We are absolutely reliant on UITS to be able to access things and communicate with each other. The UITS folks were very helpful the one time I called in for assistance with IUAnyWare.

It's quite easy to find UITS staff. The services are many and easy to access too.

I've always had positive experience with the UITS representatives, whether by chat, e-mail or in person.
I'm wondering if there would be a way to allow us to add plug-ins to programs that UITS already has installed and, hence, approved. For example, I do EEG research and I can only use a computer in my advisor's office because we've had CITO install the (free and widely-used) plug-ins we use there. I recognize that most students will use these, but it really limits where I can do my work from.

I've called a few times with questions and the staff has been immensely helpful!

I've found the office in the MBA office to be very helpful with connectivity issues with both my laptop and phone. Their open door policy is awesome. I find the printers to be a bit of a hassle within the Godfrey building. It seems that many are out of ink or paper or the card reader isn't working properly whenever I actually need to use them. It's very frustrating.

I've had many positive interactions with UITS staff, both online and in person (e.g. at the help desk in the IMU). These include help with device configuration (DUO, email, network services). I've also had unsatisfactory experiences, such as getting answers about the configuration of default app for PDFs on Windows boxes.

I've had mostly positive experience but most staff are not as helpful.

I've had positive experiences with UITS. Every time I've had a question they have been able to walk me through it via telephone because I do not attend classes on campus.

I've only had a few experiences with UITS, the majority of them over chat and email. All of those experiences have been positive, and the people I've spoken to have been friendly and efficient. I once went for an in-person consultation with UITS when I was having problems with Canvas. My problem was eventually solved, but leading up to that point, the people working there skipped over me on the wait list, and I ended up only being seen after waiting a long time, checking the list, and notifying someone that I'd been skipped.
In general, I'm pleased with the services that UITS provides and think they work smoothly. Smaller annoyances are the "You accessed multiple links in rapid succession" message that I often get while using One.IU, as well as the recent difficulty finding some of the modules (I can't find Bursar information via One.IU's search like I used to, for example).

I've worked with Justin and Billy in the helpdesk and I think that they are fantastic. Monica on the web team is also amazing.

Just keep up with the good job!
A few things:
a) can we solve the problem of adobe NOT being the default?! I work always on UITS desktops on campus and... it's annoying to have to set adobe as default every single day.
b) I write in foreign languages and I use the keyboard layout for "English International" Is it possible to have that automatically selected through my log in?
Every day I have to activate that option. Don't get me wrong: I understand DUO and its importance, but to start working, actually working I mean, I have to do so many little steps that sometimes it is annoying...

Ken Strabler has consistently been very helpful. I feel every time I phone for support, it's a positive experience.

Like the mandatory two factor authentication idea, feel my account is more secure now thank you

Login to eduroam roaming service is generally stable and reliable, but occasionally, I'll have to remove the profile (Network Manager, Debian 9) and create a new one (mostly play around with @Indiana/@iu or certificate) to get connected. Not sure it's really a UITS thing or the roaming campus' infrastructure. Just FYI.
BTW, I would love to see something like [that](
Have nice days,

Make Duo authentication remember your computer for like a few days or a week so you don't have to Duo login every time.

Make it cheaper to print double sided than single sided.
Have a system at the uits help center at the library where you sign up for a particular time for an appointment, rather than just having to wait without knowing what time people might actually be able to help you.
Have printer paper kept on hand in places like Cedar Hall, so that it's quick and easy to restock the printer. Maybe you could have the front desk people keep paper, instead of having it take so long for a uits person to come from another location on campus with the paper.

More help sessions when implementing changes (i.e. changing to a new email system).
More labs and printing stations.

More printers in Kelley!

My experiences when it comes to interacting with the staff has been very positive. However, there are a couple of things that could be improved. For instance, students are charged with a technology fee, and right now I am in need of a virtual reality (vr) lab that has flexible hours, currently, the Lab that is located at Wells is open just 10am - 4am. I am conducting a VR research for my Capstone and I feel the resources available are NOT enough, concretely, when it comes to space and time frame. (Because accessing to the one that is in the School of Media it is a nightmare if you aren't a student of that school - part of the staff at Franklin Hall is a bit rude)
WELLS library it is open almost all day, why a lab cannot open at least until 9 pm AND on weekends? Especially, when VR is an emerging technology that many students are starting to put their attention to it.
Another thing, I feel the waiting time when you have a particular question, tech issue for the walk-in service on the main floor at West Wells has increased.
Another issue that I experience a lot is that many of the digital platforms of IU AREN'T mobile friendly.

My experiences with UITS have been really, really bad - the only redeeming thing about those experiences is that the staffers themselves have generally been courteous and professional, although not always helpful.
One major issue that stands out is that a great deal of information published (and still hosted) by UITS is grossly outdated. When trying to get IU to host a site to be used for academic purposes, I spent hours reading old FAQs and making filling out forms that presumably no longer connect anywhere, because UITS has not bothered to remove those outdated sites. In general, the abundance out outdated sites still hosted by IU is disruptive to my work.
Overwhelmingly, the greatest problem I've had working with UITS relates to a class I'm teaching with a DSS student who needs my lectures to be recorded. This system was explained to me in a manner which was EXTREMELY MISLEADING, and I was therefore grossly unprepared to use the system at the beginning of the semester. Furthermore, UITS has been unwilling to install a functioning camera in the room, meaning that my entire lecture takes place on a document camera, which in my particular room cuts my board space to about 30% the usual amount. I feel this significantly detracts from my lecture, but UITS has been unwilling to work with me on this.
Decisions about how I teach mathematics are being made by the person whose only connection to the issue is installing the recording software - that is not just stupid, it is appalling and unacceptably stupid.

My students complain to me about Canvas being down quite frequently.

My very first experience with UITS wasn't the best. I tried to get on a list-serv and made the mistake of emailing everyone on the list-serv instead. A UITS staff member made me feel like I should be embarrassed by this, but it's really not that big of a deal... Its happened so many times during my graduate career. No one cares. Everyone just deletes the email and moves on with their lives. Other than that, every experience I had with UITS was great. Recently I asked for help expanding my storage space on a WordPress blog I had to operate for an internship and the first person I worked with was unable to resolve the issue, but quickly put me in touch with someone who did. I was grateful for this assistance.










Not enough Linux support.
Exchange does not interface well with any of my devices.
Classrooms with only Macs or PCs available do not enhance the student experience.

not really

Once my phone couldn’t connect to IU secure, and I went to IU Memorial Union UITS. Two guys fixed my problem and were very friendly and helpful. I appreciated their service and support.

One.iu is not very user friendly, and it is difficult to find what you need outside the top few applications. A standard menu would be much more helpful, especially for finding required edocs and such.
Also, while Duo may increase security, it makes everyday access for research much more difficult, especially when phone service and sometimes internet in older buildings is lacking. Carrying a secondary device is not always practical or possible (for instance, when you have to repeatedly move through high magnetic field areas).

Overall great job. Computer labs - particularly IT 131 at the IUPUI - should have the most up to date hardware and software. Students rely on these centers to complete coursework. Thank you for listening to my suggestion.

Overall the service has been good. I am a distance student and have never been on campus. So my answers to anything on campus was "Not applicable".

Overall UITS staff have been helpful when I have had an issue. There is a significant delay in answering emails however. The main issue has been the change in email and the migration of emails from umail to Gmail at IU. This should not have been done during the school year and has caused significant issues.

Overall, I have only had really helpful interactions with UITS. Once in a while (really, very infrequent) it seems that responses are delayed when emailing someone directly.

Please have more/easier scanning capabilities in the music library!

Positive so far. I wish UITS can loosen the requirements a bit and give Admin access on PC to those who know what they are doing. IT pros like myself.

Pros: I believe UITS does a fantastic job with regards to IT services and provision of applications, etc.
Con: I have shared this before but it seems there has been no movement, as a grad student, we read a lot of articles provided by our instructors and are required to integrate this knowledge on an assignment and at a course level. Additionally, IU prides itself on social construction of knowledge and supportive pedagogy. Having to read electronic articles, then post to a discussion group to share, compare, confirm, and create new knowledge is very inefficient when you consider an existing eText and digital education content aggregator and collaborative learning tool used in other classes, Instructor-Courseload. I understand the business model associated with eText and Courseload and the fact that only courses with eTexts can use Courseload. That is very limiting from the perspective of creative a more affordable, efficient and effective learning environment for all. As grad students we would be able to interact more deeply with content and on a social plane if we were able to aggregate all of our readings, articles, and other digital content in a single platform so that we can connect various concepts, etc. from various sources, perhaps from previous semesters and resources and then work collaboratively to share and compare our knowledge. I think IUTS is missing a big opportunity to create a more affordable, efficient and effective learning environment, particularly for the online learners. As discussed in the past, I'm happy to discuss with UITS to provide use case requirements and needs from a student, instructional designer, and learning technologist perspective. John Falchi, 919.656.0343.
Additionally, UITS survey should consider the distance/online learner needs and evaluate satisfaction on an annual basis as well. Much of this survey is slanted toward on campus satisfaction.

Proviso: I do not know if UITS is responsible for the implementation of the two-step login feature on Canvas.
I fail to see the need for the two-step login on Canvas. If the feature is there at all, it should be optional. I feel that I should be able to hazard the security of the information that is accessible on Canvas by going without the feature. My interest in the confidentiality of the information is low and it is not clear what purpose the feature serves beyond that. The incentive for someone else to login to my Canvas account is next to non-existent as compared to the incentive someone else would have to login to a bank account for example, yet this security feature is similar to the process of logging into a bank account. The hindrance and delay the feature causes (e.g. in case one does not have an additional device on hand) clearly outweigh the security interest protected.

quick service in responding to IT issues

--Really appreciate the live chat feature.
--Feel that IUAnyware speed and accessibility has DRASTICALLY improved over past 10-12months, but could still use some improvement.
--AVAILABLE LAB FINDER TOOL -- Why is there not a map version!??!! This would be SO incredibly helpful!!
--I'm not sure if this falls under purveyance of this survey, as it was handled by SPHB IT:
My office computer was awful for 3.5 years until it was finally replaced last wk after multiple attempts at correcting the INCREDIBLY slow nature that will lock-up at least 1-2x/day. My productivity has absolutely skyrocketed since then. Not sure why this had to take so long, and was I continued to be told the computer should be fine. I surely lost the university hundreds of hours of productivity over this.

Recently, I had a terrible experience trying to find the files that I had saved while using Visual Studio via IUAnywhere over the Citrix Receiver. I'll spare most of the details but after spending over 15 minutes looking for and eventually finding the files, I still couldn't figure out how to locate them with the Assignment Upload browser in Canvas. I ended up moving them to Box, so I could upload them into Canvas. I'm a business analyst/user experience professional who understands how these things work from the front and back end... and my mind is still spinning trying to figure out what exactly is going on with the system. Yikes.

Right now I don't have any concerns with the UITS staff. The services that I have received have been satisfactory.


Services are good and always available. Good online support.

Setting up the DUO system was really smooth with the help of UITS staff

some computers are very old and non-efficient.

Steve Bryant has been of incredible help every time I needed help with something. On the other side, the DUO thing can be problematic if we don't have our phone with us.
Also, the class registration website and the many-questions procedure to be able to find classes and register is utterly bad. The class registration system can be greatly improved through the use of common sense and simplicity!

Student discounts, online programs, apps, updates and downloads, agreement with Dell, seemingly seamless operations, humming quietly away in the background, the amount of time, energy and effort the UITS team provides is only noticeable in the momentary flash of deflection deployed to distinguish any sparks from brief, cursory glances toward the impossibly invisible operations that can only be considered relative to the fact of seemingly seamless execution and delivery of critically useful support and services

support staff/help desks have been very helpful


The 2 step log-in process is extremely cumbersome and not at all practical for those who do wish to bring a personal electronic device with them every time they come to campus. Once when I was at the Wells library, my cell phone died and when I spoke with someone at UITS I was informed there was no possible way for me to log into my email, as the employee who could distribute log-in tokens had already left for the day. I found this extremely unacceptable; everyone should be able to log into their IU email account when at the library 24/7. If UITS needs to hire extra personnel to distribute these tokens, so be it; someone should be there around the clock if the two-step log-in process is going to continue.

The biggest change I would recommend would be integrating all the systems on one.iu so that there is no two-step authentication for each and every application separately.

The chat feature is really helpful, so I can access it wherever. KB is infuriating.

The class registration process could be easier. For example, when you are searching for classes and select a class to look at, all of your search criteria disappear and you have to start your search over.

The computers and printers in SPH (public Health) rarely work.
It is a well-known standing joke about how bad the computers work.
A lot students including myself go to the Union and walk back.

The devices I use at IU regularly cannot connect to IU's wireless. Coverage will drop out during class when I remain in a fixed location.

The dual authentication is well designed

The DUO system is obnoxious and means that I either have to carry a chintzy key fob around or make sure that I have my cell phone on my person. It's dumb. And who the hell thought that migrating all of the email accounts in the middle of the semester was a good idea?! It wasn't/isn't and has caused more trouble than necessary. It's like UITS has time on their hands to just make trouble for the rest of us assuming that we're all witless academics who'll think the technical troubles are our own fault. When Alumni Relations calls wanting my money, I'm going to tell them to take it out of UITS for all the minutes I've spent waiting for my DUO log-in to register so that I could teach class.

The main issues I have are the exchange outlook web app and duo login. The login system is a significant inconvenience and text often times does not appear when writing emails in exchange outlook on a mobile device.

The online interface is somewhat hard to access and confusing, especially to new students. More emphasis on teaching directed to new students (and teaching new procedures to students) would beneficial.

The only meeting I held with UITS did not fix my laptop, but this is because it was a very complex issue that took professionals a few tries. The students who helped my were all very kind and good at putting things in layman’s terms.

The optometry school was made to wait several weeks for an updated printer and I find that unacceptable.

The Plural website is not as hands-on as Lynda. Lynda was a much better platform and since we have to pay a portion anyway, it is too bad that platform was not subsidized for us and instead we have this one. I have paid and do not see the ROI yet. Having more expansions software covered in the lab that teaches SPSS (R, Tableau etc.) would be great and more material would be nice too.

The printing service is straight up terrible. Printers are either broken, out of ink or paper, or have network problems. I would guess that something was wrong with them almost 50% of the time I tried to use them over the past 2 years

The problem I encountered was usually resolved by visiting the consultation desk at the library. The trouble shooting over the phone was not very effective. I wondered if they had more limitation.
I hope the UITS staff working to check the computer stations at the libraries, residential and apartment computer labs clean the computers and the tables more regularly. And also please monitor the toner and paper supply.

The shift from umail to Gmail is confusing. I know have three IU emails and no information on how to integrate them.

The staff seem very nice. The technology is often confusing or poorly updated (especially in the case of websites and email). Why is there a separate server on outlook for staff and grads when the other service works better? It’s confusing and it’s not explained well in the graduate handbook.

The UITS service at Wells has always been helpful with any computer issues. As well as the individual who I spoke on the phone with at the beginning of last semester about pages I had printing that didn't actually get printed. The only negative experience I have had is with the consistently understocked printers in the Godfrey building and the fact that the UITS in the basement of the Godfrey building does not seem able to answer basic questions about IU technology or the printers.

The UITS staff has been helpful when I approached them on issues with dual sign-in and setting up my email account.
However, I’ve not been receiving all the emails in my IU email.

The UITS staff has been very supportive whenever I have any tech issues. UITS should elaborate more about job opportunities they have available.

The UITS Staff have repeatedly been helpful interacting with me.

The UITS staff in Kelley's Godfrey Center are pretty disappointing. The three times I've gone in there, the staff have never figured out my issue (even as simple as adding a shared mailbox to my Outlook app). I give them a chance every time, and every time I end up walking over to Wells Library - because the UITS team in Wells are amazing!

The UITS support staff has been awesome each time I have asked for assistance. My only concern is joining the IUSecure network from my laptop. Each time, my device will not connect unless I switch to attwifi. Only after connecting to attwifi can I successfully connect to IUSecure.
Once again, high praise goes to the UITS staff.

The Umail change has been very complicated and some emails still do not go to my new inbox- only the umail so I am left to check both. Additionally, I think there should be a better way to CAS authenticate on a phone. When logging in, the duo process is basically worthless when the duo request is on that phone.

The UTIS staff has been great in assisting with my computer problems and updates. Especially due to the fact that the computer used at my high school position requires their information to update and operate properly. They are able in a timely manner to assist and get me back to running without hindrance.

The various websites for getting help are often unclear or outdated.

The Wi-Fi is abysmally slow! It continually disrupts and impedes my ability to research. UPGRADE THE WIFI

There is no WIFI in the computer lab of Everman Apartment

They always do a great job and help whenever needed.

They are doing great support services.

They are great!

They are very fast. Last week my IU secure connection was blocked because of Kaspersky internet security and it was the second time. In the first time, I turned off the program but apparently, it did not stop working completely. Anyway, in the second time, I was not able to unblock my connection and I emailed UITS. They were very quick to respond and unblock my connection. Thanks again.

They have mostly been good. In my office we had our computers managed by EITS since the beginning of this school year, and the computers are no longer as stable or fast as they were before.
The cloud service on the computers in the student areas such as the libraries can be very flaky. They do not always work as expected.
The network does not seem particularly stable. It sometimes has a lot of trouble in areas with high load such as the IMU, School of Education first floor and basement, and Wells Library. It does not roam well. It cuts out when you move. It also cuts out randomly if you are not moving.
The people who offer support don't generally seem very knowledgeable. I had to ask them to reset IUAnyware for me, and it took them a long time to figure out how to do that. In my position at UITS, I do not have the ability to do these resets, and I need to ask someone else to do them for me.
When I have needed support for IUAnyware, it's been difficult to get the help I need. They typically need to escalate my requests and it takes a very long time to get things done.
In the center in the Wells Library 4th floor where prints are done, it is sometimes like a "boys club". They are there always hanging out. They are not always particularly helpful or knowledgeable.
The students self service website which is run on Oracle software is painful to use, and it is hard to find what you need.

They have quickly solved any problems I've had, so I am very happy with the UITS staff.

They sometimes make late response or take actions when it comes to IU printer issues.
The services at walk-in location were great, accurate, and helpful.

Things are ok. I don't use my desktop anymore though because it is always operating way too slow for me, and I barely have any files on there.

This is my second time starting this survey. The reason I did not fill it out the first time was because I thought that I do not really know anything about UITS. Now, that I looked it up, and I know that it supports our canvas, e-mails, I would say that my general experience was positive. The only problem with "Exchange" mail service is that it is not mobile friendly.
Overall, as I mentioned, I do not know much about UITS. I have seen the website, but being busy, I never make time to go thoroughly through it. One time, I remember looking through the website and noting that there were a lot of useful links in there, but I just don't have time.
If you ever can make workshops for students to give some training or just an information session, I would attend that provided my schedule allows for it.

This will be my only year here at IU. I attended Notre Dame as an undergraduate and they used Sakai. I like Canvas' platform. It is easy to use and works well for all of my classes. I would say it is a better platform than Sakai.
Overall, my experience with tech has been positive at IU.

Too many e-mail accounts. As a grad student, I have 3 IU e-mail accounts - exchange, umail, iu mail. Please help consolidate these into one g-mail account.

UITS staff are very responsive when they are called upon.

UITS has always been very helpful and accommodating to whatever problem I am having.

UITS has been awesome about fixing problems right away.

UITS has been very helpful during my first year at IU. I especially appreciate the chat room feature that is available. Software for Mac seems to be limited. Offering software such as InqScribe for qualitative research would be helpful.

UITS has been very helpful in trying to fix a software issue my computer is having. Unfortunately, they weren't able to figure out the problem, but they tried everything they could think of and I appreciated their persistence.
If IU Secure was more reliable on smartphones, that would be great.

UITS has been very helpful. One thing that I noticed happening with some of my classmates is that some of the emails they were supposed to receive from professors were sent to their exchange email and did not get automatically forwarded to their outlook email. Most of them are forwarded to the outlook however some are not which proves to be a very huge communication error. Also, the printer in the Optometry Building always seems to be breaking down, there should really be a phone number on the printer to allow us to communicate the problem to somebody since a lot of the students do not know who to contact about a non-working printer.

UITS is great all around, though maybe I'm biased because I used to be on staff ;)

UITS is hit or miss. Sometimes the person is spot-on knowing how to help, other times they seem to just google things (which I can do myself). In the latter case, someone miss-installed Outlook on my computer, resulting in emails not routing correctly, which was very frustrating. I think I made 4 trips to UITS over several weeks to get it all sorted out. I'm a grad student on assistantship, so I don't know if they treat "real staff" or faculty the same or differently.
Also, a couple times I've had very rude service, but I chalk it up to UITS people not being "people ."

UITS staff are always accessible - that's the greatest advantage I would say. However, help with Canvas is confusing sometimes

UITS staff are always friendly and helpful on our campus. With us being a small campus it does not seem efficient to contact the main UITS (up at IUPUI) and then it gets transferred to our campus.......

UITS staff do a great job!

UITS staff has always been available and helpful when I have experienced issues.

UITS staff has been very helpful in solving technology problems I have experienced. One suggestion I have for is having notifications for things like the Bursar bill (have a notification when there is a balance due).

UITS staff have always been very prompt and helpful when any IT needs come up for EHS. We appreciate their attentiveness and professionalism.

Very informative weekly emails; very friendly and available for in person questions/resolution of issues

Very knowledgeable. Overall, pleasant experiences with UITS staff.
I think there are issues for students with the Duo system. An additional email method should be added to authenticate login. Right now, if I lose my phone or my phone dies, I simply can't get access to anything school related.
IU Secure can have some spotty service.

Very positive experiences helping locate and resolve IUWare issues. Love the Karst supercomputer.

We need more printer stations around campus.

When I had a problem with my notebook, I solved it through IUTS staff very conveniently.

When my Adobe XD account didn't work they were very helpful and didn't give up until my problem was solved.

Whenever I have an issue with IU website or relevant device such as can's access to Canvas through my cell phone, they helped me so easily and fast.
Thus, it's really good services for students who are not friendly with electronic devices.

Whenever I have had problems with tech related issues I have always found the UITS staff to be prompt and helpful in their responses. The only issue I have is with a recurring problem I have had with accessing the system. Randomly, and more often than not, my computer will not let me access the ONE system due to some sort of feedback error. I have tried to follow all of the UITS ideas to fix it but nothing has worked thus far.

While I know that printers don't fall under UITS jurisdiction, the printers in the Godfrey Building really need to be serviced and fixed.
As for positive experiences - every time I visit, the staff is courteous and tries to be as helpful as possible.
Plotter printing has been hit or miss - seems like there was a lot of brain drain (due to turnover). Had to come back three times to get 1 thing printed & nothing really changed except the person on duty actually knew what to do.

Why would you switch the umail stuff in the middle of a semester? Why switch it at all? This was not well thought out.

Wi-Fi connections have intermittent disconnects and performance drops.

Wi-Fi signal is basement of HPER building is not reliable, coverage is not good and speeds are often slow.

Wi-Fi that reaches the campus grounds would be appreciated

Would be great if you could add solidworks in iu software catalog as well.

Would love more training sessions/more availability of training sessions for helpful generic programs for students and/or professionals. Webinars are always welcome as well. Seems like there are very specific ones now available that I didn't see in the fall with only Excel as a more generic option.
Also, it would be nice to have the ability to download necessary programs onto UITS provided computers to accomplish work tasks. I use OnBase for my job and have to go through IUAnyWare to get the appropriate version which can lose connection sometimes. I have not been able to figure out how to update the non-working version on the desktops to be able to utilize OnBase real-time instead of remotely.

You need to think about surveying the distant students differently from on campus students to keep your data correct.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

(Don't know if this is for UITS) But I wish that there was easier access to the Apple MAC computers. With very few being on campus, it is hard to find a place where I can go and use a MAC to do stuff for the media school.

1) is great.
2) Why is my email different than my email address and when will that be resolved?
3) The student center needs to be revamped so it's easier to use-- people do not like it.

1. UITS staff who check and clean the STCs need to shut up, turn down their LOUD radios, and respect the scholarly environment. 2. POST THE RULES IN THE STCS. IN BIG LETTERS. Most students are rude and act like they do not know to work quietly, keep cell phones off, use headphones, etc. Something official on the wall to point to would help. 3. When I have needed help most, UITS staff have REALLY let me down. One "helped" me download Microsoft Security Essentials, but did not check that an important setting was "on", so I got a ransomware virus. When the virus hit, I called UITS helpline and the consultant had never heard of ransomware, said it was probably just scareware, and gave me all the wrong advice. When I took my laptop in to talk with a consultant, they all acted like I was stupid and just needed to wipe the hard drive clean and start over--as if my lost files meant nothing to me. No thanks to them, I got my files back on my own and salvaged my laptop on my own (and found out most of what they blew at me was a bunch of hot air, to put it politely). There have been other issues, and with each one, when I turned to UITS, I got either "I don't know" or some guess out of left field. And they just didn't care. If they know the answer, they give it and help; if not, they are not interested in finding out or learning from a new problem, they just make up an answer and expect you to leave them alone so they can get to the next person in line, who might have a problem they know the answer to. I don't bother with UITS help any more. Recently, I did have a positive experience with UITS helping with a problem with an STC computer (headphone jack not working). 4. Many of the unchangeable settings on the STC computers infuriate me. Why is the headphone jack so damn hard to use??? Get rid of that Cortana. Quit shoving Edge down my throat. Etc., etc. Also, why get those touchscreens on monitors in STCs? They catch the light so much you can hardly see for the glare, and they only encourage everyone to touch the screen and leave NASTY fingerprints all over it--looking at those smudges while working at the computer is gross! 5. Printing from my laptop to an IU printer should be easier and not get hung up. 6. QUIT forcing the double-sided printing as default. I have repeatedly selected single-sided and it still comes out double. This is especially infuriating when printing in COLOR, which is expensive. I do not want my color photos printed back-to-back!!! Jeez.

A couple UITS staff members at Wells helped me to get rid of a virus on my computer. They were helpful and friendly, and I very much appreciated their assistance.

All interactions I have had with the UITS staff have all been positive.

All my interactions with UITS have been very positive.

All my online chats with UITS staff have gone well. Don't really like DUO, but I understand why it is important. Don't really understand the move to Color printing/plotter printing kind of expensive.

All of the experiences I have had with UITS staff have been positive and helpful according to the circumstance.

All of the websites and modules are user friendly. I find Duo Mobile to be excessive.

All UITS Staff have been pretty friendly and helpful. Getting onto the Wi-Fi can be kind of a pain sometimes, though. As for the dual authentication, I support it, however it relies solely on having your phone on and with you all day. For days when your phone dies on campus you are somewhat screwed. I would suggest adding an option to send an identification code to a third party email.

Although I have not personally spoken to UITS staff, my roommate has and they were very helpful with any questions we had at the beginning of the year.

Although my problem ended up being an issue with the Wi-Fi in the building I was in, UITS was helpful. They guided me through several ways to try to fix the issue that I thought was on my laptop.

Although the staff of UITS has always been kind and courteous, the services themselves leave a lot to be desired. I have never had a technology problem solved by UITS, the mobile printing might as well not work, and there are times when I cannot access my Canvas or university email for two days or more because of this absolutely asinine duo mobile log in.

Always helpful when used.

Always helpful. Nothing but good experiences.

Always positive and helpful! Website is also easy to navigate to solve common problems!

Always quick and friendly.

Anytime I have ever need IT support, UITS has always been available and very helpful.

At least some sort of hardware assistance, consultation, or even better repair would go a long way to bettering UITS. In addition the printing accounts seem to always be problematic.

At the very beginning of my freshman year it was overwhelming trying to download everything, but now that everything is running it is fine.

Automatic connection to IUDeviceNet is unnecessary.

Ballantine Hall has issues connecting to wireless internet.

Better Wi-Fi

Better Wi-Fi on campus would be helpful.

Concerning staff or other members of UITS I've had relatively easy and good experiences with them if I've had to call about a concern or problem. A couple still existing concerns I have would be regarding the ease of access to the correct departments or services I need for my specific issue. Once I find the right person it's relatively simple to solve the problem at hand but sometimes finding the right person is difficult. Also, I'm not completely positive if the two step login is because of UITS but I'm not a fan of it at all. I would understand if we had to go through that on new devices one time only or if our account information changed, however, every single time logging in having to do it is a tremendous pain. I believe it should be a customizable feature on the if student or staffs part to decide what level of security they prefer.

Do not have any recommendations, I had called UITS staff about software installs before and they have been very helpful. No negative interactions.

Duo is impractical(not to mention annoying) it means that if my phone dies I can’t do anything, including graded in class activities.

Duo is very inconvenient, especially when you lose/ break your phone.

Duo log in is not good.

Duo log in is very inconvenient.

DUO log-in can be prohibitive, especially when using IPhone; the delicate screens are easy to break, and can be an inconvenience if you don't have your phone available to log in.

Duo Login has hindered my ability to complete academic and administrative tasks on multiple occasions.

Duo login has not been a valuable addition for IU students. I went to study abroad, had no functioning phone, and could not access my IU accounts. Then when I tried to contact UITS (mind you, there is now a 6 hour time difference), I could not contact UITS either because I have to be logged into my IU account. Very frustrating, and very unnecessary. I understand that it was used to secure student workers' accounts but there should be a different way of making this work because it is not efficient for students who are not always centrally located on IU's campus.

DUO log-in is the literal worst idea IU has ever had.

Duo Login needs to be continuously updated. It’s not seamless yet. I would like to advocate that teachers allow students to use materials online. Our printing quota is not enough. The Wi-Fi in many buildings is terrible. Definitely need more bandwidth.

DUO two-step authentication was the worst thing you've ever done. I've put up with UITS nonsense since oncourse was in use back in 2009 and this move was by far the least popular thing I've had to deal with.

During move in, the UITS staff were instrumental in setting up the electronics my roommate and I could not figure out.

Each time I have needed help from UITS staff I have felt welcomed and respected. Technology is not my forte and they are always understanding and not condescending.

Email switching and not all of my emails transferring over correctly.

Every time I go to UITS, the staff always help me. The Wi-Fi on campus can be terrible at times.

Every time I had an issue UITS resolved it for me.

Everyone in the UITS department seems friendly and helpful. As for the technological concerns/issues, all of the Wi-Fi in the dorms seem to be a problem. I am mainly talking about the Teter Quadrangle. I have to stand on only one side of my room in a corner if I am on a call with someone. As for the downstairs area of the dorms, service is always lost, and the Wi-Fi connection is terrible. I have a class in the LLC classroom, but I can never access the internet for projects and pulling up documents they ask us for in class. I recommend updating the Wi-Fi and maybe putting in a few new routers.

Everyone is doing such a good job providing help and answering questions professionally.

Everything seems to always be running very well and I have always been given help when asking for it.

Everything went very well when I was working with UITS, I was VERY impressed.

Excellent teacher with a ton of knowledge. Very respectable man. Some times difficult to understand assignments, however.

Faster Wi-Fi would be wonderful. Doesn't work well in Jordan Hall.

Few days ago I was writing a big paper all night at Wells Library, and the power of the entire Wells Library building suddenly went out. I understand it is not the UITS's fault, but because the computer was shut down, I lost all my work and was not able to get it back when the power came back on. I wish UITS would figure this issue so that it does not happen again in the future.

For college email box, I think it changed too many times.

For some reason not all dorm rooms are equipped with an Ethernet cord for computers, forcing the student to go through a long process of trying to get one. I would hope in the future that Ethernets are always in the dorms on campus so no person is forced to work around the inability to use their own computers.


Freshman year the UITS helped answer a question I had regarding application BOX.

Generally I did not have any problems with UITS and I believe it is a great service so far.


Get rid of duo mobile or add a "remember me for 6 decades" option when you log in with it.

Get rid of DUO.

Get rid of the DUO Login system for students. Keep in place for staff.

Getting crimson card was very fast and painless

Good online tutorials and help, makes it easy to solve problems. Wish you would've done the email transfer over summer because a lot of people lost their emails and files. Have a good experience every time I go to the desk in the library although the wait is sometimes long.

Good program

great job

Had a pretty serious problem with my computer, I really couldn’t use it. They helped me find a solution I really didn’t know about, where I had to re-install my operating system but kept all my files. It was a life saved.
The recent Umail-Gmail migration was a headache. I don’t know if UITS were the ones initiating it, but whoever did should have given more information before hand. That being said UITS helped me after the fact figure out what to do.

Have a more accessible and knowledgeable UITS team. As a Teaching Assistant I have had several good interactions with the UITS staff in SPEA and Wells, however there were a couple of times that the staff could not help with the projector or computer. It seemed like there should be a simple solution, but we had to go on with the class without the technology.

Have helped with getting back into email and connected to IU Secure. DUO is stupid and takes more time than what is needed. Changing our emails during spring break was stupid, especially for the seniors still on campus that are leaving in May.

Have only used UITS once but it was super convenient and helpful

Help with technology, lending tools at the library, good service. No negative feedback.

Helpful in the library concerning printing.

I realize that IU's Wi-Fi would sometimes cut off for a second and come back a second later. It's not really a big deal. But since sometimes I would play video games, and the internet cutting off would cause the lag in the game, which is something kind of frustrating.

Hire employees that have a firm grasp of technological skills, and some interpersonal skills.

Honestly I do not have any recommendations or concerns about the UITS staff. I have had a couple of really positive interactions with the staff and each time each UITS staff member has been extremely helpful and cooperative. Especially when for one of my classes, K201, I had to install windows on my Mac and the UITS staff member was helpful.

Honestly, all of my experiences with the IT have been wonderful. I have no complaints.

I absolutely hate the duo login

I always am in and out in less than an hour.

I always seem to experience issues with my laptop and connecting to the Wells' printers and every single time I need help, someone very kind from Tech services is able to help me and fix my issue!

I am a computer checker for UITS. I love everything UITS does for our campus, and how quickly they help all of us with technology issues. The biggest issue I have is when Wi-Fi cuts out, particularly in the middle of an important (time constrained) quiz or project. I understand how big our campus is, and how many issues you have to deal with. Personally, I think connectivity is one of the most important issues to combat, because most other services can't be used without reliable connectivity. YES there are physical workstations available in labs etc., but no one wants to use them; our laptops are our lifelines!

I am completely happy with the staff. Questions are answered and I am happy.

I am currently a junior and during my freshman year I had UITS set up my laptop so that I was able to print directly from there. But first semester junior year I was having problems being able to print so I went back to UITS for help and they were unable to not only fix the problem but they created more issues for my computer. Upon creating these issues they were unable to fix them due to not being able to know how.

I am currently in a study abroad in Dublin, Ireland so I had trouble with Duo when traveling and UITS was extremely helpful in getting me settled in.

I am fairly unsatisfied with the printers around campus. There have been a lot of instances in the past year where I have been in a hurry to print an assignment or something regarding class, but the printers in the area have been broken. There have been times where I go to 4 or 5 printers and none of them work. It's very frustrating when the printers aren't working.

I am pleased with UITS services.

I am quite satisfied with it as of right now.

I appreciated all the help I got from the worker I talked to on the phone, very helpful.

I appreciated being able to contact chat for help with locating a file. I would have found it eventually, but it really helped to have someone calm looking for it in order to find it more quickly.
Like everyone, I get vexed when Canvas doesn't behave as I expect and it affects my grade.
Do you know how hard it is to type a long passphrase, let alone remember it?

I believe that they do a great job overall. The only critique I have is that I did not feel they were personable enough.

I believe that you should take away the two step duo login system. It is very complicated because things like phones can break all the time. This is a place where our school work is located so we should have easy access to it.

I called recently about the new email system. Very nice and explained well. Still haven't gotten my migration email yet so I can't set it up on my phone or laptop which is frustrating. We need more printers around campus. One in Swain would be really nice. The closest one on the south side that I know of is in Jordan hall. Maybe make an app with a map of all the printers and put it on one.iu or hand them out at the beginning of the year. Also duostep has been a little frustrating at times. For example I got a new phone and it was difficult to find out how to add a new phone and how to get in without my phone. I also went overseas over winter break and didn't have any reception for duo to call me, I didn't have the push notification set up, and I needed to get in my email but was unable to and had to talk to someone for almost an hour trying to get in and it was really frustrating. Maybe you could send something out like a week long code or something so people don't have to go through that. We almost missed out tour because our tickets were on my email.

I can not even begin to display my contempt for the duo authentication system. All duo does is limit your own accessibility to your accounts and waste time. I am absolutely certain if you sent a quick survey regarding how pleased the general community is with Duo, 80% responses would be negative.


I contacted the UITS staff while thanksgiving break, and they responded very quickly, even still provided services in the library.

I didn't have trouble finding technology services on campus.

I do not enjoy having to answer a phone call every time I log into my account.

I do not have extensive experience with UITS services or staff, so I don't feel as though I have any recommendations, concerns, etc. at this time!

I do not have much to comment. Duo login is extremely frustrating especially if I do not have access to my cell phone.

I do not like IU duo

I don’t have any concerns. The only times I interacted with UITS staff was when the sound wouldn’t work on my laptop which was quickly fixed by restarting it.

I don’t like IU Secure. I tried to get help on the phone from UITS one time and not only did they make me feel dumb, but it took a long time and no conclusion was reached.

I don't have any complaints, but I do wish there was an app on the website that allowed users to figure out where the nearest printer is. This would come in handy when looking for a close printer if the one you usually use, or the only one you know about is out of paper or out of order.

I don't have any negative experiences, everything is good!

I don't have Wi-Fi in some classrooms or in the lobby of the wells library. can be frustrating cause the recommended apps are never the ones I need and you can't click links right away (rapid link error). The student center site is very dated looking and not very intuitive.

I don't understand the use of the new email thing.

I don't understand why the email had to be switched in the middle of the semester. There was no real explanation given regarding the time frame. Now that I have converted, can you change the Umail link on your homepage to Gmail. I have that as my homepage because the links are convenient, but now the Umail link is not useful.
The on-campus printers sometimes leave lines or dots on my paper.

I don't understand why the Umail->Gmail upgrade had to be done mid semester. This upgrade disrupted my group work saved in drive and was a pain to deal with. The upgrade is nonsensical to me, and if it needed to be done I wish it had been done at another time when I'm not in the middle of multiple group projects that are now unfindable due to the upgrade.

I feel like updates spring up out of nowhere with no warning. Updating UMail was fine, but I wish I had seen more about it rather than just getting an email or two.

I feel that UITS should have a larger presence on campus. The campus needs more UITS support centers.

I felt there wasn't enough information given about the Umail migration.

I find that a lot of students complain about the new duo login. I believe it would be beneficial if the school were to send out an email explaining the importance of the dup login.

I found that many people don't know IU mobile printer page. It is a useful website and UITS should tell more students about it.

I had a positive experience and a negative experience. The positive experience the staff was friendly. Another experience I had the staff was very rude and made me cry. A lot. On my birthday.

I had a positive experience when I last went to UITS. My duo was acting up and the guy I met with explained the entire app and how we can edit out setting..etc.... I left actually knowing something new.

I had a pretty good experience with UITS at the Wells Library. My Print Center wasn't working for a certain document. I tried printing it many times before asking for help. The staff was friendly and supportive. He didn't rush through my issue; instead he treated me with respect and attention. It was reassuring to have someone knowledgeable helping me.

I had an interaction with a UITS help desk employee that I felt was rather condescending--as if I didn't know how to use my own computer. I have always has positive experiences with the online chat, though.

I had an issue with my computer my sophomore year, and I just could not get my computer to work. I went to UITS to address the problem, and although I stayed there for about two hours, the man who helped me was really patient and we got my computer situation figured out. I have nothing bad to say about UITS. I think that there should be more bilingual workers for those whose first language is not English, it would be beneficial.

I had an issue with my print quota dispersing, but I was able to resolve it with the help of the UITS staff in Wells Library. It was definitely inconvenient to have the issue, but they were really helpful in resolving it. The most consistent issue I have is my iPhone disconnecting from the IU Secure Wi-Fi network. I am properly signed in and almost always in an area with good connectivity, but it often just disconnects itself. I have not talked to any UITS staff about this issue, I mostly just deal with it myself.

I had Chet spend several hours with me, trying to figure out what was going on with my laptop.

I had help from someone in regard to my canvas/duo connection and they were very helpful and walked me through every step. They were patient and didn’t rush me. I was very happy. My only recommendation would be to have a printer in every building. Also, I’m not sure where to have found it but a map detailing where you can find the printers and such.

I had issues downloading the Adobe Suite for a class and the UITS representative that helped me was very professional and supportive.

I had some confusion with the recent Umail to Gmail email transfer so I contacted the UITS staff and they were extremely kind and helpful. They helped me troubleshoot the issue and we were able to figure it out within an hour.

I had the pleasure of working with one support center staff member in particular, his name was Chet Wonsik. He was very respectful, patient, and did not mind explaining issues fully. I cannot speak highly enough of him.

I had to call UITS once and the person on the phone was extremely patient and resourceful. I appreciated his help greatly.

I have always been impressed. I receive help whenever I find myself dealing with an issue.

I have always had a positive experience using UITS services and I think that the UITS services offer us an easy way to access all of the necessary technology that we need. One positive experience with the UITS staff that I had was at Wells Library. Earlier in the day I had broken my phone and I could not use the screen and thus, I could not log into canvas or my email or anything because I could not access Duo Mobile. As a result, I went to Wells Library and the UITS staff was able to set me up with a token in under five minutes and they were super helpful and informative throughout the entire experience.

I have always had a positive experience. The staff has always been

I have always had good experiences with uits. When a problem has been encountered they always been extremely helpful.

I have always had positive experiences with UITS staff and services.

I have always had positive experiences with UITS. They are always willing to help with any questions that I have.

I have always had positive UITS experiences.

I have always had very good interactions with the uits staff. Everyone is always very helpful.

I have been at IU for 5 years, and UITS Has made strides in the time that I have been here.
I understand why the Umail to had to happen, but why did it have to happen mid semester. Also if I want to see an old email I have to go and look in my Umail, rather than the, which is very frustrating particularly because ever since the switch I cannot log into the Umail on my phone. The focus on UX is new and I like that A LOT, Keep up the good work I know people give UITS a hard time, that is just because EVERYTHING technological on campus has to go through UITS and that can makes you guys the ''cause" of a lot of peoples frustrations, but the network connectivity of IU Secure is AMAZING and has been for many years. and as I said above the recent shift to having UX be at the same importance as functionality has completely changed my opinion of IU online services. And finally I know/care more than the average joe so take that into account when calculating my responses. Thank you for all that UITS does for each and every of us ungrateful students.

I have been having trouble with my email vs my Gmail. Some of my emails do not go through.

I have been helped with computer and Xbox problems on and around IUPUI and IU Bloomington.

I have been satisfied with the UITS staff and services.

I have been to the library UITS services several times with computer issues. The people there were always helpful and I left with my issue solved. I am always very impressed and know that I can count on them. Work on your gender balance though, aye?
Also, I was irked that the only version of Microsoft easily available was the 360 version, which is a subscription and requires internet connect occasionally. As a student who traveled abroad for an extended time in extremely spotty and censored internet (China), this would have been extremely frustrating and at times impossible to use. Also, you are not putting your students first by giving them software that they will have to continue to pay for after graduation.

I have been using a Chromebook for classes and such. While there have been some hiccups with the certifications for logging on to IU secure, the IT team was able to resolve the issues. Very pleased about how they worked diligently until they figured the issue out.

I have called UITS many times and every time has been very satisfactory. During the first week of school the call line seems particularly busy so maybe increase employees on phones for that time.

I have contacted UITS twice, once for a computer problem and once for a problem with the email update. When I called about the computer problem, I was told that my computer was not fixable. However, the computer became operational again after bringing it in to Best Buy. The email issue was resolved, but only after the solution presented by UITS failed. This second instance, however, did not allow much time for UITS to respond to my second email once the first solution did not work, as I was able to resolve it myself. They were always, however, very professional and quick to respond to my questions as best they could.

I have difficulty with the DUO Login. I use the text message feature to obtain a code and over half the time I don't receive a message and have to wait to log in for a long time.

I have encountered problems with IT at IU and have basically had to solve everything myself despite contacting UITS.
Also I have vision problems and was offered NO visions services other than printing of my books by DSS. I still had to pay for on-line books I could not read and was offered no advanced technologies. I was forced to withdraw from classes due to an inability to read the materials and do on-line assignments which I was not supposed to do per my doctor but had to do because there was no alternative.

I have friends who work for UITS, so I know it’s just a bunch of kids hired to pretend like they know how to fix computers. I don’t take my tech questions to UITS.

I have gone to the UITS staff once for help with my personal laptop and they were very helpful and fixed the issue quickly. I have had no negative interactions.
My recommendation would be to advertise the services more so more students are aware of what UITS offers. Also the printers and computers on campus are extremely slow and unreliable.

I have gone to UITS a handful of times and each time they helped with resolving my issues.

I have gone to UITS for help with printing and with Duo, and everyone was very helpful. I did not have to wait too long either.

I have gotten an influx of spam emails ever since the switching of emails from to -- not sure what the purpose of switching emails/adding emails was since I still use my old account and I just get emails fed through the newly created one

I have had a few of the UITS people be kind of rude when I was explaining my problem to them. I am not the best with technology and I understand that they are very skilled but sometimes I got the impression that they thought I was stupid for not being able to fix what they may feel what a "simple" issue on my own.

I have had a mostly positive experience with the technology. However, the mobile.print.iu has been performing awful ever since the new Gmail @ iu has been in place. I cannot use the print center half the time, and that is my only way to print. I think there should be a way that works all the time and is reliable, because I have a document that says "processing..." as I type this.

I have had all positive experiences.

I have had excellent experiences with the UITS staff. I haven't needed help too much, but UITS has always been able to solve my problems.

I have had generally positive UITS experiences during my first 3 years as an undergraduate at IU. For me, technology is probably less central to my academic work than for students in many other disciplines, but overall, technology infrastructure/services at IU have supported my academic endeavors. I have personally had very few interactions with UITS staff, as I have not experienced many serious technology-related issues during my time here.

I have had great experiences with UITS in terms of personal laptop and software needs. However, I have not had much satisfaction when it comes to dealing with maintenance of campus systems. For example, when a call to report several broken printers in my building, I notice that they are still broken two weeks later. On a follow up call, I learned that no one had been by to look at them. It has been over a month and a half and many of these printers have yet to be fixed/looked at.

I have had great interactions with the staff when I had problems. Such as my google drive not working properly. They sat with me for a good while trouble shooting for the solution. I also had Wi-Fi connection issues and they were helpful and efficient as well. I also liked how it was open extremely late so I did not feel helpless if an issue arose while at the library.

I have had many positive experiences with UITS staff and find their services to always be incredibly helpful. However, I am concerned about the upcoming changes coming to umail and am confused as to why this is happening, specifically why it's happening abruptly in the middle of the semester. I do not have any recommendations for new services!

I have had no direct interaction with UITS.

I have had nothing but positive experiences with UITS staff helping me find solutions to my problems.

I have had nothing but positive experiences! Any aid I have needed for various technology issues that have happened with me has been given promptly and with integrity.

I have had numerous positive experiences with UITS, especially the staff at Wells. They have helped me with many simple tasks such as printing multiple PowerPoint slides on a page and with more difficult guidance like how to

I have had only good experiences, with patient and helpful staff.

I have had positive experiences as they helped me do the two step login.
A negative experience though was when I had a printing question, and they just told me they didn't know and kind of left me with no clear answer.

I have had positive experiences reaching and getting my questions answered by UITS staff.

I have had positive experiences with UITS staff. They helped me prepare for studying abroad (downloading IU's vpn, getting a token for duo login).

I have had positive experiences with UITS they always follow up with me and make sure my questions are answered.

I have had positive experiences with UITS. Any time I have a question I go into the library and they help me out!

I have had positive experiences with UITS. They are quick to help professors and help students. They make things clear and simple.

I have had problems with connection on my laptop among other things.

I have had to call UITS several times for computer/technology issues and they have always been very helpful.

I have had very positive interactions with UITS staff. In fact, just today someone helped me get an access code so I could use the duo mobile app on my phone again.

I have heard a lot of great things from friends about UITS.

I have heard negative things. Friends say that when they need help UITS is there but not always effective.

I had issues with two step login & the one who assisted me did a great job! He is effective & works really fast.

I have limited interactions with UITS but found them to be very helpful when I did contact them.

I have never actually communicated with UITS staff or services before filling out this survey. Services meaning things that have me directly contacting UITS representatives rather than using a passive service UITS maintains.

I have never had a problem with tech here at IU.

I have no concerns as of right now. I had some login trouble my Junior year of college and they helped me through it.

I have no thoughts or recommendations.


I have not had any issues with UITS, the only thing I have a problem with is using duo-mobile for every part of one.iu. I think it should only be used for sensitive information.

I have not had any negative experiences with UITS staff that I can prove. I have had limited customer service experience with the UITS staff, yet all interactions were positive. However, in regards to services, I have experienced slight issues with system functionality. Firstly, I have experienced difficulties with Umail security in regards to passwords being changed without my knowledge. Secondly, I have experienced relatively long wait times when attempting to log on to UITS desktops at various locations on campus. These locations include mainly Ballantine Hall, but also Jordan Hall and the Chemistry building. Lastly, I have had issues logging on to campus websites such as Canvas and Umail due to DUO authentication services being that I only have one device to approve access (via DUO) and the device is not reliable at all.
Moreover, I recognize that there are an immense number of IU users that attempt to log on to UITS desktops and this may be the reason for long wait times, however, if there is any way to improve on log-in wait time it would be greatly appreciated campus wide. Likewise, if there are any other authentication services or options through DUO which would allow me to access these cites reliably while still maintaining security, it would be of great help. Perhaps you could run authentication services through an alternative website to which we can access and log in to via IUTS desktops with an alternative password in order to approve authentication requests that allow access to websites such as Canvas and Umail. This way all users would need is the IUTS desktop and their passwords as compared to unreliable cell phones to authenticate.

I have not had any personal experience with UITS but I have heard great things and that the help centers are very helpful. My usage with online tech services provided by UITS such as internet, one.iu, etc. has been satisfactory for the most part. Sometimes my phone has trouble connecting to the network on campus but overall, it's fine.

I have not had much interaction with UITS people. The only few times I had was when they were tabling. They were very kind each time and I got a free t-shirt one time.

I have not needed to interact with any UITS staff but all UITS services I have used (IUWare, VPN, and campus Wi-Fi) have worked perfectly! If I had to make one suggestion it would be to design a new look for the Student Self Service. I understand functionality comes first, but the design of Student Self Service looks very dated and could use a little refresh. Thanks for all you guys do!

I have not really had any negative experiences with UITS or anything like that. Whenever I've needed help, they were always able to assist me.

I have only been there once, but all the staff were very welcoming, willing to help, and able to assist whatever needed to be done.

I have only ever had positive experiences with UITS staff and services. From getting me set up with my computer when I studied abroad to computer problems to just general questions. I have no complaints.

I have only ever had positive experiences with UITS. Each person on staff is extremely kind and helpful.

I have only had a problem a few times logging onto the computer in the lobby of read. Some kind of service error I think had occurred.

I have only had one interaction with UITS staff and it was to help connect to the Wi-Fi with my computer. They were very helpful and solved my problem promptly. The only thing I would recommend would be to have more staff in the library, there always seems to be a large line at the help desk.

I have only had positive experiences with UITS.

I have only had positive experiences with UITS. They have helped me with problems that I have had on the computer or printers for the past 4 years. I appreciate their help so much. I don't think I have any new recommendations for improvement because all of the employees are very smart and know most answers to the questions I have asked.

I have only interacted with UITS about 4-5 times, and have had both positive and negative interactions. My interactions via the phone with "Jacob L" were amazing. He was very helpful and patient and even though he couldn't figure out my issue, he directed me to someone who could. Also the help desk in Wells have been somewhat good. When I came in for a Microsoft issue they were very helpful but when I came in for my duo, it felt very rushed and when I had accidentally set up my duo wrong on my own it seemed like the assurance was frustrated with me. Lastly, my online chat with "Justin C" was less than helpful. He did everything he could but at the end of the day told me to keep trying the same thing until it worked. I ended up just calling and getting help.

I have seen several situations in which the computers are just failing to work properly. In both Ballantine and Collins LLC there have been several instances where the computers do not log in or it takes 10 minutes or longer to log in. Additionally, the switch to mobile print has been confusing, many people still do not understand how to print in color from there. I also do presentations for campus in classrooms across campus and the inconsistency with how to utilize the technology has been very frustrating. In once case (in Briscoe) we could not work it all. UITS student staff are always friendly and helpful.

I have seen UITS staff a few time to fix issues with my duo login and computer. I have had positive experience each time and never had to wait for very long.

I have two complaints. One thing is that if I make google ID with IU account, I cannot log-in on YouTube. I wish that IU account can be interlocked with YouTube also. Another one is Student Center. I wish that it can be more flexible to use.
Except for these things, I am satisfied with UITS.

I have used IUTS in Wells to remove a virus from my laptop. Additionally, I called their support number last year when I lived in Union Street apartments when the main printer did not work. Always helpful on campus!
When I studied abroad though, I did not have my US phone number/SIM card and got locked out of my IU account for DuoLogin. I recommend getting a button before going abroad.

I have used this service many times and they are always very helpful and efficient.

I haven't had any interactions with them.

I haven't had any negative interactions with workers.

I haven't had any technological issues so far so I haven't gone to UITS, but my friends have and they've all gotten their issues solved quickly or been directed to someone else that can help (e.g. Apple store) so I think the UITS overall is very helpful and nice that it is 24/7

I haven't had many interactions with the UITS staff but I have heard good things about them from my friends. The one time I have used it was to download Microsoft Access and it was very helpful. I do not have any suggestions for UITS.

I haven't had much interaction with UITS but overall it has been positive and they have been helpful.
I understand that technology is fickle, but I often have basic trouble with the printers. Particularly that they run out of paper and you have to call someone to come fill it, instead of having paper nearby.

I just chatted with Amy C. and she helped me solve my problem quickly and efficiently. I always find quick and quality help every time I interact with UITS.

I kept getting locked out of my account last semester because of something on my laptop using an invalid password and I got great help every time I called to get it unlocked.

I like hits a lot no concerns at all.

I like most of the everyday services UITS offers, and I haven't had any problems with them yet.

I like that I can call UITS from my dorm to be guided through help over the phone.
I also, think that the small computer labs/print areas need to double in size for residence halls, I have waited an hour before I was able to get on a computer when mine was broken.
There could also be a better internet connection across campus. The trails surrounding the south east side of Ballantine Hall have nearly no internet connection. The dorm halls (Spruce) struggles with Wi-Fi connections at times too.
Lastly, the DUO Login is a feature that seems to have caused much more trouble than benefit. The two step duo feature has been a pain in the rear to many students and staff, myself included. In the fall semester, my phone had been stolen and I had to wait 4 days for a new phone. Without having a phone to approve the login, I was unable to log-in into my Canvas, and therefore I could not submit assignments or access files from my professors, which induced severe panic and stress.

I like that I can now book rooms online for the SPEA Library. I wished that Canvas sites were more standardized, but that has more to do with the teachers than UITS. I would like to be able to integrate calendars more easily

I like the tech help services at the library. Its very quick and convenient

I love that there is access to Sibelius, and it is a huge help for me in both personal artistic endeavors as well as completing homework for my music theory class. But I wish that there were more licenses available at any one time, or that music software could be accessed at the workstations in dorm buildings the same way that dorms have music practice rooms.
The services I use the most are email, Sibelius, and BOX.

I love that we get a printing allotment as students every semester. There are a decent amount of UTIS employees around campus as well and they are usually very helpful. I also love that I can print from my laptop! It saves me a lot of time, but I wish it was easier to set up.

I love the Knowledge Base website. So helpful

I love the UITS is available over the phone and can connect to your computer to help you solve problems in the most efficient way possible.

I love UITS—they gave me advice about my cell phone when it was acting weird and helped me learn how to print freshman year!

I needed help installing Adobe onto my laptop and the guy was able to do it within a few minutes.

I needed help with the printers, and they helped me download a software that has made my printing experience so much easier

I often sit at the IU Peer Coaches table in the Wells Library Learning Commons. During my time there, I notice many of the interactions between the staff and those needing assistance. Most of the time, the staff are very helpful and explain the situation clearly and to the best of their ability. On several occasions though, I have noticed certain staff members being curt with visitors and acting very superior due to their technological knowledge. Sometimes these situations are accompanied by the phrase "That's just the way it works," with no further explanation or attempt at consolation. From experience in customer service, this can make many visitors feel unappreciated, stupid, or that they are a bother. This should not be the goal of customer service representatives and I feel that it needs addressed occasionally.

I often use UITS computers to open up pdf files. The default setting of pdf is not adobe acrobat right now. This was changed last time they had a major update or maintenance. Please make sure you make it adobe acrobat each time you update the system. I hated going through the process of asking me to reset default pdf software every time I open a pdf file.

I once contacted UITS and I never got a response from them, I emailed them because my internet kept dipping during a game but they never got back to me. Also, Duo Two step hinders more than it helps and I wish that it wasn't required

I once had a UITS employee help me with a printer. He was very polite.

I only have only had one encounter with UITS staff in person, but I have used the online chat service many times. The UITS staff is always very helpful and friendly. Unfortunately, when I needed to have Windows downloaded onto my Mac UITS could not be of too much help. However, overall my experience with UITS has been very positive.

I personally have not used these services, however I have heard from other peers that have used it that it is very time consuming.

I personally like the duo log-in method, it is very secure and that is something I value.

I really don't think DUO has done anything to increase security within students, or teachers. I think there needs to be a new way to verify our identities when accessing sensitive information that doesn't require our smartphones, which hinders a lot of people and takes a lot of extra time.

I really have no problems with any of the technology with the exception of the two-step login. I know for myself, as well as others, that it gets a bit bothersome to have to wait to be texted or called every time we want to login to something. I understand trying to keep our information more secure but maybe there is a different approach or system that can be looked into?

I really like IUWare and One.IU. Both are very easy to use and work nicely. The search bar in one.iu is awesome. Online support is really awesome as well
I wish Student Center wouldn't time out so quickly.

I received great support from UITS in Wells Library when I had problems with my computer.

I recently went to UITS for help with an email issue, and the staff was very polite and helped as best they could.

I think Duo may be the most asinine thing ever and that alone makes me have an unfavorable opinion of UITS

I think I get a very positive experience with UITS when they help me out in shifting my email to Gmail. The response from the live chat is very convenient and efficient.

I think it might be helpful to have a better knowledge base for website design for personal accounts and organization accounts

I think it’s pretty good.

I think that changing the email system in the middle of the semester was an unorganized idea. Every interaction I have had with UITS employees has been very well though.

I think that Duo Step is a waste of time and energy. If I'm in class trying to get on my email and phones are not aloud, how am I supposed to get on canvas or email or anything IU related if I haven't done so already for the day?

I think that SPEA could use improved access to printers by having a printer on the second floor.

I think that the new email update is rather confusing and I would need more help understanding what I need to be doing. The email and links are somewhat confusing.

I think that the School of Global Studies needs a printer. I also believe that the switch to Gmail was not fluid enough.

I think that there need to be more seating with outlets in the media school building(franklin hall). It seems like every time I go in there aren’t enough seats that have outlets. And for being a game design major I kind of need an outlet to work. I know we have a game design area but I much rather do work with all of the commotion and the tv noise in the background

I think that they are able to really understand students’ needs, being students themselves, and that is really beneficial as it makes the process quicker and more efficient. No complaints!

I think that the Wi-Fi system here at IU is awful. It moves very slow and goes in and out constantly. Nonetheless, the UITS staff has been very helpful whenever I have called having trouble.

I think that UITS should allow devices such as the google home, Alexa, and other comparable products to be used on the IU Secure Wi-Fi in dorms and other housing around campus.

I think the UITS are awesome and always available and quick to respond.

I think there should be a service for using IUanyware, I have struggled with renewing software such as Adobe products.

I think UITS does a great job. I would like better Wi-Fi in some areas, like the basement of the Union or the stacks in Wells. I also think that there should be an undergraduate printer in SGIS.

I think you're doing great

I thought they did great! I often visit the library in search of help to download software from IUware or use printing services as well as small tips to make work easier on my computer. Canvas has been a little unresponsive and slow lately and it is unfortunate if you forget your phone at home and cannot login to One.iu.

I understand that the new transition to using Gmail might be a better and easier approach for email to incoming freshmen, but why would the university decide to make this transition 2 months before graduation? I now have to contact each and every employer I’ve applied to and explain to them that I have a new email address that was not on my resume and may have missed an email that they may or may not have sent.

I used the online chat before and this was helpful as they sent me a link to a resource that I used to resolve my problem.
I was aware of the Umail migration, but I think we should have been more informed about the steps to take to move everything (such as Google Drive) before it happened. I had a lot of classmates in panic because they had upcoming assignments that they could not reach immediately.

I used the online chatting help thing and it was super easy, the person was very nice and I was very happy

I waited for over an hour to try to get Wi-Fi help and no one helped me so I left.

I want to be able to register a device for duo log in so I do not have to confirm my identity on my personal laptop every day. I get agitated by having to sign into duo multiple times a day.

I want to get rid of duo login! It’s such a horrible inconvenience to my life, and complicated already complicated student life.

I was disappointed with how UITS handled a website problem with a student organization I'm in. We could not access our own website, and UITS personnel kept insisting we had made mistakes when the issue turned out to be a technical change that far too many UITS staff were unaware of. Other than that one experience, I have been happy with UITS.

I was having issues with my Microsoft license and someone was able to remotely take over my computer and fix the problem for me. Very cool!

I was having problem connecting my laptop to the college website, so I call the IITS services and they helped me. They were very nice even when I didn’t understand them and made mistakes.

I was helped with printer issues on my laptop.

I was suffered by my old laptop at my house Campus View. I made couple calls to UITS. They were helping me several times to solve my internet problems just like for their family. So I always think of positive when I think of UITS. Thank you.

I went to the IMU at the beginning of the year to learn how to download all of the office software and the man was very nice who helped me.

I went to UITS after the umail integration and the two guys who helped me were very friendly and showed me how to fix the problems I was having.

I will suggest that labs stay open longer then 12 because students have classes for most the day and have very little time to complete homework with in the time frame of the computer labs closing time.

I wish the email switch hadn't happened four weeks before I graduated, I think a summer break would have been a better switch. I also didn't like the switch to office 365 which doesn't let me keep office after I graduate.

I wish the move from umail to google at IU was a bit clearer. I still was confused about accessing my personal items after the move.

I wish there were smaller UITS offices all across campus instead of larger hubs like the one in Wells. It would be nice to be able to get help in any building as opposed to having to make a special trip somewhere.

I work in Assembly Hall and the wireless is always a chore. IU's Device net is the default, but even when the Hall is empty, it runs unspeakably slow and never wants to load images. Also, as the reluctant 'computer expert' to my parents, retired faculty using IU systems, yeeeeholygod please keep the library catalogs and search function consistent. It's hard for them to find which search bar to use and which hyperlinks to click. I've had some issues trying to register for classes, and the support staff have always been fantastic when I call, including several times I had no idea what username, password, or ID number to use. Even during high volume hours they've been amazing.

I worked at UITS for a short time and the managerial staff was very professional and friendly! I honestly feel that the system that is currently in place is great and the walk-up option for technology support is great.

I would like there to be more advertising for the services provided by UITS because I didn't know that there were so many things offered and I would be interested in using some of them.

I’ve had to drive my roommate in the rain to a far away location for her shift, try to let people pick their location more and let them stay there every week instead of rotate! More of a solid schedule

I'm a UITS employee and am very pleased with the services and support resources we provide. However, it still surprises how little students are aware of these services. I'm not sure if orientation has changed at all since I was a freshman, but I believe there should be a separate section that explains to students what technology is offered to them and how they can utilize it. I know we have some presence at orientation but I don't think it is enough. Maybe at the beginning of the year a UITS consultant can give a presentation at the dorms so freshman can be fully aware of our great services.

I'm just annoyed by DUO

I'm unsure why you would have an email transfer take place in the middle of the school year. Why not wait until the summer when students aren't using their emails and then you do not have to transfer seniors stuff and freshmen never even see the old email system.

I'm very frustrated with the email change. I had several issues with transferring my google docs and I have an eportfolio through google sites that I can no longer access. As a student, I don't have time for all of this. Why wasn't umail just phased out like imail? You should have just given a new address to the incoming freshman. I have only one more semester of classes at IU and I had to go through all of this trouble that disorganized everything. There was nothing wrong with umail on the student side of things. This was a completely unnecessary process for me that just made everything LESS accessible and more difficult.

In the four years I have been here UITS has been great. Anytime I have needed assistance there was always someone more than willing to help at the library. The websites are organized and everything is pretty straight forward. However, I have never been more upset than I am currently with the switch to the new email. As a graduating senior applying for jobs, this has been the biggest hassle and inconvenience

In the future, I think that new services should not be implemented during the school year. For example, switching over emails in the middle of the school year has caused me many issues, with receiving messages, google docs, and other things. In the future, changes should be made during breaks, not at a time that interferes with students schoolwork.

In the library they are very helpful with printing and other issues

In the past, I have had issues connecting to the school Wi-Fi because I have a Chromebook, but the UITS staff was on top of it. It may have taken longer than I thought but I understand not everyone has a Chromebook. I was constantly given attention by them so I knew someone was there to help me and they were all great and patient with the situation.

Including students interested in similar fields? (if that is not being done already)

Internet tends to be very slow in certain areas and certain times.

Issue a token for logging into canvas to everyone. As I know many people have been stuck with a dead phone and no charger at critical times.
Also, I would suggest considering a better software for the printer services, as there seems to be many bugs in the current system. Specifically with the database deleting files I've uploaded to print and with the mobile print incorrectly reading certain PDF files.

It has been pretty good so far

It has been sufficient

It is frustrating when UITS cannot help at all if a problem I have relates to a class project. I was once turned away from UITS when I was asking for help downloading a program needed for my intro to computer science class. I don't think that is fair, especially since I just wanted to know if the program was even compatible with Dell laptops (as all the examples were for Macs) or if I was wasting my time.

It is stupid to switch systems in the middle of the semester. I lost all my old emails, passwords, information, and most importantly I lost all my google docs for the year. This is extremely annoying for us students. The 2- step login is also annoying because if you do not have your phone on your or if it isn't working properly then it is impossible to do anything.

It is very inconvenient that Wi-Fi is very spotty throughout campus outside of buildings.

It seems like UITS staff doesn't know what they are doing most of the time. I got logged out of all of my IU associated accounts (Wi-Fi, one.iu, etc.), which is obviously a serious problem. That being said, they didn't have a solution for me at UITS that I couldn't attempt myself. What ended up happening is it just started working again within an hour. However, issues like this should also not be occurring in the first place.

It was great.

It would be nice if IU secure were available in every IU apartment building, rather than an Ethernet port and having to bring a router to school.

It would be nice if the duo login could be disabled on our personal devices, like my phone and laptop, and only be necessary on public devices.

It would be nice to have printer paper available at residence halls for staff to reload paper when services aren’t available in the evenings.

it’s been great!

It's an easy access and I haven't had many problems.

It's so hard to find the right people to fix the right things. I have contacted multiple people about the printer in Ballantine's 2nd floor computer lab and keep getting redirected.

IU secure constantly drops connection on android phones across campus

I've been pretty happy with the technology services here at IU. The programs that are offered are very helpful, such as Adobe Premiere. The university computers almost always seem to be in good condition. The website is helpful and easy to use. The only complaint I would have is that there is no way to receive notifications for my IU email on my phone.

I've had a great experience using the production lab and equipment.

I've had great experiences with UITS, but I wish that sometimes the staff would be a little nicer when interacting with me.

I've had great experiences with UITS. Each member that I have conversed with have been very professional and helpful, even if they were unable to resolve my issue.

I've had positive experiences regarding UITS staff with as they have assisted me with printing posters, helping me download Bootcamp on my MacBook, and also with downloading Adobe Creative Cloud when I was having trouble with all of those things.

I've had positive interactions with UITS staff- they've all been very helpful in answering any of my IT concerns.

I've had several very good interactions with UITS staff for academic projects and IUSA initiatives.

I've never actually had any experiences with UITS staff/services.. don't even know what it is to be honest.

I've never had any negative experiences in interacting with UITS. I think UITS is great at how they handle everything right now.

I've never had to go to a UITS help center or had experience with an actual staff member, but the IUanyWare is very slow and glitchy. I've had to just use IUware instead. The student center could be more attractive and accessible. The text is very small and there isn't much guidance of how to operate the system.

I've never interacted with UTIS staff. I love the availability of software and tutorials. The one.iu system is great, but the DUO login can become tedious. I like the idea of extra protection but the frequency at which you have to confirm your login is annoying. I like the switch from Umail too its much more convenient to use the email on mobile devices.

I've never had any problems with it. I really appreciate the widespread availability of Wi-Fi and the one time I had to ask for help the lady I talked to was super nice. Also when I had to download Microsoft word the instructions were basically foolproof which was great

I've only had positive experiences with UITS staff.
I don't like Duo -- it's inconvenient and I don't think that, given appropriate precautions, the security it offers is worth the trouble.
I want to use Office and Office Mobile on my Windows 10 computers but I don't want to sign into my IU Microsoft account on them because that seems to somehow change my system settings. I don't want arbitrary policies I didn't choose or approve being executed on my computers.
My apartment housing only has a 10 megabit connection, which is fine, but feels low considering the capacity of the IU network.

I've only needed help from UITS a couple of times throughout my time here at IU but they were very helpful, thorough, and resolved all of my issues in a timely manner.

I've only used UITS services a few times. The UITS employees that work at Wells are very knowledgeable and helpful.

I've received help in the library for multiple issues and was satisfied.

kaltura will not work on my computer because I cannot get cookies to unblock after numerous attempts; the Wi-Fi is terrible on campus at times, mostly on my smartphone though not computer; two step login is terribly confusing for me - I cannot connect to the app bc I do not know the code and cannot find it, when I select push message it often does not send a message to my phone, and when it calls sometimes it wont register that I answered and pressed the key, multiple problems with it

Last year, I had a repeating issue with the LAN in my dorm. After a few visits, they were able to fix the issue for me. Each staff member that had helped was very nice and helpful.

Lots of services are very convenient.

Love being able to call and use share screen feature. They have been very helpful. A chat option (like apple has) could be another good idea.

Love UITS, I can always count on them to fix my tech issues.

Main concern is about Duo. I believe it is a resounding opinion across campus that having to sign in via Duo is a pain in the rear. Personally, I find that it has routine glitches, and I hear similar stories from friends. I understand that it is important for security reasons, and I appreciate that, but it's also a hassle. If my phone runs out of power, I can't access important class info that is urgent. I would like to see that the Duo sign-in is completely erased, but the benefits may outweigh the problems.

Maybe incorporate UITS changes into lectures or discussions--I know that's hard to do as professors are autonomous and have their own things to cover, but I feel like it's hard for at-risk students to keep up with all these technological changes. Oh, also a printer in SGIS!

Mobile print never works

More immediate printer assistance would be great

Most services on the One IU program are very easy to access and use. However, trying to add classes on Canvas can be sometimes troubling.

My best experiences with UITS workers have come from the libraries where they have offered help. Having UITS workers in every library on campus would be very helpful.

My emails that I’ve deleted sometimes reappear from the previous mouth so I have go through and delete them all which is annoying and time consuming. I really like that umail switched to Gmail overall because now I have docs, emails, PowerPoints etc. I a. place where they are all compatible and can be opened and edited using apps as well as any computer with internet connections.

My experience with UITS has always been top notch. Whether it be a personally computer issue or something wrong with classroom technology, the problem has been resolved.

My experience with UITS has been overall very helpful. Whenever I had a computer problem at the library, someone was almost always available to help me. Something that I think could be greatly improved is the reliability on library printers. Too often, they are not working, not properly connecting the computers (particularly the iMacs on the 3rd floor of the Music Library).

My experience with UITS is very positive. I was trying to print at the Jordan Hall printer and it was out of paper or there was a paper jam (I can't remember) but I called the UITS number to assist me and they came in a timely manner and I was able to print my paper. I also needed help while I was using one the computers and I wasn't sure how to do it myself so one of the staff came over and helped me figure it out. I also like that a lot of the staff are my peers!

My freshman year, I needed to set up my fire stick and I met with someone really helpful.

My only concern is the issue regarding all campus computers remaining on 24hrs a day. It's a huge waste of energy and money to be running all computers in the middle of the night.

My only concern is with duo system. I don't always have phone service and I'd prefer more/alternative ways to access IU systems.

My only experience with UITS was 2 years ago. The staff came to my room at Teter and helped me set up the Wi-Fi for my PlayStation. They were very friendly and fast.

My particular computer issue was extremely frustrating and I was amazed with the patience that the UITS staff had while correcting the issue-- which took a few hours, to no fault of their own. I am so incredibly thankful for their services!

My phone was stolen so I couldn't receive duo notifications, and I'm studying abroad. It's difficult to call UITS while abroad, and I had to spend 40 minutes on the phone with them to get it worked out (I had to pay for 40 minutes of international minutes). It should not take that long to verify my identity and add a new device.

My previous experiences with UITS have been dealt with extremely quickly and the people working were very efficient.

My roommate had a positive interaction with the UITS department at the beginning of the year when we were trying to figure out how to connect a PlayStation to the internet. They were friendly, patient, and helpful.


















Need to make it more clear on how to print form personal computers

Never had services with technology staff, but I really don't like the duo log in. I've never been worried about someone stealing my school information. Plus, in areas of campus with bad connection sometimes the login won't send the text codes/notifications to my phone and then I end up not being able to access my own account!




No comments everything has been fine

No concerns

No issues or concerns. I haven't really needed the UITS staff.

No issues, Duo and the conversion from umail to Gmail were bothersome at first but transitioned smoothly. Can we get a good app though? I've had to use IU mobile for the last three years and I would rather have a new and improved app before having to do two-step verification before I log in to my one.iu account every time.

no negative interactions to report in my time at IU

No recommendations




None that I can think of.


None. My only concern is the past few days I've had issues with the new Google IU mail accounts on my mobile app where old messages are showing first and new ones cannot be seen unless I deliberately search for them. Other than that, no problems.

Not a fan of Duo; I think it should be optional for students. Also, I don't think IU email should have made the switch in the middle of the semester -- it would have been better to do it over the summer so the seniors didn't have to worry about it.

Not a fan of needing to sign in through Duo while I try to signing to canvas on my computer at home.

Not all mail goes through my new account. Changing emails in the middle of a semester is negatively affecting communication with my advisor. In addition, Canvas has made it more difficult to communicate with professors because some prefer email or messaging and there is no consistency. I pay too much money to be unable to communicate with my advisor and professors.

Not everyone knows what they're talking about. Some days that I call asking for help, the consultant can help right away. Other days, I spend way too long talking to someone just for them to not help me.

Nothing comes to mind.

Often, my problems are eventually resolved.
Oh, yes. I have several negative experiences but here’s the worst: In May 2017 or over the summer, the passwords for two of my club accounts were reset by UITS without warning (I was President of one VP of the other). The club presidents were never contacted, nor the staff advisors (the account “owner”) and there was no notice about it in either account’s inbox when I finally gained control. Over the course of a week, I had to interact with 4 different UITS representatives of varying status because they continually directed me to the wrong person. When I actually reached the person I was supposed to, they had me jump through increasingly inane hoops of UITS red tape that the representative also improperly explained twice. After having both staff advisors send extremely particular emails to a UITS rep giving me permission to change the club passwords on their behalf (because, for some reason, UITS doesn’t recognize the actual club officers as account owners), the rep informed me that I had to schedule an appointment at a particular location so they could inform the staff there I would be coming in and they could be provided with all my documentation ahead of time. I went to this “appointment” only to discover that the staff there had no idea I was coming and had no interest in checking the backup documentation I had brought with me. Based solely upon my appearance and without any semblance of interest in following your procedures, In the staff member let me change both passwords, saying own “I can usually just tell who’s done everything they need to [to get approval]”. Thus, not only are the policies poorly written and explained, but enforcement is circumspect at best (I say this both of the staff member manning the service desk and of the UITS rep who insisted I needed an appointment but failed to inform the desk). I have refused to interact with UITS since this incident, as I know I will have less pain struggling with technology than with your policies and your people.
I would recommend actually serving, for one, but beyond that I beg you to consider the negative impact that changes like Duo authentication and switching to a Gmail system in the middle of a school semester have on you customer base. Both have been extremely negative experiences for myself and other students. While I imagine Duo is something you were requested to implement by the University (versus an internal initiative) your handling of the crossover to a Gmail system was as poorly timed as possible. Perhaps in the future, start the change during a break like summer when students don’t have a need to communicate with classmates or professors. Because of your ill-timed change, I was isolated from classmates I needed to complete a group project with. I know others who experienced similar difficulties.
TLDR Realize that you are supposed serve the technological needs of *others* more so than yourselves. Your lack of customer-orientated service has had an unquestionable negative impact on my coursework and my experience at IU.

One day I was having my phone repaired and was unable to log into any of my stuff because of duo. There should be a way to get temporary access.

One negative experience I have had with UITS is for the past two-three weeks the internet on my floor (floor 4, Briscoe) has hardly been working and people have come multiple times to fix the situation but nothing has improved. They have been very respondent to my RA's emails though so that is a good sign.

One of my recommendation concerning serves, is that you guys increase the amount computers in a building. Some older buildings don't have computer labs or printer, making some people having to travel to another building to get computer services.

One positive aspect of UITS is that even if they don't know the solution to your problem, they still work diligently to find some sort of fix. If they cant help at all, they give information on what else you can do to seek help.

One time I had a really hard time learning how to print something, and I had someone in Wells, I think his name was Hayden did a great job explaining it to me.

One.iu has so many apps. I have no idea which does what and not being arranged by campus automatically is annoying.

Only positive experiences.

Overall great experience with UITS services. The mid semester email integration was a hassle and the new IGPS and class registration system is horrible.

Overall I think UITS is very helpful and I have no further recommendations at this time.

Overall my experience with UITS has been positive. I believe one area of improvement for UITS is communication, I've had a few issues that have been elevated to another team, only to learn that the issue can't be resolved because of a policy requirement.

Overall satisfied

Overall the IT in the school works well. I've found the biggest or most common problems being with the projectors in classrooms, specifically the device next to the computer.

Overall, I am mostly satisfied with the UITS services. However, the main concern I have is in relation to the plotters available to me, specifically the plotter in Kirkwood Hall. We have had many issues with it and many have requested support to get it fixed, but it has yet to be fixed. Without the plotter, we are limited in what we do in our studio.

Overall, I appreciate UITS staff being there for us all the time, and we can trust UITS to solve our problems. I hope the staff can be more friendly and down-to-the-earth.

Overall, I have been surprisingly satisfied with my few UITS experiences. It's a little bit intimidating to ask for help, especially when you don't know exactly how to phrase questions and/ or when you're out of your element (i.e. working with technology in my case). I have been struck by generally how kind and competent the UITS employees are who I have worked with.

Overall, I have had a good experience with UITS. During times in which professors or students had trouble with technology in the classroom, a UITS personnel member would always assist in the issue in a timely manner. UITS also has a very comprehensive and understandable website as well as resources that allow students and faculty to solve technological difficulties. One component that could potentially be improved upon, however, is the number of UITS staff available in campus buildings. For example, perhaps there should be a higher number of UITS personnel in certain buildings with large numbers of computers, such as the Kelley School of Business and SPEA.

Overall, I have had positive experiences with UITs.

Overall, I have had very positive experiences with the UITS staff. They always have given me insightful answers to my questions.

Overall, I think that the tech here at Bloomington is great. One issue that I have is that the printers in the Wright Education Building library are absolutely awful. They are constantly running out of paper, not printing in color, or not able to print anything at all. I wish that they were the same printers as any other building on campus.

Overall, I would say I've had positive experiences with UITS. They've handled all of my stupid questions very kindly, as well as have been quickly accessible and ready to help with anything. Last semester, when I had to get my apartment connected to IU Secure at Evermann, I couldn't get anyone to come out for 2 weeks into the semester. I knew this was no one's fault, but I was frustrated. But when someone from UITS came out, it was the most friendly and awesome interaction! I don't remember his name, but he definitely shaped my overall view of UITS to a positive one. As far as technology goes, I would say that I have been somewhat frustrated with Duo Login. While I appreciate its purpose quite a bit, especially as a former RPS employee, it has been such a hassle. Registration was easy enough, but what bothers me is that I need my phone everywhere I go. I like leaving it at home so that I can focus better in class, since I have had a hard time managing my mental health issues. But because of needing to access Canvas and other IU pages all the time, I feel the need to have my phone on me at all times. Also, I'm studying abroad this semester, and although my token works fine, it's overall frustrating. Maybe I'm just being petty. However, I am overall very happy with how IU's online technology runs.

Overall, not much downtime with Canvas and other services.

Overall, UITS has been doing pretty well. I enjoy how easy it is to set up and print to any printer from my laptop, and the UITS labs are convenient on campus. However, I've had a lot of trouble with the switch to Gmail at IU especially with the massive file dumps in my inbox during the transition and being unable to access any IU emails on my phone after the switch. Duo is also a hassle, but UITS staff have been very helpful in making login with it much easier and also helping me with any Wi-Fi issues or problems accessing the IU server.

Personally I feel like idk what all you guys have to offer students. Needs to be advertised more

Please ensure that all printers work all of the time. Students NEED working printers.

Please kill student center and resurrect it as something that doesn't look and act like something from 2004. It is the worst aspect of any IT service that I have used at IU, and yet it is probably the most used behind canvas and email for me. It blows my mind that this website still exists, and how it has not been a priority for a revamp.

Please no more Duo, sometimes you have to log in during class with a professor that doesn't allow phones, then what are you supposed to do? Or if your phone dies?

Positive experiences with online chat and email about technology issues, negative experiences with printers (they are always out of paper, printing streaks, or say they are offline and won't print)

Positive- very professional and helpful staff. Negative- changing the e-mail system during the semester instead of afterwards.

Positive: 24 hour services, UITS staff always willing to help

positive: adequate help with setting up campus printing and connecting my laptop to the IU printer network

Printers are often out of paper, and Wi-Fi has had some minor outages

Printers break frequently and always seem to take a long time to be fixed. UITS walk in services are generally very helpful though.

printing from a laptop/phone is a little complicated and took me a while to figure out, it could be good to have an explanation for myprintcenter in one of the emails sent to students
the Wi-Fi network is a bit spotty at best, and will frequently disconnect especially when moving between buildings or being in the north campus

Printing is annoying

really sweet staff. always helped me.
However the internet connectivity sucks. even if you're outside Hodge hall like literally right outside there's no internet.

Recently my IPhone was malfunctioning and I took it to UITS for their opinion and help and had great result. They also helped me get into duo while my phone was not working. Great service!

One more thing...REMOVE DUO

Response to questions has been fast and effective. My biggest problem is that printing is so spotty. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, and I just wish it was more reliable.
For new services, I wish UITS offered Finale music notation software for download! It's the industry standard and I have no idea why it is not offered for download like other music notation software (like Sibelius).

So far in my time here at IU when I have run into any technical problems either with my own device or one of the schools devices I have had no problems in either contacting UITS. The people there are very helpful and patient and have no problem walking you through a process to make sure it is done properly and that it goes smoothly. Overall I rate the services very highly.

Some of the positive experiences I've had with the UITS staff and services are they are ALWAYS available when I have some sort of issue with either printing, my computer, or have a question concerning my account. I have never met any of the staff members that weren't nice and understanding and solved my problems immediately.
One of the issues I had a few weeks ago was the new transition to the google iu e-mail and leaving umail behind. I was worried that I was falling behind or didn't complete the transition properly. The staff made sure to curve my nerves and explain to me the whole procedure. I think overall there is nothing I'd recommend for the department other than to continue doing a great job. I am highly satisfied.

Sometimes I can’t connect to the iu WiFi’s in class it simply won’t let me join them. Also, the duo mobile login is kind of tedious and can be frustrating at times.

Staff has been helpful.
Think twice before switching emails during the semester. Lost my google drive and all my emails I needed for reports and projects because it was during midterms. More logical and convenient to switch over during the summer when students aren't reliant on their emails.

Staff is always very helpful. A few things to mention though, Two

Staff is very helpful. Another alternative to DUO would be nice, especially for checking email. There are some spots around IUB that have really bad Wi-Fi connectivity (i.e. Campus View Apartments).

Student center is/has been terrible for a long time now. It's awful to navigate and horribly designed, it should be the first focus that gets fixed.

The 2 step factor authentication should be faster.

The 24/7 UITS customer service support has helped me on multiple occasions.

The chat function is very helpful when getting assistance. I would add clarifications to the knowledge base pages that say “this is what was being done and this is how it is now.” For example, I was attempting to find the access code for creative cloud and found web pages from IU saying I needed the code, but after using the chat function, the uits staff member explained I just needed my IU login info. This could have easily been stated on the webpage about creative cloud at IU, but instead it took an hour of trying to find the access code before reaching out to the chat portal.

The computers on campus take far too long to log into.

The computers take a while to load, and while I know that is a big issue to fix, it is very inconvenient. The stand up computers in Forrest almost always screw up. The point of those computers is to be quick, but when you log in the computers either go slow and never fully load to allow you to log in or the screens start messing up. Only one of those computers works for me now. Canvas duo login also does not call me in certain places, such as Jordan hall, so I am not able to do work or follow lectures when I need to. I'm not even sure that is an UITS issue, but it's is also a great inconvenience.

The connection on this campus is horrid. It's sad because I live in the dorms, and one would think the Wi-Fi would work, but no. It disconnects all the time and causes numerous problems for me and many other students!

The current switch over to the new email system sucks. I can't get "push" requests through my emails email which makes sharing Google docs, PowerPoints, etc. more difficult. We have to manually copy and paste the link in emails now.

The Duo Mobile and having to receive a phone call or text is a waste of time and has caused many inconveniences to students.

The Duo system is broken and ineffective.

The email switch was very confusing since it happened in the middle of the semester. I read all the emails before but still felt I wasn't sure what was going to happen or what was going on. Mine transferred much later than all my classmates and when it did I was missing many google Docs. It should have been done over the summer or during Christmas break.

The few times I have directly contacted UITS, they were very helpful and did help me solve whatever problem. The couple times I went directly to UITS at the library for assistance, they were helpful as well. The only problem I have (and this may not even be a UITS problem) is the Wi-Fi is often subpar and it could take up to 5 minutes to connect from my laptop. Sometimes the Wi-Fi is so bad that I have to turn it off and on, and IU Secure does not even show up as an option.

The few times that I have interacted with UITS I have found them to be very helpful and if they did not know the answer to something they would find someone that did.

The interaction that I had with the UITS staff was very helpful. They fixed my computer super fast and the guy that helped me was really nice.

The interface for Box is not great--Google Docs is much easier to use, and in many cases, I have been frustrated with the lag associated with editing files in Box. Additionally, looking at folders of many files (i.e. photos) is difficult because they are shown on separate pages that have to be clicked through.

The internet is so bad in most of the building and my phone is not connected to IU secure internet

The IT staff at the library has always been very helpful

The IU Mobile app could be improved. A lot of the time I try to use the app it just freezes and never works. Especially now after the umail upgrade.

The IU mobile app needs some updating it rarely loads quickly and crashes often.

The knowledge base has been a lifesaver for me - generally I can diagnose the problem I'm experiencing but don't know how to fix it. Almost every time there is an answer on the knowledge base. Thank you all so much!

The one experience I had with UITS was very positive. Over Thanksgiving Break, I needed to work on a project for my C104 class. On Thanksgiving Night, I contacted UITS via the online messenger and got a response that answered all my questions immediately. I was very impressed. Recently, however, I have often been using the printer in the Teter Computer Lab for, obviously, printing purposes, and often the printer displays a message that it needs to be serviced and that a number must be contacted. I am aware it is UITS' job to fix the printers and it just seemed that the printer has been down more times than not lately. Other than that, I have had positive experiences with UITS as a whole.

The one time I needed UITS this year it took them about 3 weeks to actually send somebody out here to fix the issue. The issue was that 3 floors in my dorm building were having no internet at all. The first group of people that was sent tried to tell us that it was because a cell tower was giving off a stronger signal than the Wi-Fi (does not explain why the Wi-Fi was not connecting to our laptops nor how hardwiring didn't fix anything). It then took UITS another week to send another group of guys out that actually knew what they were doing and fixed the issue for everybody. Recommendations I would have would be to not talk to the students as if we were infants. We all have a general idea of how computers and internet works, so feeding us a bunch of b.s. lines is just irritating. Also a bit faster service would be fantastic, going about a month with no internet in college is a bit of hassle and challenge.

The one time I used UTIS, they were helpful but I felt the access was not enough and as easy to get to. Now since it feels that we HAVE to rely on technology to get most of our academic work done, and staying on campus 24/7 to use campus technology is not an option, so I feel like if we are to give us students access to technical help, it should be fast efficient and almost instantly fixable if there is a situation where a student does not have access to technology.

The One.IU app for iPhones is not very mobile-friendly.

The only issue I had with UITS was when I was first at IU and had problems because I was given so many emails and needed to combine them all. They were very helpful and we got the issue resolved quickly.

The only issues I’ve had is with programs, never with staff. For example, Duo makes me have it call my phone every single time I need to log in, or the IU secure network becomes extremely slow and unusable

The only service I have regularly used is the internet. I daily have issues with the internet. Often, I will be connected to the internet, but my webpages will not load due to "no internet connection". I understand that the internet spans the whole campus and don't expect perfect connection or high loading speeds. However, I am very disappointed that I am unable to do homework or inhibited from doing homework because of the lack of internet. I am paying to live on campus and am not allowed to have my own router because of this. But the internet I am paying for does not fulfill my needs.

The only thing wrong with the IT services is that the printers often break down and that really hurts when you are on a tight deadline.

The only time I had to use UITS was when I switched phones and my DUO account did not transfer, other than that I have not had many problems I can't find an answer to.

The primary experiences I have had is through the library. I think the library is great with technology. I am always able to find a computer when I need one and am able to print things when I need to.

The printing system around campus is usually great, however, there are printers such as the printer in Briscoe computer lab that has not printed properly for months and months. Wish these printers could get fixed.

The recent mail merger was inconvenient. For a period of about 12 hours, I didn't receive any emails from my umail account. After realizing this, I checked my umail and found the TIME SENSITIVE information that was not transferred.

The SIS interface is old and more cumbersome than IU services.
It would be cool if Webserve users or their departmental IT advisors/staff were able to edit (or systematically request changes to) domain/subdomain document root routing as well as routing for externally-hosted domains.

The student center could make registering for classes a lot easier. It is difficult to navigate and hard to look classes up by anything other than their specific number. It makes the registration process much more complicated than it needs to be

The student center is still poorly designed.

The Student Center SIS is very obsolete and not user-friendly.

The stuff you do is good, the staff is good. But...... we are busy, like everyone else... Try to make it easier. Ex. Duo login was hard to set up, the email switch was easy.

The switch away from umail 1 month before I’m graduating is so inconvenient

The tech centers on campus really helped me when I got logged out of duo, but it like to see them trained more on their own facilities. When I needed a scanner and asked the dude working the desk for help he said they didn't have any. When I walked in the computer room there were 3.

The tech place is always willing to help. I do believe two-step log in could be managed better. It is always freezing up on my computer and phone and takes too long to get into canvas. It needs to be eliminated and there needs to be a more efficient way to log into our canvas accounts.

The tech support in Wells library is always great
Campus Wi-Fi could be improved interns of speed and range (it's time to get fibre)
I would have more charging stations around camps like there is at the IMU
Some services don't gel well with Mac (like pages and keynote) - if I make a Keynote I should be able to connect my mac to a desktop and project it in a classroom. (Be more Apple friendly)

The transition to Gmail at IU has been harrowing. It has made accessing email incredibly difficult, and my google drive has yet to be transferred.

The two most important issues I have are the printers and IU DUO log in. Firstly the printers are incredibly unreliable and I have taken to exclusively using the IU Mobile Print because 9 times out of 10 the university desktop I log into to print something is not connected to the printer and I cannot figure out how to get a document to print to the desired printer. Secondly IU DUO log in has not been a great experience. It constantly has issues with trying to log into an IU website from my phone because I have to go to the DUO app and back which causes issues in the steps of the log in and thus cannot use those websites or IU apps. As well the risk of not being able to log into IU websites I need from my perspective, far outweighs the security it may add. Phones and email are not fool-proof and so many students run into the inability to log into IU due to their phone being dead or broken, or their email not working. It has caused more inconvenience than anything else to those using it.

The UITS is great at fixing things on laptops and are very quick
We should get rid of 2 step log in

The UITS staff at Wells Library help desk is always SO helpful and knowledgeable. I have never had a bad experience.

The UITS staff has been very friendly and had a fairly quick response time. I was overall happy with my experience.

The UITS staff have helped me numerous times with technological problems I've had with my laptop and have been very friendly.

The UITS staff in the library are always very helpful.
The Wi-Fi has improved greatly over the past two years.

The UITS staff is always willing to help me with my problems. I often have troubles with the computers/printing at Wells Library and the staff are very helpful.

The UITS staff is extremely helpful. My biggest issue is usually with how Canvas is running or the two step log-in. Another severe issue I had was scheduling my classes with the new scheduler this year. It was super frustrating and hard to use and for certain functions I would have to log out log back in and hit refresh for new classes to appear. I hated scheduling this year, it took at least three times as long as usual (and I'm not slow with this).

The UITS staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. They always help me whenever I have an issue with my computer.

The UITS staff is very helpful. I have many friends who work in the department and also the people in the union computer lab are always helpful. The only improvement I could ask for is that sometimes the Wi-Fi is spotty on campus. I always have a dead zone in the center of the union food court and also in the chemistry building. If we could improve the Wi-Fi extension to every part of campus it would be greatly appreciated.

The UITS staff I've worked with were all very kind and quick to problem solve.

The UITS staff once cleared a virus from my computer within minutes, it was great!

The UITS staff was able to help with resetting and rebooting my computer when there were some problems with a botted host. They were really helpful as they walked me through every single step.
There haven't really been any concerns or negative interactions that I've had with the UITS staff. Sometimes when I need to print off materials for class, it takes a really long time to log in for some computers, especially at the printing station in Ballantine Hall. It sometimes forces me to not print what I need for the class or end up being late to class. It would be nice if this could be resolved.
I'm not all too sure about what services that the UITS staff provides, so I don't think I'm equipped to answer this question.

The Umail mail migration seemed very disorganized but I applaud the UITS employees for working hard to solve everyone's problems.

The Umail switch has been kind of inconvenient.

The Umail transition should have waited until summer--emails were getting lost in the switch over, and it's made life difficult.
UITS staff have been amazing for me, spending a great deal of time helping me troubleshoot nearly all of my problems--very kind and patient staff.

The wait times are far too long, when walking in to have an issue fixed. Professors are not compromising and refuse to budge, therefore the fees that we pay need to start being waived or we need immediate face to face interactions. My biggest problem is that everyone comes when the problems are not happening or they remote in. This does not solve the problem. Get up, and immediately go to where the issue is located. We pay thousands over the course of our education, and anything less than 100% is simply unacceptable. I had 3 classes cancelled last semester because IT would not get off their butts and show up to do their jobs. We deserve better or we deserve to start having fees waived. I am not paying these fees for people to not do their jobs. It is simply unacceptable.

The whole switch from umail to iu mail is incredibly confusing and I think could have been explained more.

The Wi-Fi connection sometimes is not really good, even though I'm in the building. And sometimes it's hard to connect to the Wi-Fi.

The Wi-Fi is not very good

The Wi-Fi is really bad in Wright, sometimes it doesn't even connect to my laptop.

The Wi-Fi is terrible it constantly is going out and has a weak signal. Most of the time it is very hard to stream any video. Also duo is pointless and makes doing classwork much harder and is a nuisance.

The Wi-Fi should be better

The Wi-Fi sucks and kicks me off all the time, that's mostly it.

There has never been a problem that the UITS staff has not been able to help me with whether the problem was with my personal computer or a printer at a library. I am very satisfied with every experience I've has with UITS.

There have never been any negative interactions! Any issues I have they ALWAYS know how to fix, regardless of how much time it takes. They're very considerate of my time and if a problem is not an easy fix, they call me later so I do not have to wait around on the phone, which is great for busy people! The wireless internet connection is horrible. More often than not I get better internet access through my own data with the wireless connection off. Many people I talk with have this issue as well.

There needs to be a printer for student use in every building. Trying to look for a printer to use in some parts of campus is challenging to do.

They always seem understaffed at Wells.

They are all very efficient and try multiple solutions for my tech problems

They are always extremely helpful and available

They are efficient and helpful. Haven't had any problems

They are pretty helpful with many basic concerns.

they are really fast when ask for help with my computer

They do an excellent job. Always helpful.

They gave me some ideas of working around a computer error but were unable to actually fix the error. Wi-Fi on phone and laptop is spotty across campus, especially in SPH

They help out in the library for the printing services. They are not very helpful with their phone services.

They helped a lot, and I had really positive interactions with them

They helped me a lot when I am in the library and when I had trouble downloading software

They helped me Bootcamp my laptop.

They helped me figure out printing as I was a transfer student this year. I would say help explain more to new students on what to do.

They helped me fix my computer earlier in the semester.

They helped me get connected to my IU account when I switched phones and was unable to access my Duo login.

This email upgrade has been a huge pain. We received many redundant emails with the same information over and over, but none of them answered any of the questions I had. For example, it was implied but not explicitly stated that I could continue receiving emails sent to the address I've been using that rather than for a few years now, but the information didn't make it clear if I could keep using that address. There wasn't information about the timing of the migration, which I expected to begin and finish during spring break but has only now (potentially?) finished today. My new inbox was flooded all at once with all of the new emails I've received since spring break and have been reading, replying to, and deleting. With a few weeks arriving all at once, I opened my inbox today to over 200 unread emails that I've already dealt with as they arrived in the new inbox, because you continued having emails direct to the old inbox even when they came into the new one. This is after my panic that I would lose access to the old inbox and not have any emails from the last few years that I've saved because nobody was told it would take so long for them to move over. The whole process was slow and didn't contain enough relevant information for students. Also, IU Secure is terrible and unreliable and please make it so that it's actually accessible from every building on campus all the time.

This is may not be UITS' responsibility, but I think if the IU "lost and found" offices could take pictures of the lost items they received and post them online that would be great. Because IU has several "lost and found" offices locating at different places, an online system will be much more convenient.
The other thing is Canvas send notices when new files are uploaded, but it doesn't show which files are the new ones. So we have to go through all the folders and check the time of each file to find it. It would be great if Canvas can highlight the new files or has an index like "unread files" leading to the new files.

This new email thing sucks, I am worried that my old emails will not forward or I will not have my old emails in my inbox. This needs to be fixed. If I get important emails from recruiters I am worried that I will not receive them because of this horrible new system.

This school semester I have occasionally asked the UITS staff in the lab at the IMU some questions and most of the time they had the answer but sometimes the staff did not know the answer about a printing problem or it took them a while to figure it out. They are friendly though and are willing to help.

This Umail switch has been a nightmare. It seems that UITS staff is not clear what the switch entails and struggles to give advice about it.

This year, I had a problem with printing from my laptop and I was able to work with someone in a chat online to get the problem fixed right away. The new printing service that they had me download on my laptop still works so smoothly and I was so glad to have received the help from them.

Two step authentication should only be required every few hours instead of every time you try to log into something through CAS. Also, when signing in on a mobile device, it becomes a little bit redundant because it is that same mobile device that you have to authenticate with anyways.

Two step Duo is an absolutely terrible idea. There is nothing of value on my IU account that could possibly tempt a phisher. I do not want to have to own a smart phone or carry around some sort of new-age beeper to access my email. I should be able to access it instantly through my passphrase. The fact that you have now attempted to block my IU email from linking to the HUGE database of papers I had collected on my Gmail account is infuriating. I used google documents for every single paper I have written at IU and I am beyond angry that you have made accessing those documents so difficult, if not impossible.

Two step is a joke

UITS does a good job

UITS employees are very nice and friendly

UITS has always been kind and helpful.

UITS has always been very helpful with any issues I've had. They're very prompt and always seem to know exactly what the issue is.

UITS has always been very helpful with my technical problems.

UITS has assisted me when I was struggling to have the Ethernet cables work in my room. With the occasions of running into issues with iBucks, UITS also answered any questions I may have had. I also went to the website often to seek reasons for why something was not working or being difficult.

UITS has been extremely helpful when I have gone to the Wells Library location to get help on my laptop.

UITS has been helpful every time I've interacted with them

UITS has helped me solve most of my computer issues.

UITS helped a lot at the beginning of the year when I was setting up all my tech, but I haven’t really used it since then. Duo Login is a pain.

UITS helped me install Adobe Photoshop on my laptop.

UITS helped me set up my MacBook with important software that IU provides for free, as well as explained how to use and download a lockdown browser.
I would like to be able to go into a building where it is only UITS people and I am not afraid to ask for help.

UITS in Wells has always been available and helpful for me when I've had technology questions or problems.

UITS is a great place to go. I do recommend having an online chat 24/7 open. We need stronger and stable Wi-Fi. I did receive a phishing email about some girl who wanted me to take her kids and she would give me 12 million dollars. Could work on cyber security a little bit. Scheduling with you guys is a pain in the ass. Hire more techs.

UITS is an important part of being able to do work as a student. If Canvas has an issue I can't do anything personally and must rely on UITS to fix service issues. They are also important to any student who primarily uses computers in their majors such as informatics and digital arts. I would like to see more accurate updates with server issues. If something goes down and is being fixed I would like to get regular update on the progress of repair so I don't waste time checking back in to see if it works or not.

UITS is bad and its service is bad. Wi-Fi is disgustingly inconsistent and cuts out every 15 minutes or so, and Ethernet in the dorm caps out at about 1mbps, which is ABYSMAL compared to the gigabit Ethernet at just about every other major campus I've ever been to or heard of.

UITS offers a good service for students who have trouble with technology issues. It provides students a great experience for using digital resources on campus.

UITS people are awesome.

UITS should have some "How To" guides online that show basic steps to solve frequent problems and/or connect to printers, use IUanyware, etc. to make it easier on students to find this information.

UITS should host more workshops helping students learn basic computer skills and improve Wi-Fi.

UITS staff are always extremely helpful and really know what they are talking about. I have gone to them many times when I had problems accessing things on my computer or especially with the umail to google migration. They always listened intently and never judge me for having limited knowledge on all things technology.

UITS staff has always been helpful! The email switch was a major inconvenience especially during a high stress time of the school year.

UITS staff has always been there and people I feel like don't appreciate them as they should. UITS staffs are angels sent from the gods! Each experience I had was positive and everyone was super helpful and made me feel like they were there for me and not in a rush. It was a dream of mine to work with them, but since I already carried 4 jobs it was hard to do.

UITS staff is always available and knowledgeable on any problems I have had.

UITS staff is always very friendly and knowledgeable when I have questions regarding technology. I’ve only had good experiences with the people. However, the umail to Gmail migration this spring was confusing and aggravating. As a senior undergrad, I will no longer be on campus after May, so I also think it was pointless for me to have to deal with.

UITS staff is always welcoming and knowledgeable when I have a question, DUO is terrible

UITS staff is generally really helpful. One crazy thing that happened to me once is that someone once redirected my call to a completely wrong number (someone's cell phone, I think) when trying to connect me to the people in charge of the campus printers, but that honestly was my worst experience with UITS staff - otherwise they've been helpful.
As far as services go, Duo is absolute SHIT and the worst thing that has ever happened to me at IU. I don't need to spend five minutes trying to log in every fucking time I need to use a computer, and frankly you shouldn't be doing anything that encourages students to use their cell phones more than they already do. Get the hell rid of it. IU "Secure" is also a complete joke because it NEVER WORKS! EVER!!!! It's the slowest Wi-Fi ever and I'm just really happy that I learned how to use eduroam so I don't have to deal with your incompetence. Finally, IU self service is a bit of a mess as well. I like the interface OK - it's easy to understand and to use - but I can never get it to work on Firefox. I have to use a different browser on my computer every time I need to check my grades or something like that. That's a bug you definitely need to fix.

UITS staff is so nice.

UITS Staff is useful for the most part. Sometimes they answer a question and don’t search for an alternate solution. A college member should be able to say no, but!! That would be more helpful as we are lost in our problems.

UITS staff is usually very helpful. However, there is often variance in the experience given the employee. Usually, in an environment where multiple employees are present there is one or two that the other employees get whenever someone needs something.

UITS staff is very knowledgeable

UITS was very helpful when I needed help with duo.

Very handy in times of need, only criticism is that the website could be marked a little more clearly in places.

Very helpful staff all around

Very knowledgeable about the internet. I don't like duo or some of the apps. The web design isn't the best.

Very satisfied with how fast it was to create mercury account

Very straightforward and effective tech services.

Was helped very quickly when needing help installing Microsoft onto my mac in the library support center. Struggle to regularly have internet connection in my dorm room. Very difficult to complete any work in my room.

We have had no devicenet service in our dorm all year and have contacted UITS many times to fix it but it hasn't been fixed

When I called them for help they were very nice and helpful. I have never had a negative experience. I am not sure if UITS deals with adding more computers in the library, but those tend to fill up very quickly.

When I changed my phone number, I could no longer log in with the DUO two step system so I went to wells and the person who helped me was very nice and made it less confusing. I do wish there would have been an easier method to changing the phone number though.

When I had a virus on my computer UITS helped me figure out how to get rid of it and has also helped me through the email migration process. I have never had any issues dealing with any of the UITS staff members!

When my computer has been struggling, they were very helpful and were able trouble shoot my problem very quickly.

Whenever I go to get help from the team in the library they are always prompt, friendly, and know all the answers. Such a great resource so thank you so much!

Whenever I go to UITS for technology help, they simply Google the problem and carry out whatever steps can be found on online forums and help sites. I can do that from my dorm and has demonstrated that there is no reason to go to UITS.

Whenever I had questions they were able to answer it in a way that I could understand.

Whenever I have had a problem the staff have been very helpful.

Whenever I have visited UITS in the Wells Library I have always been helped with my technology problems promptly and the staff was friendly. I also have used the live chat which has helped me in the past.

Whenever I seem to have an issue with IU incorporated services with technology, UITS remedies them, no matter how complicated, or extensive the issue seems to be.

While I may have had some smaller consistency problems every now and then, everything works well and can be counted on to be used for studies and classes.

While studying abroad in Valparaiso, Chile I had issues logging into my One.iu account. I contacted UITS and they were able to set up a Zoom meeting with me to help me log in. My normal account setting in order to log into my account was for one.iu to call me, once I answered the phone call I would have access to my account. When I went international this no longer worked. I did not have international calling and I did not have push codes set up on my account to be sent as a second option. The guy who contacted me was extremely kind and stayed on zoom even after normal hours to answer my questions. He was awesome and relieved my stress about not being able to contact my academic advisers quickly.

Why did you switch umail accounts to IU accounts in the middle of the semester instead of between semesters? Caused some stress.
Also I don't know if UITS is responsible for this, but Duo is annoying, and I see no benefit of having it.

Wi-Fi is horrible in South Campus. But good job overall UITS

With your staff's help, I installed Windows for my MAC. You survey is too long, no one wants to read through all of them!!?

Would it be possible to allow Canvas/One.IU to remember a device? Having to reenter my password as well as a Duo code, sometimes several times a day, can be somewhat time consuming.

Yeah not sure whose brilliant idea it was to switch up the Umail to Gmail in the middle of the semester, but probably should have waited until summer. No need to have changed that . My group project work saved on google docs was a pain to get everyone access back to it. As well as figuring out how to get email back on my phone. Horrible decision to do it mid semester.

Yeah, the printers suck on campus. I have nothing but problems with them lately. Please invest in good printers that you can print from mobile with ease. its something I talk to friends about. I am spending 4 more years here and would love to see improvement, its 2018 for fucks sake